Reviews For Facing Fears

2021.11.20 - 10:35PM
5: Together and Apart

Wow. What a very racy and steamy chapter. I never thought that the Doctor would be able to watch too. I wish that he would just go in the bedroom with the two of them next time. Hopefully he can get over this awkwardness and the three of them can finally be together.

Author's Response: Thanks. :) I think he was surprised himself by that. He really wanted to join them, maybe next time he will. Or maybe, something else will happen first. ;) Thanks for your comment.

2021.11.14 - 09:23PM
4: Tea and Explanations

Wow. What an intense chapter. I like how Rose now knows how the Doctor died and why he regenerated from Nine to Ten. That's a big shock for her, but poor Jack has the biggest one. It's going to take him a while to wrap his mind around the fact that he's immortal and that he's going to outlive everyone until the end of the universe. I hope the Doctor's lie about helping Jack become mortal doesn't get exposed otherwise Jack's going to be even more heartbroken.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, both Rose and Jack were quite shocked, but you're right that Jack's shock was even worse. We'll see how it continues afterwards, Jack definitely needs lots of time to accept that he's immortal now, you're right about that. It wasn't a lie per se, who knows maybe the Doctor could find a way if he tried hard enough. He never got the chance in canon. ^^

2021.11.06 - 04:33AM
3: Welcomed and Loved

Sorry I haven't left more reviews lately. I've been really busy. I just caught up on your story. I'm glad that the TARDIS likes Jack now. I was worried that she was going to not like him because he's immortal and he would feel weird to her. I really hope that Rose can start a relationship with Jack and the Doctor. They're both so amazing and now she doesn't have to worry about choosing between them.

Author's Response: No need to apologize, RL happens to all of us. :) No, she definitely likes him, loves him even. They still have a way ahead of them but if anyone can work it, it's these three. Thank you for your comment. :)

2021.10.19 - 05:27AM
1: Tears

I'm so glad that Rose and the Doctor are looking for Jack. It must've been hard to admit to Rose why he really left Jack behind, but I feel sorry for her thinking that Jack has been dead this whole time. I can't wait until the three of them are reunited.

Author's Response: He has yet to tell them the real reason for his actions. ^^ Oh yes, it was terrible for her, but don't worry, they will be reunited next chapter, and then it'll get really interesting. Thanks for your comment. :)