Reviews For 03 Bloodline

2011.09.24 - 11:52AM
1: Chapter 1

I don't know how many times I've read it and I know I've reviewed before (Cersia2) but I love how the whole series just draws you in making it a complete plausible ending for Tegan and the Doctor. The romantic in me prefers the first ending in that the Doctor decides to end his travels here and stay with his family. An ending that would have most Doctor Who fans up in arms; most probably demanding your head. But it works for me. Seven and Tegan would make a lovely couple. The second ending however works too, for the die-hard Doctor Who fan in me. For some reason, I was glad he didn't change into his fifth self and remained as he was. As for Ace and David I believe that this is a beginning of a wonderful friendship and possibly more and gives her a Happy Ending as well.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story, as well as both endings I felt compelled to use. Thanks for the lovely review!

2007.01.23 - 05:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Hurray for Teggy! Good Fic!

2006.05.26 - 02:19PM
1: Chapter 1

My favorite bit about this story is Tegan with the axe. You know, I think she would have made a good Slayer.