Reviews For Skytrain

2022.01.24 - 01:38PM
220: Chapter 220

Oh, that's just cruel and unusual punishment of a character. 😂 So, they'll have to hurt him where he isn't hurt to get the hurt parts to heal? LOL!

2022.01.22 - 03:29PM
219: Chapter 219

Ally must think the Doctor has truly gone mad! LOL! Not that it's a new thing.

2022.01.18 - 11:45PM
216: Chapter 216

Way to go Errol!

2022.01.18 - 10:40PM
216: Chapter 216

Wow. Errol really walked a fine line there, and crossed over it a bit by breaking confidence with the Doctor, but it worked.

2022.01.18 - 04:57PM
215: Chapter 215

Glad to see you coming up for air! I do hope your work-life balance is improving a bit. If only we could get this pandemic under control, perhaps a lot of people wouldn't risk burnout from increased workloads.

Well, well, well... I think Rose's outburst has been a long time in coming. She's done what a lot of us refer to as "ditty-bagging," where one holds in a list of grievances until something triggers a release, and the target of the frustration gets the entire load at once. It's far from fair, and it's always ugly, but it seldom causes a real rift in a strong relationship as long as it doesn't become repetitive.

Of course, I think the Doctor has met his match when it comes to stubbornness. He knows his choices have led to their predicament, but he also had to make those difficult choices that always seem to come his way. It really isn't fair that Rose blames him for almost dying, when he'd have been fine if he hadn't used his energy to save her life. I get that fear is driving her anger, but bashing the Doctor about the head and shoulders may not be the best approach in motivating him to get better.

Hopefully, Errol may be able to shake them both out of their funks.

2022.01.18 - 06:29AM
214: Chapter 214

Well, I see where Rose is coming from. Her anger, though, could be the starting point for The Doctor to take an active role in his own situation. There is obviously some outside force preventing him from healing. Perhaps the planet? Rose has pointed out some things that actually need to be taken into consideration.

2022.01.17 - 03:09PM
213: Chapter 213

Sorry, but I had a leg cast years ago, and I would have been thrilled if the doctors had let me take it off early. It really does NOT hurt to have a cast removed. The Doctor was much wiser to encourage her to face her irrational fear than to reinforce it and encourage her to retreat from life's challenges.

2022.01.16 - 10:19PM
213: Chapter 213

I can tell, this is going to be one of those talks. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Sorry. But the Doctor's being one of those oblivious men that just don't think like the woman they love thinks. Hopefully, this will also be one of those talks that both go "oh, how come I didn't get that?" Sorry is never having to say you're sorry 'cos you're both on the same page.

Author's Response: The Doctor is a bit oblivious, but I also think that Rose is going to give him a harder time than he probably deserves.

2022.01.16 - 01:56PM
212: Chapter 212

Sonic glove?? Nice idea. One of my OC’s has a Sonic Glove, except all the fingers are sonic.

Author's Response: Cool, I'm sure there could be plenty of uses for a sonic glove!

2022.01.11 - 06:13PM
211: Chapter 211

A new chapter! Thank you!

Author's Response: Welcome, sorry it's been a while again, keep on losing the time to write to things that unfortunately have to take priority whether I want them to or not! But that is life lol.

2022.01.11 - 02:02PM
211: Chapter 211

You're back!!! Happy New Year!

Author's Response: Happy New Year to you too. Sorry that it's been a while, RL has been crazy!

2021.12.02 - 06:09AM
209: Chapter 209

The 12th Doctor did an exposition on what it meant to have a life as long as his. The weight of all that responsibility over hundreds of years must be unfathomable to someone from a short-lived and limited species as ours.

Author's Response: It's got to be too big to comprehend. I think the changes from 10, through 11, and to 12 give 12 the chance to articulate it in a way that 10 probably can't. In my head this whole bit keeps on coming back to Waters of Mars and Time Lord Victorious and what it was that finally made him snap and take time into his own hands - and then of course the remorse, fear, and guilt that followed that through the End of Time.

2021.12.02 - 01:02AM
209: Chapter 209

From something that Martha said in an earlier chapter to what the Doctor was explaining to Errol.

It has occurred to me that no one has considered the tremendous burden it has to be.
Being the only Time Lord left and to have to be the one who protects time the best way he can.
The Doctor has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. No wonder it seems sometimes he's being difficult or silly. He's merely trying to balance his feelings and responsibilities as well as maintaining a sense of control not necessarily of others but of himself.

Author's Response: I think that drives a lot of what he does. If he were to really think about things then how can that possibly be rationalised. His conversation with Errol is going to continue and it's hard for the Doctor, but I also think it's hard for Errol to hear him say it and impossible for anyone to comprehend.

2021.11.13 - 04:41PM
207: Chapter 207

I'm sorry I haven't commented on this. I've been dealing with a nightmare family issue that has kept me focused elsewhere. Not saying it's over, but I have some downtime and could catch up

Such a perfect meeting with Martha. She laid it all out for the Doctor (and for us) in such a way that he couldn't evade or deny uncomfortable truths, particularly the vulnerability he feels obligated to hide.

We all know that the mask will return, once he is recovered and back in his TARDIS and dashing about the universe. But it's good to see now, and good that Martha brought it about.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter. Especially now, escapism is a real need.

Author's Response: Sorry! I feel bad that I didn't make the time to get some updates on before now. I hope that things are settling down with your family.

The Doctor really isn't very good at being the one who needs support and care.

2021.11.06 - 11:41PM
204: Chapter 204

Didn’t Kat put a lot of metal work in his shoulder. Maybe that’s what is impeding the energy from healing him.

Author's Response: In a round about way it could be.