2021.02.08 - 03:14AM
3: Harmony

This is all very exciting. I used to live in Tampa, FL and watched the first night launch (Columbia). My dad and I secured passes and went on base to watch the Challenger launch. I was working the day the Challenger blew up and if I had thought to go outside, I would have seen the contrails. That was a very bad day. Here's hoping Harmony has a great launch and John finds true love.

Author's Response: Oh my god, this is insanely cool for me as the author. I would have given anything to see a shuttle launch in person. So much of my inspiration came from a few visits to the area, and getting to go on the tours. I loved the area and can't wait to visit again. I can't fathom being nearby during the Challenger disaster, though. There's some technical angst yet to come, that draws on that history... I'm so glad you're enjoying! Thank you for reading and commenting, it means the world <3