2021.01.29 - 12:03AM
70: Chapter 70

My last flight was London - Buenos Aires in 2019... :'( Long time ago....

Author's Response: I was trying to think when my last one was. I think it was actually in 2014 :( Lol, I was writing Code 9 on the tropical beaches of Thailand. I think it was Code 9 - was staying in Bangrak on Koh Samui which was where the Kragbans came from lol.

2021.01.28 - 09:49PM
72: Chapter 72

Sue to the rescue!

Author's Response: They're lucky that they had Sue on board and she could assist. Hopefully Cane will be okay as well.

2021.01.28 - 09:46PM
68: Chapter 68

"I keep on saying there are no major disasters planned but no one believes me!!"

Maybe not a MAJOR disaster, but a lot of small ones? I'm going to read the new chapter (72) to see what else you did to John's ankle apart of the turbulence....

Author's Response: I'm being good!

2021.01.28 - 09:42PM
71: Chapter 71

There you go.... You HAD to hurt John more.....

Author's Response: Only a little bit!

2021.01.28 - 07:29PM
71: Chapter 71

Maybe they should've went by TARDIS, LOL!

Author's Response: I think it would have been better, but John would have considered that a failure.

2021.01.28 - 06:28PM
71: Chapter 71

Ok, bit of turbulence, little bit of ankle disaster....still not too bad:)

Author's Response: Lol you're still waiting for the disaster aren't you?

2021.01.28 - 03:52PM
70: Chapter 70

I am trying to remember when and where to my last flight was. Must have been London-Munich, some years ago. I know these bumpy rides quite well. 😜

Author's Response: I've been on a fair few bumpy flights in my time. You just got to go with the flow and trust it. A bit of turbulence breaks up the monotony of a long flight lol.

2021.01.28 - 12:29PM
68: Chapter 68

Gysete... So far....
69 chapters and the only disaster was an ankle. I'm really worried.... LOL!

Author's Response: You still don't trust me??

2021.01.28 - 05:50AM
69: Chapter 69

Angela is there:)

Author's Response: Yeah, it was a 50:50 chance that she'd be on the flight so it's nice for John that she is. I think Angela is probably please to see him as well. She must get bored to the back teeth of rude passengers or passengers that just want to go to sleep on a night flight that having someone like John on board who is happy to chat to her as well as everyone else would be good.

2021.01.27 - 04:22PM
68: Chapter 68

I have only been off teaspoon for like two months and, wow! What a surprise! I was so waiting for Sue coming back:) Aaaand no huge disaster so far. Maybe they manage to get back without crashing the plane or accidently landing on another planet!:)

Author's Response: I keep on saying there are no major disasters planned but no one believes me!!

2021.01.26 - 09:43PM
66: Chapter 66

I'm starting to get nostalgic for the times I had to fly to Saskatchewan as well as other places like Italy and England.

Author's Response: It'll be good when all this lockdown stuff is done and people can start moving around again - I think it will anyway, I also think it would be pretty good if air travel was limited and investment was in national travel and holidays etc for a while, better for the economy and better for the environment.

2021.01.26 - 12:40PM
65: Chapter 65

I don't blame John for being skittish on ice because I'm no fan of trying to walk on ice myself.

Author's Response: It's slippery! But I think John's experience with the ice on Duncan Park pond is probably more his concern at the moment.

2021.01.25 - 09:28PM
64: Chapter 64

unslinky is delaying the disaster, the chaos... LOL!

Author's Response: You still don't trust me just to have a nice peaceful story????

2021.01.25 - 08:28PM
64: Chapter 64

Sneaky Pete! LOL!

But he ruined the surprise being so sneaky!!!

Author's Response: He has ruined the surprise, but maybe John and Sue can be just as sneaky and claw the advantage back!

2021.01.25 - 03:49PM
64: Chapter 64

Sneaky Pete! LOL!

Author's Response: He has been sneaky, but then he's really trying to look out for John without being too obvious about it and without interfering.