Reviews For Birthday Girl

2021.06.06 - 05:59AM
1: Chapter 1

Okay. I meant that Suzie will have a good birthday. I really shouldn't write reviews late at night when I'm tired. Ha ha. Oops.

Author's Response: Yes, I figured that out. Tired brains don't help when reviewing, it's true.

2021.06.06 - 05:57AM
1: Chapter 1

I got to admit that Suzie and Tosh together is a really bizarre combination. Suzie, for the brief time that we saw her in the episodes, always seemed to keep to herself and didn't want to really have much to do with the rest of the team. You did a really good job with this story and showing that Suzie can be a good person and do nice things for people like Tosh. It seems like Tosh will have a really good birthday.

Author's Response: Not a pairing I would usually write, but it was during a challenge week, and the prompt was there, so I thought, why not get outside my comfort zone? I think Suzie was probably a good person before the glove took control of her, and maybe she and Tosh could have found comfort in each other for a while. Thank you!

2021.06.03 - 03:42PM
1: Chapter 1

Now that's going to be a 'happy' birthday for Suzie - and hopefully for Tosh too.

Author's Response: Yes, I believe it will, although how long the relationship will last is anyone's guess. Thank you!