2021.12.18 - 06:16PM
1: Chapter 1

as one who has raised turkeys before, I can sympathise with both Rose and the Doctor. I once had a turkey like Brad called Limley Gilbert. He was huge, sweet, and clearly, no one in the family wanted to off him. But on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Limley got into a fight with another turkey and broke his neck. Unfortunately, it didnt kill him. My mother sadly accepted the fact that she would be the one to put Limley out of his misery, and did the job cleanly. He dressed out at almost 35 pounds of meat but absolutely no one in the family could take one bite. We took his remains up to the nearby lake and left him to provide a meal for any hungry wildlife. Long story short, I loved your first chapter as it brought back these fond memories of my sweet Limley Gilbert. More please!

Author's Response: What an amazing story about a turkey who could carry off the name Linley Gilbert! It goes to show how many non conventional animals touch our lives! Glad you liked this one. Next chapter coming up!

2021.12.15 - 03:12AM
1: Chapter 1

Perfect story! Holidays can be trying, but I've never been presented with a live turkey (which I don't eat anyway) and I think Rose's reaction was great. Of course, with the Doctor, there's always another layer.

Author's Response: I can’t wait for you to read why the Doctor is fascinated with Brad the Impossible. I’m delighted with your comments. Thanks for commenting and best of the season to you!