2021.05.08 - 04:29AM
9: Chapter 9 - Goodbye Pilaria and Good Riddance!

I'm glad Bad Wolf stopped the Doctor before he could do something he'd regret later on, but his last thoughts made me think that he still has some anger issues to work through. I hope he can find some peace in the new story and he can once again be a loving husband and father. Time does heal all eventually.

2021.05.04 - 10:50AM
8: Chapter 8 - A New Look

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Author's Response: Thank you for the spot! I think it was approved twice but I did fix it. Thank you!

2021.05.03 - 10:17AM
1: Chapter 1 - Finding The Rift

Just got caught up with this fine tale. And as we say in the south, boy howdy, TenToo done opened a can of whoop ass on those priests! I'm glad he didn't carry out his molestation of Rose as she lay unconscious; he would never have forgiven himself. Can't wait to see what the man in black plans to do next!

Author's Response: I was inspired by Russell T Davies who said that the Meta-Crisis was originally to be Time Lord Victorious. When I wrote the first story, Meta-Crisis Victorious, I wanted to see how far I could push my Doctor. That was published 7/6/2020. On 11/1/2020, my Dad had sepsis and went to hospital. That was the beginning of the worst year of my life. This saga had been me working out my anger, grief and stress. Still am, so The Doctor is going to get on the crazy side.

2021.04.16 - 05:34PM
7: Chapter 7 - "Vengeance is Mine!

Mess with Rose, the Doctor’s gonna mess with you! Mind you the Doctor’s wrath is off the charts here. Can’t wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: The Doctor is full of blood, anger and revenge and is no longer too much of a nice guy. Putting the time lock on the elder council was as un-Tentoo as I could get. Dark Doctor ahead!

2021.03.21 - 11:34PM
6: Chapter 6 - Betrayed!

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Author's Response: Thank you! I did not get to Rose this chapter as planned but will in the next. The dark side of Meta-Crisis has arrived and he is going to have many not-nice moments ahead. Thank you for following!

2021.03.09 - 01:19PM
5: The Beginning of the Beginning

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Author's Response: Thank you! :>)) Next chapter will reveal what has happened to Rose and how the Doctor reacts. Kaboom!

2021.03.04 - 04:09PM
4: Chapter 4 - Cure or Curse?

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Author's Response: Thank you. :>)) Things are going to explode in the next 2 chapters! Thank you for following me.

2021.02.21 - 04:09PM
3: First Contact, Part 2

The mystery continues. These two don’t seem to get a break. I sure hope these Pilarians are truly the help the Doctor seeks!

Author's Response: They will get a break, I promise, however for now.... Thank you for staying with me! :>)

2021.02.08 - 01:34PM
2: First Contact, Part 1

Well, this chapter has lots of feels. I look forward to the next. So sorry for all you’re going through. My best wishes to you.

Author's Response: Thank you. I appreciate your support. ❤ I am currently doing the final edit on Part 2. I hope to post more often...jus' depends on how I am doing.

2021.01.11 - 10:45PM
1: Chapter 1 - Finding The Rift

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