Reviews For Skytrain

2021.09.16 - 02:12AM
172: Chapter 172

Thanks for replying! Relieved to know work is interfering with your creative writing abilities. You're one of the few DW writers (specifically Ten) that have been posting for so long, and always really good stories that get completed. I appreciate your commitment.

2021.09.15 - 06:32AM
172: Chapter 172

Missing you!

Author's Response: Hoping to get some more up in the next couple of days but like told Superbet work has just gone mad and when only able to grab half an hour here and there I get a bit ✍ blocky.

2021.09.08 - 02:15AM
172: Chapter 172

Welcome back!

Author's Response: Sorry that it's so slow at the moment. Work is crazy busy at the moment and requiring a lot of extra hours! By the time I get home I'm more or less brain dead! Plus season 6 of Lucifer just dropped so have had to binge that!! 🙃

2021.09.01 - 03:56PM
171: Chapter 171

The Doctor's gonna have a serious low adrenaline crisis before they get that enzyme ready, isn't he... 😞

Author's Response: Hopefully nothing too serious and Dr Katata is accelerating the lab so hopefully things will be better for him soon.

2021.08.29 - 10:24PM
169: Chapter 169

The Doctor has more than a bit of anarchy in his soul, and he has a way of encouraging it in others. Yeah, it's part of his charm, but it can have consequences.

The next time he sees Dr. Katata could be... interesting.

Author's Response: Ten tends especially doesn't really think much about consequences at times. Hopefully Dr Katata will get that Garth made a choice even in the Doctor was the lead. He just doesn't like being told to sit still.

2021.08.25 - 09:52PM
168: Chapter 168

Uh Oh! looks like Garth is having another convulsion.

Author's Response: It looks like it hopefully the Doctor isn't going to be too involved.

2021.08.25 - 09:35PM
167: Chapter 167

What is that nurse doing in a place like that? she's not a "people person" is she?

Author's Response: She's not the most personable of people.

2021.08.25 - 09:26PM
166: Chapter 166

Rose better not have her lie in too much longer.

Author's Response: Hospital visiting hours are the pits. Neither Rose or the Doctor like it but he is supposed to be resting in between rather than causing trouble.

2021.08.23 - 09:00PM
167: Chapter 167

Oh, dear. I have a feeling there's going to be yet another staff member the Doctor may take a dislike for.

Author's Response: Hopefully she won't have much to do with him herself or she may well get a mouthful from him. If Rose or Jack heard her opinion she'd definitely be in for it!

2021.08.23 - 04:42PM
166: Chapter 166

The Doctor being alone with his own thoughts is usually a recipe for disaster. God knows what he'll be up to before Rose shows up.

Author's Response: For someone who is so smart when left to his own devices he thinks himself into all kinds of trouble and usually thinks its a good idea!!

2021.08.18 - 06:35PM
165: Chapter 165

I hope the enzyme works. I'm quite ready for the Doctor to get back to his bouncy self.

Should we be curious about the new patient?

Author's Response: Nothing too untoward about the new patient. I think everyone is ready for the Doctor to start recovering. If the enzyme roesnt work they are going to have to have a rethink about everything.

2021.08.14 - 08:39PM
164: Chapter 164

Sweet chapter. Some nice exposition, filled in the blanks - and cuddle time. ☺❤

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Sorry the chapters are coming a bit more slowly, been busy at work, thought it would be a bit easier this week because I'm out of the office and on a course all week - except now I find out course comes with homework and an exam!

2021.08.14 - 01:40PM
164: Chapter 164

River Song could tell Rose two rules about the Doctor.
#1 the Doctor lies
#2 see #1

LOL! He's big on getting into mischief. Rose might have matured, but, did the Doctor?

Author's Response: I think Rose being more mature in their relationship is going to mean the Doctor has to in order to maintain a balance. I'm not sure how emotionally secure Ten actually is.

Do you think River's rules apply to Ten as well as Eleven? Personally, I think Ten leans more toward omission than lies.

2021.08.10 - 07:25PM
163: Chapter 163

I thinks Jack has been giving her a few tips.

Author's Response: I'm not sure Rose would follow through on any tips that Jack gives her, lol. But it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to have a candid conversation with the Doctor about everything.

2021.08.08 - 03:44PM
162: Chapter 162

The Doctor should stop beating himself over that mistake. it's sorted now and that's all that matters.

Author's Response: I think he's conscious of how worried Rose and Jack must have been over the past few days and feels at least partially responsible for that. He's not used to being the one who makes such a glaring mistake - even if it was only partially his fault and also due to their assumption.