Reviews For Disintegration

2019.09.07 - 03:02PM
9: Reintegration

Beyond fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The emotions just poured off my screen and I love it!

2014.12.04 - 07:43PM
2: Letting Go

I don't know if you're even reading reviews on this site any more, but I just had to say: OMG, a fic where someone actually *goes to therapy.* THANK you.

2014.04.15 - 12:15PM
9: Reintegration

As much as I love the continuing canon story, I'd love to believe that... in some universe... this is what actually happened. It was so REAL. Well done!

2012.12.30 - 03:29AM
9: Reintegration

This by far is my most favorite series ever!!! I've never come across a story even close to what you created. I absolutely loved it!! :)

2011.06.14 - 07:25AM
9: Reintegration

I love this! No cybermen, no void ships with Daleks hiding in them! I do love the realism to this, that everything took its toll on Rose. That she had to recover and did it the best she could, and in a way, it's a good thing she did, she got to move with her unresolved issues with Nine and her relationship with Ten developed even further than before! Totally awesome. One of my favorite parts was Jack, that he'd been traveling with the Doctor for some time. Great job on this story! I absolutely loved it and how it resolved many plots that were simply left open through the series at that point.

2010.02.10 - 04:50AM
9: Reintegration

This is SUCH a wonderful story
Even if I'm not a fan of Nine/Rose it was cute all the same =D
Lovely! x

2009.11.19 - 03:26PM
9: Reintegration

Finally found time to read this (thank-you, swine flu!) and it blew me away. It was a lovely story well told. I especially like how Rose has grown up and become a match for the Doctor, and happy happy endings (with hint of OT3 at end?). Brilliant!

2009.11.01 - 07:39AM
9: Reintegration

Well, hey! I never read this story before--sorry, dear, but your back catalogue is kind of daunting--but followed the link from one of the comments in your LJ today, and I'm so glad I did. Gorgeous, in so many ways. Wish S2 really had finished like this. Great sex with Nine, great sex with Ten, and then finish with OT3.

On the non-lascivious side, though, I loved the older Rose and what she learned about herself. I really loved the relationship she developed with Sarah Jane. Everyone needs an older, wiser friend like her. I like that Rose made her decision to go with the Doctor again for the right reasons--for her own reasons--and not just because of her feelings for him. Terrific writing, as usual!

2009.09.23 - 11:16PM
9: Reintegration

This has been in favourites for a while and I love coming back to read it. Its a wonderful story and actually makes a lot of sense with Rose leaving him like she does. I am glad she gets to make love with nine because he really did love her so much but was unable to show it and would not take advantage of younger Rose. I am off to read the sequel now and look forward to seeing where Ten and Roses relationship goes along with Jacks company. Will be verrry interesting.

2008.09.22 - 06:40PM
8: Getting To Know You - Again

Ooh! i know! is it Jack? Does she finally find out that he's alive? This has been a great story so far, by the way.

2008.09.08 - 12:57PM
9: Reintegration

Aww that was just as good as I remember it! The beginning chapters are always the hardest to read, to see Rose so depressed and heartbroken but the last few certainly make up for it! He he.

2008.07.25 - 01:40PM
9: Reintegration

I absolutely love this to pieces. "...onward to yesterday and tomorrow and the end of the universe and everywhere in between. Just...perfect.

2008.06.22 - 04:33AM
9: Reintegration

Amazing. This was just completely and utterly amazing.

I've actually read it before, but stumbled upon it again, and I'm so glad that I did. I loved the way you dealt with Rose's recovery and that you allowed she and Sarah Jane to be friends. I think you have a good handle on all of their characters, and it made it extremely enjoyable to read! Plus, thanks for letting her go back to the Doctor.

Oh, and I thought it was a really nice touch that in the beginning she wrote Jack the letter, and then she actually got to give it to him in the end. I had completely forgotten about that detail, so it was nice to see some continuity from start to finish to help tie things together.

This is one of the most BRILLIANT fics I have ever read. Thank you so much for posting something so fantastic! You're amazing! =]

2008.02.26 - 07:30AM
9: Reintegration

Oh this was just wonderful. I cried three or four times reading it. Rose's feelings really felt genuine.

And Nine fixed things! (I love Nine. I love Ten, too, but Nine is just well . . . fantastic.)

And Jack! And Rose let him read the letter she wrote.

Oh this whole story is just big ball of wonderfulness! I can't put it all into words.

I think I'm going to go find something else of yours to read now. I've been working my way through your list of fic, but you write a LOT! (I'm sorry, I'm bad about remembering to review when I read things. I'm trying to be better about it, though.)

2007.11.24 - 01:39PM
9: Reintegration

What a great story about Rose maturing and finding her own. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I do like a more mature Rose, who\'s learned from her mistakes and has grown enough to deal with the Doctor on her own terms more than his.