Reviews For Ashes & Amber

2021.10.20 - 12:40AM
7: Chapter 7 - With Every Beat of My Heart

So, she's going to get a tour a la Doctor! This should be fun!

Author's Response: Yes she is, in more ways than one. Wink, wink.

2021.09.22 - 04:42AM
5: Chapter 5 - How To Become a Time Lord Part 2

Gallifreyan vampires! Now that is a twist I certainly didn't see coming, lol. You've really got me intrigued now. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the nod towards my story, by the way. I've been taking Gaelic lessons for almost two years now so I'm glad to see some use is being made of it!

Author's Response: Yes! Vampires...I have read only one story where AU Rose was a vampire and the Doctor was a college instructor. Thank you. And, your welcome for the nod. Recently re-read My Name Is No Mac and my brain was bursting with Gaelic. I credit you! :>))

2021.08.31 - 12:46AM
4: Chapter 4 - Fish & Chips & How to Become a Time Lord, Part 1

This continues to be an interesting take on the Doctor's origins. You have a great imagination! Glad to see that Rose is staying involved.

Author's Response: Thank you, dear! Rose is in this for the long haul. I credit you with the Scottish Gaelic as I just finished re-reading My Name is No Mac. Delightful tale. Rose is in for a surprise when the Doctor reveals what he really is in the next chapter.

2021.08.08 - 01:43AM
2: Chapter 2 - The Past...

Love the name of the Master, lol. Interesting backstory, to say the least. I'm hoping Rose won't give up on the Doctor too quickly.

Author's Response: This is not an angst-fest for sure. The next chapter will focus on how he became a Time Lord and Rose will be a lot happier. :>)

2021.07.15 - 01:20AM
1: Chapter 1 - Dreams and Revelations

Great start so far. Can't wait to see how this plays out!

Author's Response: Thank you! Its going to be a bit gothic, a bit steampunk and a whole new Doctor.