2020.11.21 - 07:28AM
1: New Steps to an old Choreography

I love this! There's nothing better than a story with Jack and the Doctor together. I liked the flashbacks Jack had with the Master. They really helped to feel the pain that he was going through. I like how it switched back and forth from each of their points of view. Most of all I liked the comforting sex scene. There was so much to it, so much detail, you could tell just how much they both care about each other. Usually the Doctor doesn't seem to pay attention to his companions enough but I'm glad that he realized what was happening to Jack and was able to be there for him when he needed it. Another amazing story! Please keep writing stories!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I love to show both of their perspectives and I'm glad you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for telling me that you liked the sex scene, I loved writing it. Jack was overdue for some comfort and I'm sure the Doctor got some comfort from it, too. The TARDIS helped a little to get the Doctor to focus on Jack, but he didn't do a bad job of comforting Jack afterwards. ;) Don't worry, I don't plan to stop writing. =)