2021.02.08 - 09:42PM
90: Chapter 90

I live in the States and I agree with Foxy007. keep John as far away from the US as you can get.

Author's Response: I'm not sure it's somewhere that he'd really want to go, well apart from to Disney World with the boys.

2021.02.07 - 11:37PM
89: Chapter 89

Keep John away from the U.S. You know what they're like when it comes to aliens. All stolen future tech and autopsies whether they're alive or not.

Author's Response: Oh yeah, he's definitely not going to go to the US lol

2021.02.06 - 02:00PM
89: Chapter 89

All that travel talk, I love traveling!

Author's Response: Me too, one day hopefully the world will open up to us, until then will just have to imagine with John

2021.02.06 - 11:26AM
86: Chapter 86

I read that Phil Harding was born in Oxford, Oxford shire

Author's Response: Cool, maybe, I'm not sure that his accent is an Oxford type accent though

2021.02.05 - 04:00PM
86: Chapter 86

Missing chapter? :P

Author's Response: Yeah, I must have been half asleep when I was doing the chapters. I messed them up, missed one out, almost had one on twice... they're all back in order now :)

2021.02.05 - 01:35PM
86: Chapter 86

Now why do I "hear" Phil speaking in that same accent the archeologist, Phil Harding has?

Author's Response: I'm not entirely sure, lol, I think Phil Harding is a Bristol lad. I've always thought of Phil Grainger as being vaguely Scouse but having been away for so long he's lost the strength of the accent and it's just a bit of a twang.

2021.02.03 - 05:57AM
77: Chapter 77

I don't blame John for just wanting to head home. Doing two flights and going without sleep is tiring enough without having a broken ankle. There's no place like home and he can't wait to be back with his boys. Hopefully he'll be able to get a bit more comfortable at home.

Author's Response: I think travelling is a little more tiring than he's realised even if he has eaten and drunk his way across the Atlantic! He's got to have been missing the boys so hopefully they will have a nice quiet evening as a family and he can go and get his ankle sorted out properly in the morning.

2021.02.02 - 01:54PM
82: Chapter 82

W/O a broken ankle, John's a dancing machine! LOL!

Author's Response: Lol - I'm not sure about that but I bet he can get his wiggle on like Michael :)

2021.02.02 - 01:52PM
81: Chapter 81

Cute nickname "Timeboy"

Author's Response: One of Donna's many!!!

2021.02.02 - 01:32PM
80: Chapter 80

Donna, The Voice of reason!

Author's Response: She can be and John tends to listen to her, so hopefully he'll be feeling better about things by the time he gets off the phone from her.

2021.02.01 - 09:34PM
79: Chapter 79

Finally, safe at home! Now I'm waiting for an earthquake or something like that....

Author's Response: oooo - earthquake??? Now that is an idea :)

2021.02.01 - 01:49AM
76: Chapter 76

Poor John!

Author's Response: He's not a very happy camper.

2021.01.29 - 06:20PM
74: Chapter 74

John's being sensible?

Author's Response: I think he's resigned to the necessity of it and realises that it can't wait. I'm sure if it was bordering on sense that going home would prevail.

2021.01.29 - 10:05AM
72: Chapter 72

Cane was lucky to have a doctor on board the plane. and Sue better not retire!

Author's Response: I don't think Sue really has it in her to retire yet. I mean what would she do with her time?

2021.01.29 - 07:48AM
72: Chapter 72

Good thing Sue is there to patch everyone up. I'm glad that the turbulence wasn't any worse. Poor John. It seems like his ankle is really bad now. I was wondering if something was going to happen on their flight. Hopefully they'll be back in London soon.

Author's Response: I figured that actually crashing their plane would have been a bit naughty :) John's ankle has taken a bit of a beating, but hopefully Sue will be able to hand him over to Neil and they'll be able to sort it out for him.