2021.01.23 - 08:06PM
63: Chapter 63

Yeah, I can just see Jack as he see's his dad on crutches again. His thought would probably be "Here we go again!"

Author's Response: Hopefully John will be able to explain it in such a way that Jack isn't upset by it.

2021.01.22 - 07:26AM
60: Chapter 60

It seems like John did an amazing job playing the piano. It's even more amazing because of how sore his ankle is. I forgot about the foot pedals he'd have to use. Ouch! I think that the original song that he played would've been very emotional and moving. I like how you throw in a bit of music knowledge about chords and things. I also like how John was able to talk to the Doctor. John should know that wherever the Doctor is and whatever he's doing that he would come to help him. I do like how John wants to be more independent. That's really good for him. I think he's been doing really well considering how far he flew to get to Canada.

Author's Response: John is doing okay. He didn't think about his ankle when he agreed to play, and he'll probably be paying for that, but it'd be good for him to be more independent. I think he's beginning to realise that he had his own life before the TARDIS smashed back into his life, and even though his life has to be another shape now because he doesn't have Rose in it and he's got contacts with everyone in the other universe, he has to figure out what shape that life is going to be for him, for Sue, and for the boys.

2021.01.21 - 04:30PM
59: Chapter 59

Back when The Doctor left the meta crisis Doctor, Rose and Jackie at Bad Wolf Bay. Donna gave the meta crisis Doctor (John) a piece of coral from the TARDIS to grow his own TARDIS out of. What ever happened to it and why doesn't John have a TARDIS by now since it's been 12 years since Donna gave him that coral after Donna told him how he could fix it so it would only take ten years for it to grow?

Author's Response: I guess all of that depends on whether you consider cut scenes to be canon or not. As far as I'm concerned what you saw on screen is what happened, no coral, no TARDIS.

2021.01.20 - 07:31PM
55: Chapter 55

Canadian Whovian, "I'm so glad that Sue is finally going home with John. I can't wait to find out what happens when they get back home."

You are assuming that Sue and John get's to arrive home.... Maybe unslinky crash their plane....

Author's Response: It sounds to me like you want me to crash their plane!!!

2021.01.20 - 02:21PM
58: Chapter 58

I just was thinking about Jack and Michael, since they're John's sons and Caroline is Sue's daughter and if Sue and John get married than Caroline would be the boys' step sister and Ben's step uncles. Looks like Ben has already adopted John as his granddad. LOL!

Author's Response: Yeah, it's complicated isn't it. If John and Sue do end up marrying then Caroline will become step sister to Jack and Michael, and Ben will be the boy's nephews, and there is also Tony to consider as well who despite the divorce in spirit remains John's step brother, so technically that would make him Caroline's uncle!

Author's Response: That's what comes when John was technically with someone so much younger than him (on paper) as Rose was.

2021.01.20 - 02:06PM
58: Chapter 58

Was Ben born in Canada or the UK? It was the comment by Sue that has me asking that. Alberta is the only home he knows.

BTW, Pachelbel Canon is my favorite even though I'm more of a Bach fan.

Author's Response: I was going to say in my head Ben was born in Canada, but since this is all in my head I don't have to say that do I? Ben was born in Canada.

Canon in D is one of my favourite pieces of music - but there is a link there with Bach as well, Pachelbel wrote canon specifically as a piece for Bach's wedding. I enjoy Bach, but Beethoven is my favourite.

2021.01.20 - 05:10AM
55: Chapter 55

What a nice surprise for John's night at the lounge. I can just imagine how amazing he would be at playing the piano. I was hoping that he would play. I'm so glad that Sue is finally going home with John. I can't wait to find out what happens when they get back home.

Author's Response: I think the real surprise would be if they went to the piano lounge and John didn't end up playing. I'm not sure he really wanted to, and no one has really considered that while the melody etc is played with the hands, there is also a lot of footwork involved and he's got a bad ankle.

2021.01.19 - 09:47PM
51: Chapter 51

"...car crashes, plane crashes,..." oh... are you go to crash the plane in a island full of aliens?

Author's Response: Lol, been thinking about it, or, it could be like the Langoliers where everyone else has disappeared when it lands, it's a shame the normal flight plan from Montreal to London goes over the Arctic - I wonder if I could manufacture a reason for them to fly through the Bermuda Triangle :)

2021.01.19 - 01:15PM
51: Chapter 51

Found it!!!! In Terminal Decay, chapter 790!
And yes, I have a selective memory, LOL!!!!

Author's Response: I think I must have started to read just after that, I thought it was going to be after he'd recovered from giving the bone marrow so I think I started rereading at about chapter 810! Still, at least he didn't decorate the whole flat then, only a couple of rooms, but yeah, I've missed it and messed up, but it'd still be nice for him and Sue to do it together, because as much as John wouldn't have liked Rose Tint - I'm not sure Sue is going to like the bright purple!

2021.01.18 - 09:15PM
51: Chapter 51

Four2Ten - are you thinking the same as me? unslinky is a very bad person..... Probably she will crash the car and end up in ICU or even dead? I'm really really worry about this... This 51 chapters were so nice and fluffy (apart of John's ankle), the story lacks of distasters and chaos...

Author's Response: Hey, oi? Very bad person??? :(

I'm honestly trying to get everyone home safely. With everything going on we need a bit of fluff don't we? Admittedly there are the sparks of chaos and disaster and all the potentials there I mean car crashes, plane crashes, ice and snow there are all these opportunities for mayhem - I'm trying to resist!!! Promise :)

2021.01.18 - 03:48PM
51: Chapter 51

You're not gong to do something really bad to Sue are you?

Author's Response: Nothing planned just yet.

2021.01.18 - 02:25PM
51: Chapter 51

BTW, I don't know why, but the end of this chapter left me a sense of possible chaos/disaster coming...
What are you about to do??? CAREFUL!!!!!

Author's Response: Is that a bit of paranoia coming through? :)

2021.01.18 - 02:23PM
51: Chapter 51

John already redecorated the flat. It was after they all came back from Torchwood's hospital after Rose's episode...

Author's Response: I thought they had, but I tried to find it in TD to see what they had done, but I couldn't find the point where they had done it. I don't know how you remember everything that has happened, every time I dip into TD to work something out I find something I'd completely forgotten about! I read quite a lot of it last night after seeing this review and before responding and I still couldn't find the point where they redecorated the flat and although I didn't read every chapter in full I read from them being in Ten's universe in the back alley right until the end and still didn't find them redecorating the flat lol.

2021.01.17 - 06:56PM
49: Chapter 49


Author's Response: Things seem to be going the right way.

2021.01.16 - 05:07AM
45: Chapter 45

It was a good idea for John to have a video call with his sons and Pete and Jackie back home. That way it makes it seem like they're not far apart halfway around the world. I really hope that Sue will come home.

Author's Response: I think it was nice for them to see each other rather than just speak on the phone. It was nice for Sue to get to see them as well, it's not just John she's been missing.