Reviews For The Last Straw

2021.12.20 - 02:20AM
11: Chapter 11

I got a kick out of Rose and Jackie watching the Doctor in action against Stone and his gang. Although Rose's reaction to the debris around her mother's chair was baffling. I hope the Doctor can figure it out.

I loved what Jackie told the Doctor about Rose's feelings for him. The Doctor admitting to Rose that he made a mistake leaving her behind was a big step for him. It was an even bigger step when he asked her if she fancied him. Can't wait to for her response. Great chapter!

I hope you had a nice weekend. Good look with your booster tomorrow! It's such a relief having that extra protection. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Stay safe and healthy. Take care! ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, it’s fun writing Jackie and in this story to have her see the Doctor’s hearts and morality was my aim. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I got my booster today and it’s a relief even if my arm is already sore! Take care and enjoy your holidays! All the best in 2022!

2021.12.19 - 02:23AM
10: Chapter 10

The Doctor is crafty and not only is he mentally superior to those dolts (as is the bottle of Diet Coke I'm drinking), he is miles ahead in physical strength. I howled at this line: “No blood on the coat! Come on! I didn’t bleed on your clothes.”

I bet, after that little trip in the TARDIS, those thugs will think twice before ever doing anything, even jaywalking, again. Especially since the Doctor will know their every move. That's got to be a big relief for Rose and Jackie.

This chapter was beyond epic and I enjoyed it so much! Please stay safe and healthy. BTW, I reread all the chapters that were available when I had the not-flu. Thanks for the distraction! Take care! ^_^

Author's Response: Oh, I’m so glad you liked this chapter! It took a lot of fiddling for me to get it right so I loved your comments. You and yours have a wonderful holiday and thank you for following my stories!

2021.12.19 - 01:50AM
9: Chapter 9

Poor Doctor, having to go into Rose's mind and see the horror that was inflicted upon her. She is right, he is her hero. The Doctor was so cool, calm and collected when he confronted Jimmy Stone and his gang. With the way he swings that bat, I think my beloved Mets could use the Doctor!

This story is so good. I'm taking my time reading it so I can savor every word. The Doctor taking down Jimmy Stone will be epic!

I hope you're continuing to do well and staying healthy. My husband I had our Covid boosters (Moderna) and then the flu shot. No ill-effects from Covid, but the Flu shot knocked us out. It was like five days of flu condensed into seven hours. Ugh! Please continue to stay safe and I hope you're managing to get your Christmas shopping done. ^_^

Author's Response: It’s so nice to know you’re enjoying this one. Can’t wait to know what you think of how the Doctor deals with Jimmy Stone. I get my booster on Monday. Whew! I hope you and your family have a happy, safe holiday. Take care of yourself. Cheers

2021.12.18 - 06:00PM
15: Chapter 15

just lovely! Their care and devotion to each other is all that matters in the end, and they have found their peace. Thank you so much for a tale that kept me coming back week after week. Well done, you!

Author's Response: How very kind of you to say! Makes it fun to write. I hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday season. Best wishes.

2021.12.15 - 08:28PM
14: Chapter 14

oh man, what is he going to tell her now? He sounds like he's enjoying thier new closeness very much, but that last line sounds a bit ominous!

Author's Response: Thanks for commenting! All will be revealed in the next and last chapter….I really hope you like it. Cheers

2021.12.12 - 09:38PM
13: Chapter 13

great step forward. It's a good thing Rose is so resilient and determined that the Doctor belongs in her life. Fortunately. the Doctor understands this as well ,now.

Author's Response: Oh yeah! There are two chapters left and they’re written. I hope you will enjoy how they deal with what comes next!

2021.12.09 - 01:55AM
8: Chapter 8

I'm glad the Doctor has advanced medicine to take care of Rose. What Jimmy Stone and his disgusting gang did to her is beyond reprehensible.

The Doctor softening Rose's memories of the rape seems like a good solution. Jackie's concern over how the Doctor will react to seeing them is touching. I wasn't surprised at what Jackie wants to do to Stone because I'd feel the same way if that happened to someone I love.

Excellent chapter, as always. Please take care of yourself and stay safe! ^_^

Author's Response: Poor Rose little does she know that her trauma has led to a stronger relationship between the Doctor and Jackie! I’m glad you’re following this story. It’s hard to believe it’s a few weeks until Christmas with all we’ve been through. Stay safe!

2021.12.06 - 04:57AM
12: Chapter 12

Oh, Doctor, Rose needs to hit you upside the noggin with that rolling pin! You are your own worst enemy when it comes to emotions. Rose needs verification of your feelings!
Great update!

