2021.08.20 - 05:16PM
4: I'll Come In If You Let Me

I love your work! I know 2020/2021 have been difficult for fic writers, but I hope someday you come back to finish this story!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you. I am actually in the middle of writing the third installment. It’s about three quarters of the way done. I work on it every day so I should be finished soon. I hope you come back.

2020.11.16 - 09:29PM
4: I'll Come In If You Let Me

“Y-you can’t keep doing this.”...appears Rose will need to be the strong one, the one to guard her heart because the Doctor doesn't seem to be able to stick to any one path....Jack was a perfect distraction and hopefully gave him some things to consider...so looking forward to next installment...thanks again for sharing.

2020.11.16 - 01:38AM
3: Found Myself on the Wrong Side of the Door

It started out a bit rocky and thought it would continue to go that way with the "Madame" memory but got a bit of hope as time went on...love this series and excited to know it will continue with another...thanks for helping to distract from the turmoil all around (even if it's just for a little while).

Author's Response: Are you kidding? Writing is the only thing that is keeping me half sane through all of this. This is as much my therapy as it is yours. When you say it was rocky, are you referring to the writing? I was worried that I may have lost a step ing this chapter. I was tired. I haven't been sleeping very well. Anyway, I'm so glad you still enjoy this series.

2020.11.07 - 02:31AM
2: Right After You Said You'd Never Leave Me Alone

I can't believe I didn't see this before! And I look for you every day, how did I miss this gem? I'm so glad you went with your gut and didn't erase this fantastic update. Love being inside the Doctor's head for most of the chapter. Gives me great insight into his very intense feelings for Rose. Gosh he loves her soooo much. Makes me very very happy to read this. I really hope he will tell Rose and show Rose just how much he loves her.
Your writing is amazing, as I said, I look for an update by you every day, love the long chapters and really love this world you have created.
Stay safe

Author's Response: I'm sorry you missed it. I hope you didn't miss the last two chapters either. I really love getting your reviews. Your enthusiasm never fails to make me smile. I'm glad that you like the long chapters because it is something I worry about. I see criticisms toward other authors about their chapters being too long and wonder if I'm doing something wrong but I guess not. Good to know! I appreciate your kind words and I hope you stay safe in this crazy word as well.

2020.10.24 - 01:45AM
2: Right After You Said You'd Never Leave Me Alone

Understand crazy times and hoping for better things ahead...the humorous torture from seeing couples in a romantic relationship hopefully will ease the angst I'm guessing is coming soon (Keep it). Thanks for update.

Author's Response: Out of all of my readers, you've been with me the longest. So, I will trust your advice and keep it. The Doctor deserves to twist a little.

2020.10.04 - 03:00AM
1: You Left Pieces of Me Along the Side of the Road

I can’t tell you how happy to see that you were back and writing again. I can’t wait to read the next chapters and hope you continue with this series. You are a talented writer. Please continue.

Author's Response: Oh don't worry I'm not stopping. I just took a little break after finishing that first large chapter fic. Trust me, I have so many more stories to write in this series and I can't stop or the characters voices in my head might just drive me to insanity. Thank you so much. I'm really glad that you are enjoying it.

2020.10.02 - 06:07PM
1: You Left Pieces of Me Along the Side of the Road

Welcome back, I’m so glad we get to continue this story.
Yup, angst galore, still!! Oh Doctor, I want to shake some sense into you! But!!! He admits feelings, he wants to spend time with her, he KISSED her. There is hope. Poor Rose thinking he had left her. Her feelings are right on the surface and so worrisome, she is so insecure but darn Doctor, what does he expect after the things he has said to her. That dampener really sucks, I hope she will leave it off, hope he will let her leave it off.
Excellent update and really appreciated. I love this story even though it frequently breaks my heart. I do have faith you will find a way to give them their happily ever after ❤️

Author's Response: Keep the faith! I will not disappoint you. Although the road ahead is long and winding. I have so many stories half written for this series. And I swear I won't stop or I might risk my sanity. I love reading your reviews, always. Thank you so much for sticking with me.

2020.09.29 - 03:48PM
1: You Left Pieces of Me Along the Side of the Road

I for one am happy that you gave into your self-indulgence...so far its definitely living up to the angst on top of angst but with this covering five pieces I'm hoping the angst breaks free into acceptance, love and hope for a future together.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you're still with me. I hope that I keep exceeding your expectations. Your reviews always make me so happy. Thank you for sticking with me all this time.