2021.07.21 - 02:39AM
1: Chapter 1

It's so nice that Meriel has a little brother and sister in her life now. Poor Jack. To have that many babies in there must've been really uncomfortable. I felt bad for him when he couldn't play with Meriel as much as he used to. It's good that things will be taken care of at Torchwood for a while so Ianto and Jack can look after the babies.

Author's Response: It'll be all hands on deck with the babies for the first few weeks, Jack and Ianto will both be tired from the endless feeds and changes, so they're better off at home. Owen is competent, and will call for help only if absolutely necessary. The team is big enough that they won't be shorthanded. Meriel is thrilled with the new additions to the family, and hopefully both Jack and Ianto can find time to give her the attention she deserves. Thank you!