Reviews For Dulled Colours

2021.07.22 - 10:13AM
1: Dulled Colours

I really, really love this story. The way you managed to describe how Jack is feeling… waah. Honestly, it made me cry. And then the Doctor and Rose offering support… This is definitely one of my favourite stories. It even inspired a scene in a fic I’m currently working on, with a different context (it’s a post Year That Never Was story). I haven’t published it yet – or, well, to be precise, I’ve published a standalone that sort of belongs to this, hopefully, future series, but nothing else. Still, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed you writing, in this story and in several other fics I’ve read from you, which I have yet to review. So, thank you very much for sharing this!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! =D It's awesome that this story inspired a scene in one of your own stories. I couldn't think of a better compliment if I tried. I had so much fun to write this story, so yes, this means a lot to me. :) Maybe let me know when you start posting your story so that I don't miss it. Or is there a way to get a notification when someone posts a new story? I'm still new to this site. ^^ Don't stress about reviewing, if you feel like it and have the time for it, I'd love to hear your thoughts, but it's not a must. You're very welcome!

2021.03.24 - 04:57AM
1: Dulled Colours

Depression can be a beast and very hard to get rid of. You did a great job writing how Jack is feeling and all of his negative thoughts. I'm glad that Rose and the Doctor realized what was wrong and were able to help him. Hopefully it won't take too long before Jack realizes that he belongs with them and then he can feel better. Thanks for writing another amazing story!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm thrilled to hear that you think so. :) He's certainly going to realize it at some point, I've the plot to this particular story already lined out in my mind. ;) Thanks so much for yet another lovely comment. :)