Reviews For Distorted Image

2021.09.17 - 05:28AM
4: Making it Right

I'm so glad that everything got straightened out and that Rose doesn't blame herself anymore. Now they can focus on fixing Jack so he feels more comfortable with himself.

Author's Response: They will certainly do that and it's about time, Jack gets more comfortable and back to his confident self. ;) Thank you!

2021.09.11 - 04:43AM
3: Getting it wrong

It's always hard to read about Jack dying and coming back to life. It's good that Rose finally knows what's going on with Jack but I guess there's a big difference between hearing about it and seeing it first hand. She's not used to it and being from her time period might have a hard time understanding it fully. I winced after reading what she said but she didn't mean it like that. I know that Jack is hurt and the Doctor is mad but hopefully they'll forgive her. It's new to her.

Author's Response: Yes, poor Rose, it takes time to get used to seeing your friend dying and you're right, being from the 21st century certainly makes it harder for her to understand. They know she didn't mean it the way it came out, don't worry, they will clear the air soon. :) Thanks for your comment. :)

2021.09.03 - 05:33AM
2: Helpful Ideas

I love how this story is unfolding. I was just as shocked as Jack to see that he had the body of a woman after he came back to life. I was thinking that maybe they could use the chameleon arch to rewrite Jack's biology to fix the problem. I'm so glad that they can.

I like the comparison with how Jack is feeling compared to a Time Lord that has switched gender by regenerating. The idea that Jack would be reset to 'factory settings' every time he died would be a traumatic experience.

I also love the emotions in this story. It's hard to see Jack so devastated and horrified at the thought that he was going to have to stay as a woman. I can't imagine not feeling comfortable in your own skin like that. It's nice that Jack can be comforted by the Doctor and I like how the Doctor understands what he's going through. Another amazing story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your long and lovely comment. :) Oh yes, it's horrible for Jack. I'm actually not sure what he would've done if the Doctor couldn't help him. Better not to think about it. ^^" The Doctor is just awesome here, and I'll do everything in his power to help Jack and comfort him. Thanks again. :)