2021.02.13 - 04:46AM
1: Love, You Shall be Called

I'm so glad that they were able to keep Myrna. I can't believe what happened to her people on her planet. It's terrible. I was a bit surprised at first that Jack could breastfeed the baby but it makes sense considering he's from the 51st century. I was also surprised that he had had a son when he was a teenager. It's nice to see Jack's vulnerable side in this story. I'm so glad that they're all staying together like one big happy family and that Jack and the Doctor can have a relationship together.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) I couldn't let it end, any other way. They all deserve to be happy. I needed to show the bond between Jack and Myrna, after so short a time, and breastfeeding seemed like a good way to go about it. I'm glad it makes sense, that he can do it. Thanks for letting me know, how much you liked that story. It was awesome, to wake up to such a lovely comment. :)