2022.10.13 - 03:32AM
5: Chapter 5

Oh oh, glowing amulets are never a good sign. I think the Doctor will truly lose this round. Can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Author's Response: Oh yeah, the dreaded glowing amulet gambit brings big surprise! Enjoyed your comments very much! Best regards.

2022.10.13 - 03:31AM
4: Chapter 4

I can just picture Ten's face as that slinky came crawling down the stairs like they do. I certainly remember the wonder of such a marvelous toy flipping end over end! Thanks for bringing back good memories!

Author's Response: Oh yeah, I get what you mean because I had a slinky too! The other day I saw one and the key bits of this story just formed in my mind. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting.

2022.10.05 - 11:29PM
1: Chapter 1

Just got caught up on this cute tale. Can't wait to see what the stair surprise is!

Author's Response: I sure hope it makes you laugh! Thanks so much for commenting. Cheers