Reviews For Skytrain

2021.06.12 - 06:54PM
83: Chapter 83

I think Rose may be a bit premature on the extracurricular activities. The Doctor is not exactly in good shape for *any* position, unless he uses his foot. LOL!

2021.06.12 - 06:51PM
82: Chapter 82

Ah, so good to see Ursula again, and that she's healing well.

2021.06.11 - 09:13PM
81: Chapter 81

It's good to hear from Captain Wade and Elise. It's sad to hear there has been no sign of any other survivors yet. I suppose it's still possible they might. I wonder what the briefing will entail? Elise's attitude is admirable. She seems to have very positive strength of character so far.

If Errol is Rose's wellbeing co-ordinator, maybe he is best placed to reassure Rose of the differences in care of this century and the reasons for them, while Ten maybe not be able to do so.

I sense the Doctor is going to need a fair amount of help emotionally for the next while. I can't believe he mentioned his mother. That's very rare, but shows his closening relationship with Rose.

2021.06.11 - 09:00PM
80: Chapter 80

I wonder what Jack's dream was. That's interesting and a valid point that he would be disoriented upon waking from slumber when he is possibly more used to reviving than waking.

We don't really know what Jack experienced between the time of crashing and finding the Doctor, except that he had died and revived. Maybe it would help for him to talk about it?

It am curious to know how an immortal being through what he has processes traumatic events and any strategies (if any) he has developed to deal with them or at least coping mechanisms. Maybe actually sleeping is one way for him to process events.

I wonder how long it will take for Jack to share with Errol that he is immortal. Wade didn't seem to take it too badly.

2021.06.11 - 06:46PM
81: Chapter 81

Tell him Rose! there's a tigress in her (or a wolf)

Author's Response: She doesn't want him to be feeling guilty about it all so she needs to get that through his thick head early on.

2021.06.11 - 03:05PM
80: Chapter 80

All this talk about the Doctor, Rose and the other survivors of the skytrain incident, they've forgotten that Jack, while physically unscathed, still had to live through the trauma. even if he says he okay emotionally. There has got to be some PTSD. like with that nightmare Jack had. (or says he had) Errol doesn't know about Jack's immortality so that could be just a coverup for what really caused him to wake up in distress.

Author's Response: Jack is probably as surprised that he slept without dying or being knocked out than anything else, and, he I think he genuinely believes that he's come through the crash without being traumatised - I mean he's been through a lot worse really hasn't he? His time on the Valiant, his time buried at the hands of Gray, dealing with Gray and losing Tosh and Owen, being on the Crucible - that he's not feeling the trauma of it and an emotional burden beyond making sure the Doctor and Rose are able to recover properly is as concerning as if he was.

2021.06.11 - 02:28AM
75: Chapter 75

You think people in other countries can access the BBC iplayer? That's cute 😂

Also I don't believe anyone here is daring you to kill Ten. I'm in it for the long haul now, because I wanna see him be okay.

Author's Response: I suppose that is fair since we pay a fee to watch the BBC including i-player - which is higher than the fee for both Netflicks and for Amazon Prime combined.

2021.06.11 - 02:22AM
79: Chapter 79

Sounds like the rest of the operation went as well as they could hope for at the moment. It seems like everyone is finally going to get some much needed rest all at the same time.

Author's Response: Yeah, hopefully they've come to a point where they can start to take a breath and take stock of where they are ready to move forward with the next bit.

2021.06.11 - 01:50AM
78: Chapter 78

That was excellent tact on Errol's part, the way he convinced Rose to take the sedation. The way he calmed the Doctor down between surgeries was very skillful. Errol is being very kind toward Jack, Ten and Rose to help them so much when he's off duty. Errol might be a keeper.

Author's Response: Errol is definitely one of the good guys - and that technically wasn't part of his job because he was off shift, but he's certainly someone they're all going to be pleased to have around - not least of all because he's for Jack.

2021.06.10 - 10:55PM
79: Chapter 79

After this, Jack is going to need a long rest and vacation.

Author's Response: Hopefully he will be able to get some rest and some vacation time where they are once the more critical aspects of the Doctor and Rose's injuries are taken care of.

2021.06.10 - 09:56PM
78: Chapter 78

Looks as if Jack has a lot to look forward to with Errol...before thee bladeball match. LOL!

Author's Response: It's going to be important for Errol and Jack to spend plenty of time together in order for Jack to have some time away from Rose and the Doctor. Hopefully Jack will be able to get to the bladeball match and have a good time.

2021.06.10 - 09:37PM
77: Chapter 77

Oh poor Kit. He has been a brave kid. I supposed he wasn't going to get away without a few bumps and bruises. It could have been a lot worse.

And poor Ten. He's not doing so well so far. Hopefully he'll just sleep and recover his energy for the next operation. I think he's worrying Jack and Dr Katata though.

