Reviews For Bait And Trap

2020.10.23 - 07:57PM
2: It's A Flat Bat Life

It sounds like the perfect life for those bats. I think Ianto was right that they shouldn't be let loose around the Hub. There'd be too many places for them to disappear to. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted the Flat Bats to be safe, they're so small and flat it would be easy for them to slip through cracks. This way they'll always be protected from harm.

2020.10.21 - 08:36PM
1: Chapter 1

Those flat bats are really interesting. I like the name that Ianto gave them. He always comes up with the funniest names. He had a great idea for how to capture them and there's definitely going to be lots for them to eat.

Author's Response: Ianto is getting quite attached to the Flat Bats, there will be more from them shortly. I think he likes having his weird menagerie. Thank you!