2021.03.01 - 11:18PM
115: Chapter 115

I think Hawke is hiding how scared he was and probably still is.

Author's Response: There is going to be some of that involved. but he's probably just resigned to it as well which is likely worse.

2021.02.28 - 05:22PM
114: Chapter 114

Hawke's da needs to be put in jail for life! hmm! maybe Jack Harkness should come to their Universe and teach the scumbag a hard lesson Captain Jack style!

Author's Response: Some Jack or Doctor justice might be needed if the police don't handle it properly.

2021.02.28 - 03:37AM
112: Chapter 112

And you did it... What will be happening during the surgery??? LOL!

Author's Response: Lol, not decided if anything is going to happen yet ;)

2021.02.27 - 06:42PM
111: Chapter 111

Love the way John got Jack out of having beer with simply letting him drink some and find out it's not as good as he thought.

Author's Response: Yeah, he didn't particularly like it.

2021.02.27 - 12:14AM
110: Chapter 110

So John and other aliens living on Earth are basically living with a very real threat if their heritage is ever discovered through accident or injury. No wonder John is Concerned, not only for himself, but for his sons as well. It's disturbing that even Kevin, who was born on Earth as well as his parents and grandparents and whose family lived there since 1843 can also be subjected to such inhumane treatment. it's sad they cannot have proper medical treatment and they live in fear of discovery. It's one thing if it was hostile aliens, then they deserve being as the Daleks would say "Exterminated" but we're talking about peaceful aliens who just want to live their live and raise their families. the same as those people whose ancestors were always here. and, yes, Sue will have a tough time in reaching those who need medical attention the most. but are afraid of exposure. listen to John and to Kevin.

Author's Response: I don't think that any one who is potentially an alien or another species would be comfortable revealing themselves on Earth. There would be too many risks. I'm not sure the human race is ready to distinguish between hostile and non-hostile alien species just yet.

2021.02.25 - 07:38PM
108: Chapter 108

This reminds me of code 9 (that I finished a couple of days ago). I expect that Sue will be busy for the following days....

Author's Response: There are similarities there, but I think the difference between the link with Torchwood and UNIT and the different responsibilities that John and the Doctor have mean that there is going to be a different response. The Doctor was all for it with UNIT, but John is more retiscent because of Torchwood and because he has to protect his sons, he's not going to be willing to do the 'I'm an alien look what they've done for me thing' that the Doctor was willing to do because John is much more aware of the risks of exposure and not only what that would mean for him and potentially for his sons, but also his wider family and friends.

2021.02.25 - 04:00PM
108: Chapter 108

Sounds like a plan. but, sadly, wherever you have people of different races or ethnic background weather Earth born or space alien. you will always have the prejudices and fears of bigoted folks.

Author's Response: I agree that there is a level of prejudice involved, but I also think that there is a real concern there as well in terms of security both for Torchwood and for any of the individuals they might want to treat and the suspicions on both sides might be well founded rather than just being prejudices based on species.

2021.02.25 - 10:49AM
106: Chapter 106

What's John going to do? Lock Jack up in his room when he hits puberty?

Not gonna happen!

Author's Response: I'm fairly sure that John would be willing to lock Jack up when he hits puberty lol, but there are serious considerations for them. I'm sure that Jack is going to grow up sensible and understanding of that, I'm not quite so sure about Michael - I think he's going to be the more emotionally led one and might be more trouble for John where girls are concerned. They will have to be careful though, if and when they settle down and if and when they want to have kids of their own, there is a chance that they will have the same issues that John and Rose had with Jack, Cadence, and Michael. Hopefully because Jack and Michael were born and are genetically stable albeit with Jack having energy issues until recently and Michael having some difficulties despite now being bonded with his dad, all those factors are going to be in their hybrid DNA so while John may be jesting about his sons remaining celibate forever, there is an underlying concern. When he has to have the conversations about the birds and the bees with Jack and Michael in respect to girls he's also going to have to have conversations about the stability of hybrid DNA and any potential offspring they might have and how they would broach that subject with any potential girlfriends and the level of trust that would be needed in order to explain everything.

2021.02.21 - 08:59PM
101: Chapter 101

Hope Donald will be okay.

