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Author's Response: I’m glad you’re enjoying! Fair warning there’s trouble ahead. Thanks for commenting!

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Author's Response: Thank you! Our heroes take comfort in each other and it seems to shore them up for the rough spots! Yep, rough waters ahead! Oh my you are an adventurer! Take water and be careful and watch out for ticks! Have fun too!

2021.07.24 - 12:35AM
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Author's Response: It really makes my day that you’re enjoying this story. I might have said it before but the Doctor is a tragic character in many ways so I enjoy writing him with a family. Of course it raises the stakes too. Thanks for commenting Luv!

2021.07.23 - 01:23AM
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Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much. Yeah, I had to get a cliffie in and, of course, there will be more! There are surprises ahead.! I’m doing well. We’ve had heat but some lovely days too, not like out West. I get the feeling we’re not hearing the message!

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Author's Response: Thanks so much Sweetie. I’m glad you’re enjoying this story and that you’re spending time with family after all we’ve been through. Take care.

2021.07.11 - 02:14AM
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Author's Response: It’s always a pleasure to hear from you and I’m glad to know you’re caught up. I like these characters too. It’s wonderful to hear you finally get to spend time with your family. I’m fully vaccinated now! So is my family and we’re getting together this week! Enjoy your time with them. Wonderful weather here but I’m praying the west coast of both our countries gets a break soon! Take care.

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Author's Response: Yes, their peaceful interlude has been shattered! Lovely to receive your comments. Much appreciated!

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Author's Response: I’m very chuffed you’re enjoying this story. I’m afraid the Doctor will face some terrible choices ahead. I’m four days away from my 2nd dose! Yes, the heat in western Canada reached incredible highs. I read the top of Mount Rainier will reach 70 degrees and they’re afraid it’ll create a massive melt. Too bad they couldn’t collect it and pour it into California’s near empty reservoirs! Take care and stay away from the BBQ!

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Author's Response: Oh good. I was hoping it would be a surprise. Ulysses has managed to build an improved world by appealing to the curiosity of the Time Lords and rejecting their sense of total superiority. Loved your comments!

2021.06.22 - 01:26AM
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Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed this chapter! I always get a charge to hear your reaction. I think you will be surprised to learn what is at the gate. The Doctor doesn’t have much experience having a larger family but he is learning what it means in this story and he realizes how much support he has. Weather here is weird. Yesterday an hour or so away there was a tornado! We don’t get those in this neck of the woods. I am days away from getting my 2nd dose. Yeah!!! Take care.

2021.06.18 - 01:04AM
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Interesting about Ulysses' silent rebellion. The apple, or whatever fruit corresponds on Gallifrey, really didn't fall far from the tree!

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Author's Response: I agree with how you perceive their relationship. It’s not like the Doctor doesn’t have deep insights into things but Rose helps him see other perspectives. He’s buried his own feelings so long she helps him handle them. Loved your comments. Gawd Girl, you’re a daredevil. Maybe wear a helmet before you go down the hill! All’s well here and it’s cooler here for now!

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Author's Response: Oh yeah! She sees things the Doctor doesn’t! Thanks so much!

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Author's Response: You’re so right that this story starts out fluffy with the Doctor realizing he does have family and friends he can rely on when the going gets tough. And they are going to get tough. Thanks so much for following my stories. It gives me joy. Summer is a welcome relief for all we’ve been through! Do stay clear of the BBQ and enjoy our happier circumstances!

2021.06.11 - 09:33PM
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Author's Response: Oh yes, the fluff takes a beating in upcoming chapters. Thanks so much for your comments!

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Author's Response: Yeah, it sucks and note to self, never be in a rush when posting. Thanks so much for following my story. It’s very encouraging! Yes, there are challenges ahead for our heroes.