2021.11.20 - 02:33AM
35: Chapter 35

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in such a long time. Lots of real life stuff going on; none of it bad or anything. Mostly a tedious contract job in Lancaster, an hour and a half away (I hate spreadsheets!!!) I’m done with it, finally, and told my agency that I will only work from home from now on.

I know I didn’t review a few chapters but at this point I think it’s better that I just do one review for the last chapter of this fantastic story.

I adore this little family you created. Rose and the Doctor are such a strong, loving couple and, together, they can overcome even the most horrific of obstacles. Lucca is the perfect combination of both his parents, but also an individual in his own right. I got a kick out of him and his culinary expertise. The Time Lords sure loved his cooking.

Speaking of the Time Lords, I like how you showed how rich their society on The Doctor’s Solace has become. Penelope and Ulysses are so well-rounded and clearly love their son, daughter-in-law and grandson. It’s always a pleasure for Jack and the Pete’s World crew to make an appearance.

I had a feeling Lucca would play a role in solving the problem. He is a genius, just like his father. He also has Rose’s insight into things that the others might not notice. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly and I was so worried for Lucca when he was stuck inside 42. It amazed me how outwardly calm the Doctor was, which also served to calm Lucca. In the end, the Time Tot got to save the day and the universe, with the help of his Mum. Those two made a great team!

I got a laugh out of the Time Lords’ reaction to the party and the balloons. I’m glad they got into the spirit of things. I like that Promon doesn't want the Time Lords to fall back on their old ways. There won't be a chance of that happening with the Doctor there to help draw up a plan.

What a wonderful ending to such an epic story. From beginning to end this tale kept my heart racing. Thank you so much for posting it. I see you’ve posted a new story that I’ll finally get to start reading. I’m looking forward to it!

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. Things are good here. We’re going to get our Covid boosters, along with flu shots in the first week in December. Trip to NY was great. I didn’t get to the WTC, not enough time. My cousin was a police officer who perished that day and I plan to get the WTC site, hopefully, next year. Please take care of yourself and stay warm with the cold weather coming! ^_^

Author's Response: I am thrilled to hear from you, if only to know everything is okay. I loved your review BTW, vivid with detail as it was and the effort you put into them but honestly a couple of lines is more, more than enough! With the price of gas no wonder you want to work at home. I’m just glad you and yours are ok. Good news about the booster and same here, as. I’ll be getting mine in Jan. I’m delighted to hear from you. Stay well!

2021.10.09 - 01:04AM
35: Chapter 35

All neatly wrapped up and ended with a party to help loosen up the stuffy Time Lords. I really enjoyed your story, and will be looking forward to read further adventures with Lucca and his family!

Author's Response: You’ve really made my day! Thanks for all your encouraging feedback. I’m chuffed you enjoyed it.

2021.10.09 - 01:04AM
35: Chapter 35

All neatly wrapped up and ended with a party to help loosen up the stuffy Time Lords. I really enjoyed your story, and will be looking forward to read further adventures with Lucca and his family!

2021.09.30 - 04:32AM
33: Chapter 33

Lucca is lucky that is dad is so understanding, Poor Rose! she has got a scary future ahead of her just dealing with her fellas!

Author's Response: I think this comment got accidentally duplicated. But I I’ll take it

2021.09.30 - 04:32AM
33: Chapter 33

Lucca is lucky that is dad is so understanding, Poor Rose! she has got a scary future ahead of her just dealing with her fellas!

Author's Response: Yes, Rose has her hands full now but poor Luca isn’t out of danger yet. Thanks for the comments and making my day!

2021.09.26 - 02:43AM
32: Chapter 32

Oh man, what is Lucca up to? The little bugger is a wee bit too curious and smart for his own good at times!

Author's Response: Oh yes! Let’s just say Lucca’s about to scare the Pleiades out of his parents in a double barrelled surprise! Loved your comments. Thank you!

