Reviews For Close Call

2020.12.09 - 10:51PM
1: Close Call

Nine usually has such a tough exterior it's interesting to see him open up to Jack and admit that he was sorry for what happened to him and that he cares about him. I like how the interaction and relationship between the Doctor and Jack is different with Nine than it is with Ten. Nine is more guarded with his emotions and it works really well with this story. It's nice to see a mortal Jack travelling with Rose and the Doctor for a change. I'm glad that Jack's okay by the end and I think that maybe it was that fear of losing Jack that helped the Doctor admit just how much he cares about him. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment. :) I just love the trio traveling in the TARDIS together and I love Nine and Jack together. You're right, their dynamic is different and Nine probably wouldn't have opened up if not for the shock of Jack's near death experience. Thanks again, I'm happy you like the story and enjoyed it. :)