Reviews For Skytrain

2022.06.25 - 08:04PM
252: Chapter 252

Today I finished Terminal Decay... LOL! I'll continue with Lost :P

2022.05.24 - 08:05PM
252: Chapter 252

Well, I'm re re reading Terminal Decay.... Yeah, I like to torture myself....

2022.05.20 - 08:01PM
252: Chapter 252

Perfect timing! I just finished re-reading all 249 chapters (not needy, no, not needy at all). I tend to re-read all the really good stories because I usually find something's that I missed the first time. So, as I said, perfect timing!

2022.05.02 - 11:24PM
249: Chapter 249

Using the Doctor as a test case makes far too much sense. Who wants to place bets that he'll throw a spanner into the machine? 😂

2022.04.27 - 01:27PM
249: Chapter 249

Awwww, poor Doctor! Stop hurting him!!! LOL!

2022.04.20 - 09:33PM
245: Chapter 245

I love this kind of chapter. Detailed enough to really make you think along with them.

2022.04.20 - 09:24PM
245: Chapter 245

Great solution! The thing is, can Daimen arrange all of this in record time?

2022.04.17 - 12:57AM
243: Chapter 243

Welcome back! We miss you!

2022.03.26 - 09:51PM
241: Chapter 241

Ooooh, I see what you did there!! 😂

When will book 2 be released, eh? 😉

Author's Response: Lol, it was a bit cheeky, but got to try huh? :) Hoping to get book 2 out by end of April, just got to do a final edit, format it, and design a cover - oh and decide on a title as it's only got a working one at the moment. Book 3 is written but want to change some bits in that so need to find the time for that. Hoping to get one out every three months, but I'm slightly worried because the story and the world I've created potentially has TD legs on it!

2022.03.20 - 04:34AM
241: Chapter 241

Thank you for multiples!

Author's Response: You're welcome lol, but now I've run out again!

2022.03.20 - 03:13AM
241: Chapter 241

Ohhh... Three chapters in one day!

Author's Response: I probably should have stretched them out over three days rather than put them all up at once because I've run out of typing again. I'm trying to focus on getting this up and done as I've got my own series I'm working on and I'm starting my Masters degree in May so time is going to be even tighter!

2022.03.19 - 09:52PM
239: Chapter 239

Don't they have open scanners in the 51st century?
I'm a bit claustrophobic, so they give me the option of doing any scan I need to have done in an open scanner

Author's Response: He's had open scans of individual parts of his body when they've just had a look at his shoulder they've been able to do that upstairs without the hassle of going downstairs, but for a full body scan on a cellular level he still needs to get in the scanner so that the energy is diffuse through the cylinder rather than directed at a specific injury.

2022.03.19 - 09:11PM
239: Chapter 239

Wow. That was...

A little over ten years ago, I had a stroke. One of the first things they did was an MRI of my head. I had never been claustrophobic until about five minutes into the scan. It was a closed unit and they had my head in a kind of clamp. It was dark and noisy and by the time it was over, I was all but hysterical. And I don't get hysterical.

To this day, I break out in a cold sweat when I remember it. The Doctor's reaction is spot on. It doesn't matter how smart or strong or brave you are, when something triggers a deep, primal fear - whatever it might be - you are at it's mercy.

Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. Despite his reaction being understandable and likely not that unusual, I think he's going to be knocked by it somewhat - I'm sure if someone else panicked in the scanner then he'd be reasonably understanding even if he didn't understand why they'd done it - that he's the one who has done it is not going to sit well with him.

2022.03.18 - 01:13PM
237: Chapter 237

I think Darrell might be from another time. a temporal anomaly like Rose and Martha are.

Which would explain his old injuries and why they weren't treated in the 51st century.

Author's Response: It's an interesting idea. He's either been out of time or he's been somewhere that no one has gotten him the care he needed.

2022.03.16 - 01:01AM
236: Chapter 236

Again, sorry for the absence. RL hasn't really let up much... *sigh*

Are you sure you haven't time traveled in your life? Got your own personal TARDIS, maybe? Because you make the fifty-something century feel awfully real.

This is an excellent chapter. 🙂

Author's Response: RL is a pain. I've been struggling to find time to get on here too, just glad that you're still reading when you have a chance and that you enjoyed the chapter. Take care, K