2021.09.22 - 04:58AM
31: Chapter 31

I've been on vavation for a couple of weeks and didnt take my computer, so I've just got caught up in this little gem of a story. Wee Lucca is a real chip off the block, for sure. I'm glad he no longer feels that the Doctor is ignoring him. And now here's Rose offering up a practical solution. It shows that sometimes being a little more like humans would be good for the Time Lords, lol. Now, if only they can make it work . . .!

Author's Response: In these times a vacation is a precious opportunity! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your comments I’ve enjoyed writing the Doctor’s son and their relationship. Poor Lucca faces a trial ahead as does the Doctor. The story is finished at 35 chapters and I’m going to miss these characters so what could I do but start another story!

2021.09.20 - 01:27PM
27: Chapter 27

I've always had a bit of envy for some of the Time Lords' amazing abilities. But the Doctor's introspection brought to mind this famous quote, With great power comes great responsibility. He truly does have the weight of the universe on his shoulders at times. This latest sign is truly frightening and I wonder if the Doctor will be able to combat what is to come.

As usual, it's Rose who has a helpful suggestion. The Doctor doesn't have to deal with the situation on his own. He's got the Time Lords to help him. Not to mention his brilliant extended family. Why do I have a feeling that Lucca is going to play a big part in the solution to the problem?

This chapter, as the Doctor would say, was brilliant! This story keeps rolling along, getting better with every chapter. Kudos on the fantastic work!

I'm in New York (Long Island) on a little vacation. I've got a bit of down time, which is perfect for some reviewing. Tomorrow we're going to the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero and then the The Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. Home on Wednesday. I hope you're feeling well, staying safe and keeping Covid at bay. The Covid cases on LI are going down and I hope we soon follow suit in PA. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. Happy Fall! ^_^

Author's Response: Good quote and it’s certainly true the Doctor feels the weight of the responsibility power brings. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the story. It’s finished at 35 chapters. Sneak peek…Lucca gets tested in a scary way! I’m delighted you’re getting a break. I sure hope you didn’t lose someone in 9/11. Take care and enjoy yourselves.

2021.09.08 - 12:53AM
26: Chapter 26

Something is messing with time. I'm curious about who/what is doing it. I'm wondering if it's related to 42. Naturally, the Doctor needs to investigate. I'm glad that he didn't even try to get Rose to stay behind. Maybe he's finally learning!

I'm sure that the Doctor and Rose are relieved knowing that Penelope and Ulysses are going to babysit Lucca. Speaking of Lucca, I'm enjoying this little Time Tot so much. I just love the way you write him. He's a true joy!

But it looks as if the fluff has gone and we're getting down to business. What did the Doctor see in the spiral galaxy? I'm intrigued!

I'm so loving this story. It's a nice diversion from the mess this country is in: Anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, republican referring to women as "host bodies." It's insane. I want a TARDIS! STAT! Sigh... Anyway, please continue to stay safe and thank you so much for sharing your talent! ^_^

Author's Response: I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one. I’ve enjoyed writing the Doctor as a family man and being pretty good at it. But he still has duties and there’s the rub. I want a TARDIS too cuz a would visit a few of these pathetic losers and scare the living daylights out of them. They are trying to kill a great democracy and that can’t be allowed.

2021.09.07 - 11:03PM
28: Chapter 28

Awww, Lucca is a real sweetie. It'll be great if he can help his da save their world!

Author's Response: I have to say it’s been fun writing Lucca. Stay tuned as poor Lucca runs into troubles ahead. I really appreciate your comments on this story.

2021.09.06 - 01:07AM
25: Chapter 25

It's wonderful that, thanks to the Doctor's remedies, Rose was able to bounce back so quickly from childbirth. If the Doctor was interested in money, he could make millions from his post-pregnancy treatment!

Seeing how everyone is keeping in touch is so heartening. I'm especially happy for the Doctor, knowing that he's not going to be alone. He's right about taking the time to stop and think of life's blessings.

The baby is so smart and completely adorable. I love how happy this little family is. I also love the baby's name, too! Lucca. Bringer of light. A perfect name for a perfect Time Tot. Although, being able to command the TARDIS could prove interesting as time goes by. Why do I have a feeling she'll spoil him?

