Reviews For Weep for the Storm

2021.01.19 - 04:00AM
3: Chapter 3

It's got to be frightening for the Doctor, knowing that he isn't in control of himself. Thank God for Rose, who is there for him and always will be. She's really trying hard to figure out what is going on with the Doctor. Her maturity during this crises is truly amazing! Traveling with the Doctor has matured her in ways that she couldn't achieve had she never met him and was living a so-called normal life on Earth.

I agree about food intake and diet. My sister has severe RA and since she started an organic diet, she's improved considerably and is in a lot less pain. Hopefully, a change in what he's eating will help the Doctor keep the storm at bay.

The tremor in the Doctor's left hand has me worried. There are so many things that can cause that in a human. But, a Time Lord's physiology is different. Still, it could end up being a valuable clue down the road.

Does the Doctor really think Rose would let him drop her back home? Yes, what he said sounded like a threat, but there is no way he could deal with this on his own. He needs her.

I loved how this chapter ended with a nice, little cliffhanger. I reread the Doctor's "threat" and it doesn't sound like something he'd ever say. I've got a couple of ideas about it and I can't wait to see if they come into play in future chapters.

Thank you so much for another amazing chapter. I'm so into this story and I eagerly look forward to see what is coming next. I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I'm okay and feeling a calmer. It's been fairly warm here and I'm seeing little green buds on some of the trees. Early spring? Take care and please stay heathy! ^_^

Author's Response: I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one because things do get darker up ahead. As god like as the Doctor is Rose just sees the person and identifies him and yes she has learned so much from him. Gosh, you guys have green buds? We’re in a cold spell but overall winter has been milder than usual it’s just the lockdown yet again and the drag of it all! So glad everyone is well as are we. Stay safe Sweetie!

2021.01.16 - 05:58AM
3: Chapter 3

It's good that they're starting to investigate what's going on with the Doctor. Even if changing what he eats might not help anything they can't afford not to consider every possibility. I wonder about the tremor in his hand. Is it just stress or something else? Hmm...

Author's Response: Things do get alarming for Rose and dark for the Doctor but that’s all I can say! I see you are picking up cues though. Luv your comments and thanks!

2021.01.13 - 04:43AM
2: Chapter 2

I'm so glad that Rose found the Doctor and that she's looking after him. I wonder what is wrong with him and if he is being triggered by someone or something. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliment, especially coming from you ;-)

2021.01.12 - 04:10AM
2: Chapter 2

Food and water Rose provided definitely helped the Doctor. I'm so glad he's starting to remember. It's awful that he's lost control of himself. Like Rose, I wonder if he's sick or being triggered by something or someone.

Rose really has everything covered, right down to getting the TARDIS to go to them. Brilliant!

Poor Doctor, he's so afraid that he'll hurt Rose should the storm make itself known. Not knowing when, is a big problem. I wonder if the zero room would help him?

Rose is amazing with how she's taken over (quite a role reversal for them) and trying to keep the Doctor in a somewhat positive mind-set and also coming with various ideas regarding the Doctor's situation.

Another great chapter, and an intriguing one, too. I'm curious about what the results of the exam will be. The next chapter should prove interesting. I'm really looking forward to it!

This story is helping to keep me distracted from the turmoil we're experiencing here. Lots of craziness will be happening in the coming days. I'm actually more scared now than I was after 9/11. But, on a positive note, we are staying healthy and more and more people in PA are getting vaccinated. I hope you stay healthy and safe. Please say a prayer for us. I'm so glad you live north of the border! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and yes it’s like a role reversal with Rose taking charge cuz poor Doctor is beat down. I am praying for the US! The whole world is shocked! Also I am happy to hear PA is starting to get vaccinated and hope you and your family can get it soon! Stay safe.

2021.01.11 - 03:11AM
1: Chapter 1

I love seeing a new story from you and this one is off to a great start and I have a feeling it's going to get even better in subsequent chapters. I'm always up for a bit of Doctor whump and comfort from Rose.

Poor Doctor, not knowing who he is and stuck inside a prison cell. He's dreaming of Rose, so he is remembering a little.

Rose, always well prepared to rescue the Doctor. He left her and the TARDIS to save them. Can Rose save him from madness? I hope so. I wonder how she will help him when he sounds completely unhinged. But, I suppose if anyone can save the Doctor, it's Rose! And I'm looking forward to seeing how she does it.

Great first chapter of a story that had me hooked from the first paragraph. Your writing continues to capture the characters so well. And the Doctor's insane rantings to Rose really resonated with me because of the craziness of the past few days.

BTW, one of my New Year's resolution was to be less wordy in my reviews and other writing endeavors. Wish me luck!

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. We're healthy, not so sure about safe with all the lunacy occurring. So much for 2021 being a quieter year. Still, we've got a long way to go and gotta stay positive! I'm off to read chapter 2 and will review tomorrow. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy and safe. ^_^

Looks like it's still a long review! Heh!

Author's Response: Hi Sweetie! Happy New Year! Thank you for the lovely compliments! You don’t need to write a long review for me. I just like to know if you’re enjoying the story. I’m happy you’re okay but it’s getting tough to stay safe especially with all those who don’t give a hoot. I’m praying for our friends in the US with all that’s going on. Stay safe!

2021.01.05 - 05:44PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh my, this has started off with a bang, as is said. I'm hooked with just one chapter. Our poor Doctor! I don't see whump listed as part of the story so hopefully you aren't going to hurt him terribly. Faithful Rose to the rescue, I hope she can figure out what his demons are and help him heal.
I absolutely can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love a good start too. I’m tickled pink you enjoyed it. Cheers

2021.01.05 - 04:49AM
1: Chapter 1

You're off to a great start. This looks very interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting. Hope I can keep your interest! Cheers