2020.12.28 - 03:43AM
6: Chapter 6

I like the Doctor's Plan B. I'm sure the TARDIS could have put the second turkey in stasis or something if the first one had come out alright.

The Doctor loves Rose so much that he wanted her to take credit for the Turkey, but her love for him wouldn't let her do that. Besides, they got a good laugh out of the mishap and it will be talked about in years to come.

It warmed my heart to see the Doctor and Jackie getting on so well. There is love there and it's nice to see it. It's also nice to see Jackie realizing how good the Doctor is for Rose and that he has made sure that she will always be taken care of.

Jackie's plan for the money was quite impressive. She really does have a good head on her shoulders and I think she'll do well with advancing her education. She also has street smarts, which help her in the future.

That was a nice Christmas they had and I love the surprise at the end of the story. Next Christmas is going to be an exciting one for the Doctor and his family. Maybe you can do a follow-up next year. I know I'd love it!

Thank you so much for this lovely Christmas present. This story made me feel all cozy and happy. It's nice to see the Doctor and Rose not having to tackle any baddies, well except for a killer reindeer and exploding turkey!

Happy New Year, hon. Maybe 2021 be a good one for all of us. A nice, boring year sounds really good right now. Take care and please stay healthy and safe! ^_^

Author's Response: Happy New Year to you and yours Sweetie! I really like your idea of picking up this story for Christmas next year and I think I will. Ideas are already bubbling! Anyhow I’m glad you liked this little story. I’m already at chapter 4 of a new one but I won’t post til January. Please take care and stay safe! All the best!

2020.12.28 - 03:22AM
5: Chapter 5

I'm back! We had no internet for over a week, thanks to a snowfall of a foot and a half. Internet cable is underground, so the repair crew had to wait until enough snow melted and they could dig into the ground to fix it. I just feel so bad that I wasn't able to review.

On with the review! This chapter was blast and I got such a kick out of Jackie. Yeah, I'd faint if I got a check like that, too!

Of course, Rose is right, there is no way that Jackie can cash that check. It was amusing to me that the Doctor was just as clueless as Jackie as to why cashing it was a bad idea. He can be so naive at times. Maybe Rose should be the one who deals with any finances she and the Doctor might have!

The solution is a smart one. With giving Jackie a little at a time, it will keep attention off her and she can save the money.

The turkey! The image of the bird blowing up really made me laugh out loud. Although, it was very funny for poor Rose. Giblets? Who knew? I sure didn't, which is anotheer reason why I refuse to ever attempt cooking a turkey again.

This chapter was another doozie! I reread it because it had been a while since I first read it. I enjoyed it even more the second time. One more chapter to go!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and that Santa was good to you. I also hope you're staying healthy and safe. My husband's twin sister got Covid, but she's doing fine. She felt like she was coming down with a cold for a couple of days and that was it. Other than that, we are fine here. Please take care of yourself! ^_^

Author's Response: I’m so happy to hear from you. I feared the worst!! Whew! Yeah, it sucks to lose internet. I’m delighted you enjoyed this chapter. It shows how much the Doctor pays attention to Christmas. I’m glad your husband’s sister didn’t get hit too hard. I’m fine too as is my family so we’re working on staying that way. Stay safe Luv!

2020.12.18 - 01:30PM
5: Chapter 5

You don't need a turkey to have a great Christmas Dinner if you're with family.

Author's Response: That’s for sure! Thanks for commenting!

2020.12.15 - 04:02AM
4: Chapter 4

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Jackie is like any other mother, concerned about her son-in-law and his ability to support her daughter. Although, she could have used a bit more tact when questioning the Doctor. It's no wonder he was so snarky in response to her.

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I'm got a kick out of how Jackie moved closer to the Doctor as she learned about how wealthy he is. He made sure he was out of range of her slapping hand. Too funny!

The Doctor's personal projects are so like him. Naturally, he cares about helping others. It's one of the things he does best.

It was interesting reading how the Doctor withdraws money from his accounts. He must be paying those lawyers very well for them to be so discrete.

There was total shocked silence in the room for a bit until Jackie declared, “Well, at least my Rose won’t be without a quid if something happens.”

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Author's Response: Loved reading your comments and I’m chuffed you’re enjoying this. This story is finished and has six chapters. There are more surprises ahead. I still have a few things to do in the way of presents but it’s mostly wrapping! We’re being extra careful this Christmas. It would suck to catch this thing while there’s a virus cure on the horizon. Stay safe and be extra careful and thanks so much for your comments Sweetie!