Another sweet chapter. Although the last sentence has me worried. Whatever is going on with the Doctor is serious enough that he has to shield it from Rose.

I really enjoyed the last couple of fluffy chapters. A bit of an interlude that I think we'll need because I have a feeling things are going to go downhill.

Please continue to stay safe. I hope your elections fare better than ours. They still want recounts. Sheesh! Take care, stay healthy. ^_^

Author's Response: So glad you’re enjoying the fluff and surely the Doctor deserves to enjoy some but as always he faces terrible choices. I really enjoyed your reactions to this chapter. I just want to weep when I look at what is happening in the US and all the western democracies. It’s really frightening. Here we’re seeing the rise of the anti vac nuts but it’s not as prominent and people who have been vacc’d are really fed up with their nonsense cuz it’s stopping a return to normal. Sigh! Stay safe.

2021.09.06 - 12:52AM
24: Chapter 24

The Doctor was spot-on about barbaric stirrups. He's been so attentive to Rose; making sure she's comfortable.

It's nice having everyone on the TARDIS again. With all the attention and gifts being given to her, it's like Rose is having a baby shower. As Sarah Jane once told the Doctor, You've got the biggest family on Earth!

Oh boy! Rose is in labor! I laughed at the sign the Doctor posted for Jackie. He knows her too well! I can imagine the Doctor's loopy smile when he told all of them the news. The baby must be adorable. How can he not be with such attractive parents!

Happy, fluffy chapter that was filled with so much joy. It was just perfect! I have a feeling that this happy time won't last. So I guess I should enjoy it while I can!

I hope you're doing well and staying safe. I also hope you didn't get any bad weather from Ida. We did okay here, too high up for street flooding. The rain caused a couple of leaks, one of dripping into our kitchen cabinets. The kitchen looks like an episode of "Hoarders" with all the cabinet items strewn about! Heh.

I also want to apologize for not reviewing sooner (I keep doing this and I'm so sorry!). Life, as usual, got in the way. Please stay safe and healthy. Get that booster as soon as it's available. Take care! ^_^

2021.09.03 - 02:53AM
27: Chapter 27

Oooh! Squeaky bum time!

Author's Response: Oh yes, time to tighten the sphincters! Got a laugh from your comment! Thanks so much.

2021.08.27 - 04:14AM
26: Chapter 26

Oh no, they're not heading into trouble, are they? Lucca is too wee!

Author's Response: Oh yes they are but fate will place Lucca in the center of it all. Ta daaa! Luv the comment cuz Lucca is too wee!

2021.08.24 - 01:06AM
23: Chapter 23

It's such a relief that the Doctor is awake and will be able to take care of Rose. She neglected her own health in favor of helping the Doctor. Now she gets to be the one who is taken care of.

The Doctor really is making up for lost time. He's so hyper normally, I can't even imagine what a whirlwind he is right now. He's getting everything ready for the baby in record time. Plus, the TARDIS is giving birth! It's such an exciting time for all of them.

The Doctor worked so hard on his name list. But Rose is right that the names he came up with aren't practical. They'll look at their son and will pick the perfect name for him.

The Doctor know just what to say to help Rose with her insecurities about becoming a mother to a Time Lord baby, along with easing her concerns about the pain of childbirth.

The birth is happening soon and it's got me tingling with anticipation. I can't wait!

I hope you're feeling good and staying safe. We're fine here. My sister decided to get her and my nephew the vaccine. What a relief! Please take care of yourself and keep up the great work on this amazing story! ^_^

Author's Response: This chapter was their chance to take a breath together and get prepared for the birth. Squeee! Can’t wait til you get to the birth! I’m really happy you’re enjoying this one. Glad to hear about your sister. Here it’s been so blistering hot I have to hide in the AC when not in the pool (so I can’t complain). We’ve been hit by Delta and 3rd shots are in our future which I’ll take in a heartbeat! All this during a federal election campaign! Stay safe!