2021.07.26 - 11:17AM
7: Chapter 7 - The Monster in The Mist

Gosh, the meta-crisis has gone of the deep end! Poor Rose. Can’t wait to see what happens!

2021.07.15 - 10:43AM
6: Chapter 6 - Explosion

Wow, that was intense! I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for next chapter!

2021.07.07 - 03:19AM
5: Chapter 5 - Who I Am Now

I hate seeing what this new,new,new, new version of the Doctor is becoming! And poor Rose! I hope she figures out how to help him before he gets too far gone into Darkness!

2021.06.30 - 08:34PM
4: Chapter 4 - ...And The Scratch

Well, that was tense and aggressive! I wonder how Rose will save him…hmmm. Great update!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am actually scaling back on the storyline because I do not want to drag it on and on. He still has to have a dark moment or two, however....

2021.06.29 - 02:39AM
4: Chapter 4 - ...And The Scratch

Amok Time indeed! I hope he gets it out of his system soon, for Rose's sake!

Author's Response: He does! Now the dark side of the Meta-Crisis resurfaces....

2021.06.10 - 06:10AM
3: Chapter 3 - The Itch...

It's getting intense! I hope Bad Wolf shows up in time!

Author's Response: Bad Wolf is stirring, trust me on this. ;>)

2021.06.09 - 01:02PM
3: Chapter 3 - The Itch...

Now that’s a cliffie! Chilling chapter too, can’t wait for next one.

Author's Response: Yup!

2021.05.15 - 10:12PM
2: Chapter 2 - Love and Warnings

Oh my, this chapter was a tear jerker! Really good story. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you. I was a bit sad writing it but I felt they needed a proper closure in my AU after Journey's End.

2021.05.10 - 11:35AM
1: Chapter 1 - Me and My Shadow

oooh, ominous start! I'm with Ten, the Metacrisis needs to snap out if it!