2020.12.15 - 03:25AM
3: Chapter 3

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Rose being keyed up for the big day isn't a surprise. All that planning, and worrying, about pulling the celebrate off successfully. I like the way the Doctor helped Rose get to sleep.

Good thing the Doctor is there to help calm Rose and make sure all all is going as it should. I got a laugh about the TARDIS fail safe. Don't want it landing on Jackie!

The Doctor should get a pass for forgetting about the slippers with he's done to help Rose. Another funny moment with Jackie trundling through the hologram like a Dalek.

And... the snark begins! I don't think they can help themselves. (they are much more alike than they'd ever care to admit). It also looks like one of the reindeer is going to get involved.

OMG! The bedlam! It was hysterical, even though poor Jackie almost had a Christmas tree fall on her. Naughty TARDIS, having a good laugh over it. Rose's glare at the Doctor doesn't bode well for him.

What a fun chapter this was! This story is the perfect antidote for everything going on right now. As always thank you for sharing your talent with us.

I hope you're doing well. Pennsylvania has shut down bars/restaurants, gyms and movie theaters until Jan. 4. They started distributing the vaccine, so some good news. We're also supposed to have a blizzard on Wednesday. I'm psyched because I love snow! Please take care of yourself; stay safe, healthy and warm. I'm off to read your next chapter. ^_^

Author's Response: I’m tickled pink you had a laugh from this chapter! It’s nice the Doctor gets a break too! Yeah we have started with the vaccine too but that’s gonna take time but hey we have hope for Christmas! Stay safe!

2020.12.09 - 05:11AM
3: Chapter 3

I was already laughing before I got to the part about the TARDIS laughing. That did me in! This chapter contains some of the funniest dialog I've ever read. Thank you, this was a pleasent surprise.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I had fun writing it too. But one never knows if others will see it the same so I appreciate reading your reaction!

2020.12.08 - 04:09AM
2: Chapter 2

The TARDIS is a giant snow globe, with falling snowflakes, elves and forest creatures, how lovely! It reminded of Nativity 2 and David Tennant, dressed as a star, in a snow globe with the kids. It was adorable.

I'm not surprised that the Doctor started off his mean with the banana bread instead of the sandwich. In that respect, he's quite predictable!

It has to be hard on Jackie, never knowing what is happening to Rose and having to wait to hear from her. Parents often have worries about who their children get involved with, be it cultural, financial or religious differences. Imagine your child dating an alien! Jackie has actually done fairly well in accepting that fact. Still, it's not fair to Rose that she has to be the buffer between her mother and the Doctor.

As far as her hating the Doctor, I think it's more a defense measure with her. Deep down, I have a feeling that she likes him. Not that she'd ever admit it.

You're right, Rose, you did marry well. The Doctor is quite a catch! At least in my opinion. I hope he's right and Jackie comes around.

Thanks for another enjoyable chapter and adding to my Christmas spirit. I'm looking forward to finding about the ideas the Doctor has and how Jackie will react to him and Christmas in the TARDIS.

Please take care of yourself; stay healthy. Keep warm, too! ^_^

Author's Response: Lovely to read your comments! High jinks and general mayhem ahead! I’m glad you are enjoying this story cuz I had fun writing it! I do hope, with the vaccine within sight, you and yours will stay safe between now and then. We can’t let our guards down now! All the best!

2020.12.08 - 03:27AM
1: Chapter 1

Christmas on the TARDIS! The Doctor in charge of decorations could be a disaster in the making but I have a feeling he's going to make sure that nothing goes wrong. I also have a feeling I know who the special guest is and I can see why the Doctor wants everything to be perfect.

I give Rose credit for taking on all the cooking, especially the turkey. I've never had luck cooking the dreaded things and gladly hand that chore off to others who are more domestic than I!

It was a pleasant surprise to see that Rose and the Doctor are married and bonded. Bad Wolf gave them the gift of forever, too. The almost-timeline sent cold chills down my spine and I'm so relieved that it never happened.

I'm glad they had an Earth wedding for Jackie. Bev getting drunk and hitting on the Doctor sounds like something she'd do. Funny, Bev was never seen, yet she was a developed character.

Banana bread! The Doctor is going love that! Yep, I guessed the special guest and I can see why Rose and the Doctor want to impress her.

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I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. We're still okay here and staying home as much as we can. Please take care of yourself. Happy Holidays! ^_^

Author's Response: Hi Sweetie. Merry Christmas! I’m glad you like this one so far. Next chapter is up tonight and things take a turn. This story has six chapters and will post regularly to be finished just before Christmas. Thanks for commenting and stay safe!