2021.07.24 - 09:54PM
3: About Time

I love the name Tempus and I love the blue fur. It's a little weird that he sounds like the Doctor but it makes sense because it's a Metacrisis. That's got to be weird for Rose if she's hearing the other Doctor's voice like that though. I think there's going to be some competition between them for Rose.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked Tempus' name! There is definitely potential for some competition for Rose's attention between him and Ten.

2021.07.24 - 09:47PM
1: Getting Out of Hand

Wow. That was surprising. Of all the things that could've happened to the Metacrisis he became a cat. That's hilarious. I love it.

2021.07.22 - 06:47AM
2: Rude and Not Ginger

Definitely loving this! Looking forward to the name reveal.

2021.07.22 - 03:35AM
2: Rude and Not Ginger

LOL! So funny, the pair of them! Cannot wait to here what name the cat chose for himself. :>)