Reviews For Into The Cornfield

2011.06.26 - 12:51PM
1: Into The Cornfield

Oh my god, this is BRILLIANT. I have chills. Off to read it again and again and again.

2008.09.19 - 01:16PM
1: Into The Cornfield

Reminds me hugely of an anthology called "Traveller in Black" by John Brunner. The story of a "man" who goes about bringing order to a chaotic universe, because that is his purpose.

This story reminds me of that, the writing, the theme, the overall feeling that there was no evil, just being true to one's nature. I loved that book, so it's a compliment. :)

2008.09.13 - 04:02AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Very good indeed. Beautifully, evocatively written.

2008.09.09 - 01:28PM
1: Into The Cornfield

Oh, that's terrifying. Beautifully done, but terrifying.

2008.08.27 - 07:24AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Here via calufrax, and I realize I read this before and loved it but didn't review. This is a truly amazing story; the words and overall the tone perfectly capture why the Doctor as a god is a really bad idea. I especially love the line "Her god does not answer, because he is still impulsive and often does not think ahead." And the Twilight-Zone-evoking title is inspired.

2008.08.24 - 04:38PM
1: Into The Cornfield

That was brilliant!
I love how in the line: "She is blonde-brunette-redheaded and her pale-dark skin shimmers as it wraps itself around all that has ever been" all NuWho companions are included or seem to be, Donna with her red hair Rose with the blonde and Sarah/Martha with the brunette!

2008.06.16 - 07:56AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Mythic and haunting, oh boy. It reminds me of three things:
"Happy day."
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
"I'd make a very bad god."

2008.05.09 - 01:39PM
1: Into The Cornfield

Oh wow. It sounds like a paradise, and yet there's an underlying feeling of darkness and unease. I'm not sure that's a universe I'd want to inhabit. Great job@

2006.05.14 - 01:06AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Hang on! This is AU from School Reunion, and the Doctor really IS some kind of God! WOW! I just wish I'd thought that sooner!

2006.05.12 - 08:59AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Gosh. Total goosebumps. Loved it.

2006.05.12 - 08:53AM
1: Into The Cornfield

Aww! The Doctor's the God, Sarah Jane is the girl who weeps, Rose is the one who 'had the power she would never remember how to use again', and, I think Jackie is the mother... Have I got that right? I also think Romana might be the girl in the garden, but maybe not... I think that story's fanastic! Keep the good work coming! ^_^