Author's Response: It’s a good thing Rose has way more emotional intelligence than the Time Lord! Loved your comments. Thank you!

2021.12.03 - 01:31AM
7: Chapter 7

Poor Rose, remembering will help her to move on, but it will be so painful for her to remember. Also, there are the physical injuries to deal with and now, an infection. Thank goodness the Doctor saved her in time.

Jimmy Stone and his worthless gang don't know the hurt they are in for when the Doctor catches them. You can run, boys, but you can't hide!

Thank you for another amazing chapter! Take care! ^_^

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed this chapter. I promise more drama ahead! Between Jackie and Rose the Doctor is busy! You take care and stay safe!

2021.12.03 - 01:02AM
6: Chapter 6

The Doctor and Jackie have a mutual admiration society going on and I love it! Rose's reaction to getting her key back was, indeed, odd. Unfortunately, it looks as if the trauma she went through has her suffering from PTSD. I hope that with the Doctor and Jackie's help she will overcome it.

I like how this chapter started out upbeat and towards the end got darker. What the Doctor told Jackie at the end sent a cold chill down my spine. Great work!

I hope you're doing well and staying safe. We're getting our Covid boosters, along with the flu shot, on 12/10. Crossing my fingers that it works against Omicron. Please take care of yourself! ^_^

Author's Response: I’m pleased this story has got your interest! All this happening to Rose after the Doctor leaves her behind. You can imagine the cauldron of emotions brewing within the Doctor. Oh that’s such good news about your boosters. They’ve announced we can book ours starting Dec. 13 so I’ll be on line! Take care!

2021.12.02 - 10:51AM
11: Chapter 11

I just got caught up with chapter 10 and 11. I loved the Doctor's "come to Jesus" meeting with the Scooby Doo gang. Although I would have loved to see him let go of Jimmy, I'm glad he showed restraint. And the ordeal must have done something to him, for now he's willing to talk about their relationship! I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh good, I wanted to know what you thought of chapter 10! The Doctor is rethinking everything since he almost lost Rose. Thanks so much for commenting!

2021.11.29 - 02:02AM
5: Chapter 5

I'm glad the Doctor is going to take Rose back. He needs her just as much, maybe even more, as she needs him. I'm wondering how far the Doctor will go in doling out his punishment to Jimmy Stone and his gang. Maybe a Family of Blood style punishment? Scarecrow Jimmy Stone FTW!

I hope you're staying healthy and safe, especially with Omicron spreading like wildfire. Thanksgiving was nice and peaceful. A respite from all the craziness going on in the world. Please take care of yourself and be careful!! ^_^

Author's Response: The Doctor was fooling himself he could abandon Rose! But he doesn’t realize for awhile all that has been done to Rose. When it comes to the payback…well I can’t wait to hear what you think. I’m glad you had a nice peaceful Thanksgiving. Tonight they announced two cases of Omicron in my province. Fingers crossed our vaccines work against it! I’m doing fine though. You guys take care too. Cheers

2021.11.27 - 03:24AM
10: Chapter 10

Perfect revenge! I gotta admit, I love when the Doctor gets angry. As long as, of course, it's not directed at me.

Author's Response: Thanks for sharing your reaction because I really worked on this chapter. Me too, I luv me some pissed off Doctor! ;-)

2021.11.25 - 05:10AM
9: Chapter 9

And so it begins! It's batter up time for the Doctor. I hope he hits Jimmy out of the park and into another dimension! (Sorry to be late with the review but I've been busy reading my new Outlander book., and just now checked Tsp.)

Author's Response: I’m happy to get any reviews but to compete with Outlander, hey it’s a good day! Thank you so much! Yep, the Doctor is going to be Jimmy’s worst nightmare! Thanks again!

2021.11.25 - 12:48AM
4: Chapter 4

The Doctor and Jackie make a formidable team (I just adore Jackie to bits!). I'm so glad they were able to rescue Rose before it was too late. Herion is one nasty drug. I'm not surprised that Stone and his gang are into it.

Your descriptions in this chapter were so vivid. Sometimes I felt like I was there. Great job, my friend! I hope you're feeling well and staying safe. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We're staying home, binging shows and eating lots of food! ^_^

Author's Response: Lovely to know you’re enjoying this one. Just to give you a peek ahead, the Doctor and Jackie don’t yet know the half of what has happened to Rose! I do hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving. The world is in such turmoil it is a time to appreciate our good fortune. Take care.