Author's Response: I have a sneaky feeling that Donald is going to be just fine and that he's going to be grumpy with Pete despite all he's done to care for him.

2021.02.20 - 10:31PM
100: Chapter 100

That must've been some storm they had. With all that damage it might as well have been a mini tornado. It's going to take days or maybe even weeks to clean all of that up. I'm worried about Donald. I hope he'll be okay but it doesn't sound too good. I like how everyone is pitching in to help clean up. It's a miracle that the mansion didn't get badly damaged and have a tree fall on it. I feel sorry for Jack too. If Donald dies he's going to be really upset. That's got to be hard for John, but he's the best dad ever and should be able to comfort him. You can really tell that he loves his sons.

Author's Response: Yeah, we have very occasional storms like that. I just had to half the glass in my greenhouse after a freak gust of wind took that out. It always amazes me that the UK has more tornadoes per year by area than any other country including the US with tornado alley, the difference being that ours might send a few bins down the street or take the odd tree down in comparison to the category 3-5 ones that eat everything in their paths. Hopefully Donald will be okay.

2021.02.15 - 05:57PM
94: Chapter 94

I never gave Tony a thought. but, I guess he'd have issues and abandoned feelings too during all this happenings with John and Rose and the boys. I seemed to have forgotten that Tony is in he early teens and despite his nonchalance about everything, he has needs too. this is a most critical time in his life. being between childhood and adulthood. He still needs his parents to acknowledge him. I am glad Jackie and Pete are trying to amend their ways with him.

Author's Response: I think Tony's level of independence sees him well, but it also means that a lot of the focus has necessarily been on John and the boys, especially when John was injured with his leg and was essentially laid up because of that. Since then they've been able to redirect their focus and Tony is benefitting from that.

2021.02.13 - 03:49AM
93: Chapter 93

It's nice to see John and Sue squeezing in a bath together and being able to concentrate on their relationship. After everything he's been through maybe now he can relax. It's too bad that he needs another surgery and has to get metal put it again but if it fixes his ankle and he'll basically be back to normal after he's healed I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

Author's Response: Things are definitely looking up for both Sue and John and providing the surgery goes well once he's recovered from that he'll be fully fit.

2021.02.10 - 03:24PM
92: Chapter 92

Show off! LOL!

Author's Response: He's proud of his sparkly new labs!

2021.02.09 - 05:43PM
91: Chapter 91

You mean the biggest and most advance organization that deals with aliens as well as other types of phenomenon. as well as natural and man-made disasters. has a medical branch that seems lacking in organization?
No wonder Neil is frustrated as well as Sue. but instead of complaining about it, Sue want's to take action and wrote up a formula for change which makes sense to me.

Author's Response: It's not that unusual. If people get on with what they need to do and make it work then the time spent making it work doesn't get spent on making it better. It's not disorganised, it's not chaos, it's not dangerous, they make it work and they deal with everything that they have to deal with, but the stress that places on the staff and on the people who are in the lead (Sue / Neil) isn't fair, but they don't have the time to actually step back from what they're doing to work out how to make it work better and they keep on going to carry on making it work because they have to and because anyone outside looking in sees only that it's working there isn't any intervention before something goes wrong.

2021.02.09 - 01:19AM
90: Chapter 90

I've read all TD series, the Demon Saviour and I'm reading Code 9... You just love to break every bone of The Doctor. LOL!!!!
Are you a Traumatologist Doctor or something related?

Author's Response: Lol, it depend on how you look at it doesn't it? Do I like breaking him or do I like the process of putting him back together again (usually anyway). I'm not a doctor or anything. The closest I've been to anything like that is a first aid instructor for work, but I do find it fascinating. I wanted to be a paramedic but when I first applied I was 23 and the service I applied for weren't taking people under 25 at the time and was told to reapply and in the meantime I got the job where I still am 20 years later so kind of fell into something else, but am still fascinated by the way the body works and stuff and with the Doctor there is a bit of license not to be quite as accurate as you would have to be if you're writing about humans. Plus, I find the emotional impact of the Doctor when he's stuck and having to rely on others fascinating to explore.