Reviews For Imperfect Circles

2021.03.03 - 04:54AM
1: Imperfect Circles

It's so cool that Jack and the Doctor are soulmates. I love the idea of the soul mark and I like how the Doctor's had Jack's real name and I'm guessing Jack's had the Doctor's real name too. I felt bad for Jack when it seemed like he was being rejected. I think that maybe the Doctor was just shocked that he finally found his soulmate and that it was Jack. I can imagine how the Time Lord's wouldn't encourage seeking out a soul mate of another species because they thought every other species was inferior. I'm just glad that the story had a good ending. Jack and the Doctor are so great together.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your comment. =) I'm thrilled that you like the idea of them being soulmates. Yes, Jack has the Doctor's real name on his arm. He was shocked and also felt unworthy. He might have reacted differently if he had met Jack before the Time War. Yes, most Time Lords are very arrogant. Thanks, I'm glad you like the ending. :)