Reviews For Well Adjusted

2021.06.17 - 04:35AM
7: Loose Ends

As great as it was to experience the Doctor as John it's nice to have him back to himself. I was worried for a while that Jack was going to run off because he felt rejected until the Doctor explained everything. I like the idea that in the 23rd century more than two people can be married. I really liked how the Doctor took Rose and Jack into his mind so he could show them how he felt about them. And I also love the end of the story too. Thanks for writing this.

Author's Response: I completely agree with you and I think Jack and Rose do, too. It was a real possibility, but luckily Jack heard the Doctor out. I loved writing the telepathic scene and the one that followed after. ;) Thanks for all your wonderful comments. You're very welcome. :)

2021.06.16 - 02:31AM
7: Loose Ends

Great ending! You tied up the "Loose Ends" brilliantly!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. =) It's wonderful to wake up to such a comment. Glad you enjoyed the story. :)

2021.06.10 - 05:50AM
6: Surprising Revelations

Great cliffie! Love your take on the fob watch. Now, if only the Doctor realizes that he and Rose's twosome is actually a threesome!

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Yes, it's about time that he does, isn't it? ^^

2021.06.10 - 05:47AM
6: Surprising Revelations

Wow. It was really shocking that John almost got hit by that car. It's a good thing that Jack pushed him out of the way. For John to watch Jack die like that and not know that he's immortal was hard because he thought that his friend was actually going to die. I love how you had Jack and Rose tell John about who he really is. I can see why John would think that it was all a joke and that it couldn't possibly be real. What a place to finish off the chapter. It's a perfect cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this chapter. :) You're right, it was extremely hard for John to see Jack die. Though without that accident, he might not have believed them at all when they told him who he really is. The next chapter will also be the last one, just a fair warning, but it will be a long one.

2021.06.06 - 05:55AM
5: An eventful Evening

Another really great chapter. I hate to see Jack and John fight like that but it really adds to the story. There's so much emotion to everything they're both going through. I was worried that Jack was going to just walk out and leave forever. I'm glad that John got him to come back and that they have sorted things out for now. It's also good to see John opening up to Jack about the freaky nightmares/ memories he's been having.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :) It was hard to write Jack hurting so much, but, as you said, it was necessary. Jack would never just leave, although it might have crossed his mind at some point. They will have a lot more talking to do, once John is back to being the Doctor, but for now they are good. Thanks so much for your continued support. =)

2021.05.30 - 07:00AM
4: Passionate Interlude

John should just go for it and invite Jack into their bed, lol. It's obvious that's on his mind, and possibly on Rose's mind as well, but I have a bit of suspicion that she and Jack may be even closer that we realize! Well done!

Author's Response: Jack would certainly be delighted by such an invitation. ;) You might be on to something, but I can't say more. Thanks for your comment, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story, too. :)

2021.05.20 - 03:41AM
3: Boys' Night

I'm glad that both of them got out of the bar before it turned into a fight. I feel sorry for Jack. John doesn't see them as a couple and he's really hurt by it. I'm assuming that the two of them are together when the Doctor is himself. I wonder what's going to happen next. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, that could have gotten nasty and they might have gotten the attention of the wrong people. You're on the right track, I felt sorry for Jack myself, while writing this. ^^" I assure you, you won't have to wait too long until you'll get to find out. Thanks for your comment. =)

2021.05.05 - 09:20PM
1: Coffee and Tea

This is a really great idea. I love how you've set everything up so far and how Jack is living with Rose and John. I can just picture John teaching students. I hope that Jack doesn't have to leave and get his own place. I wonder how and when John is going to get his memories back and become the Doctor. Please continue this story.

Author's Response: Thank you, I like that setup too. I don't think that Jack will have to move out. Both, Rose and the Doctor want him there, although the Doctor - or rather John - doesn't really know why that is. Well, I know how it's going to happen, but I can't tell you. ;) Don't worry, I'll post the next chapter some time next week. :) Thanks for your comment. :)

2021.05.04 - 12:47AM
1: Coffee and Tea

In Doctor Who, at least up to the 12th Doctor, he has been asexual and heterosexual. I do not think that it would be a stretch for him to be Bi. I do not know if you will go with dump the girl or keep the girl, but I am intrigued by your story.

Author's Response: In my mind, I rather see him as panromantic with varying degrees of sexual interest, depending on the regeneration. Just to give you a peek into my mind, not trying to say that you're wrong. ^^ I hope you'll continue to enjoy it and I hope you'll like where I'll go with it. Thanks for your comment. :)