Author's Response: Kit has been exceptionally brave and resilient and hopefully he'll continue to be so. I am not sure the Doctor would have been able to manage at all if he'd ended up having to set some kind of fracture on the kid at the crash site. Ten's not in his happy place at the moment, but hopefully he'll metabolise the anaesthetic quickly and they'll feel confident in giving him the next one quickly.

2021.06.10 - 04:23PM
77: Chapter 77

The casting gel is probably as irritating to the Doctor as the pain. He hates being trapped more than anything, and sedation most likely doesn't make him more tolerant of it.

On the subject of availability of Doctor Who on streaming services, it's really restrictive for folks in the US. The iPlayer service is only accessible if you use certain VPNs with UK IP addresses. However, all of the 2005-current episodes are available on the HBO Max streaming service.

Author's Response: In that point between unconsciousness and consciousness I expect the restrictions of the casting gel is going to be quite unnerving and unsettling if he's not quite sure where he is and what is going on.

Cool about HBO - no idea about US TV - anything that I want to watch I tend to stream on Netflicks or Amazon Prime - I'm not sure when I actually watched something properly on the TV. On a side very glad that the last part of Series 5 of Lucifer dropped last week - Tom Ellis is fantastic again! Can't wait for season six - but if I catch up with myself between typing and posting it's because I binged watched that last weekend :)

2021.06.10 - 02:57AM
76: Chapter 76

"Dr Katata was going to be having serious words with the Doctor about him messing up her surgical plans for him"

I'm sure Ten didn't bleed on purpose!❗

I am glad Dr Katata is treating Ten cautiously rather than aggressively. Hopefully Ten isn't in too much discomfort when he comes around. Dr Katata seems to think he's going to be in too much pain though. It is better she is well rested too if she's going to finish what she started but has been on her feet with surgery all day already.

As long as the rest of the surgery goes without complications Rose will see him soon. It must be hard for her to be separated from him, but he needs his rest and to be monitored closely for a while.

Good for Jack mentioning the respiratory bypass. Would the Doctor's bypass still engage if he has reduced regeneration energy, I wonder?

The realization of the consequences of Ten's sacrifice seems to be sinking in more for Rose. He very nearly has risked it all for her. Jack won't let anything bad happen to Ten on his watch though.

Author's Response: It's better that they're taking things one step at a time and learning and monitoring how he works. They're used to dealing with different species - including new ones - so they have well practised processes in place to do so - like repeated blood works and titrating medications slowly - I am sure that before long that Dr Katata will be an expert in time lords - problem may be that she's going to be an expert in a certain time lord who has no regenerative energy rather than a healthy one - if and when he starts to get energy back it may again change the way he reacts to medications and the like.

Rose might not like that the Doctor is downstairs, but I think if she could look at it rationally she'd know that it's better for him - she's understandably worried and she's used to the 'we can't take him to hospital - one phial of his blood could change the course of human history' concept rather than the - this hospital is well equipped to deal with aliens of different species and they'll do the best they can from him and it's nothing that special - they see aliens every day concept.

With respect to the Doctor's bypass I see it as an autonomic response and that it would kick in just the same as his hearts are still beating and he's still breathing (for the most part) despite having the regenerative energy - what might be a problem is the speed in which it 'recharged' after being deployed as I see the regenerative energy being linked with recovery and recharging and rejuvenating cells, tissues, gases both in the normal day to day and when healing as well as the big one (regeneration). Jack being down with the Doctor must give her some confidence just as Jack being with Rose does the same for the Doctor - the problem for everyone - especially Jack is that he can't be in two places at once when one of them is upstairs and the other is downstairs!

2021.06.10 - 01:31AM
76: Chapter 76

Bless Rose's heart... Of course, she's close to panic! Sure, she has been a dimension hopping, big ol' gun totin' Torchwood agent, on top of the two years she spent running around the universe getting into all kinds of trouble. But in just the little bit of time, she's said goodbye to her mother forever, watched the man she loves become two men and almost immediately lose the second one, and then gone through this horrific experience, almost died, and learned the extreme steps the Doctor took to save her life!

I wouldn't want him out of my sight, either. And no answer other than "yes, Rose, we will get you two back in the same room right now!", would suffice!

I hope all this works. Even if he can't run, a somewhat mobile Doctor will still be a happier Doctor. And I'm looking forward to the discussion Dr Katata wants to have with him.

Author's Response: There has been a lot going on for Rose, not least the way she reunited with him only to get him shot by a dalek!!! Kind of serves him right a bit legging it down a street like that in the middle of an invasion - but hey - just shows how skewed his actions can be by Rose! She's not going to 'happy' until the Doctor is better and back to normal, but she definitely doesn't like him being off and away from her while people are doing things to him - he's vulnerable and at risk and she can't do anything about that. Getting them both up and about and out of hospital is potentially going to do as much for their recovery as what is going on in the hospital - hopefully the medical team will figure that out and find a balance for the Doctor that enables him to have the medical care he needs without all the restraints he's under - that he's not complained about all of that yet shows just how bad he's feeling!