2020.11.22 - 04:21AM
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Author's Response: How very lovely of you Sweetie! Your comments are going to make my month! I’m happy you enjoyed this story and yes I’m working on one with a Christmas theme. I hope you and your family find peace and joy this Christmas and that you stay safe. Here’s hoping we get our lives back in the New Year.

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I'm as intrigued as the Doctor regarding the creation of the statue and how it ended up on the bog planet. There's also the mystery of Rose's latest brain scan and the anomaly. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.

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Author's Response: It’s such a treat to read your reactions to each chapter and I’m lovin’ your reactions to Evelyn and her growth. I can’t wait til you read the next and last chapter. Yes, it’s so nice to have some hope after all the people lost to this vicious virus. I can’t help but feel there are some hard lessons here for all of us. Stay safe and keep your guard up. We’re almost there.

2020.11.17 - 12:25PM
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Author's Response: Delighted you’re intrigued. All is revealed in the next chapter. Thanks for commenting!

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A mad dash to the TARDIS won't be easy with Rose flailing about in the Doctor's arms. Rose understood that the Doctor had no choice but to enter her mind so he could dull the pain she was in. She trusts him because she truly loves him.

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Author's Response: I’m lovin’ the fact you found this chapter suspenseful and that you’re enjoying this story. I always appreciate your comments and reactions to the twists in the story. I’m glad you’re staying safe as are we. Best Regards to you and yours!

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Author's Response: I really enjoyed your review.! It’s encouraging to hear your reaction to the words I’ve struggled to put together! Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, we’ve had lovely weather here too and it has felt like hope! Stay safe!

2020.11.09 - 03:41AM
13: Chapter 13

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Author's Response: Lovely to hear from you Sweetie. I’m so glad you enjoyed this chapter and I loved your comments. I think you’re right about Handy and Evelyn. Gawd I know what you mean. The entire world held it’s breath as did we on your Northern border. There’s a tough road ahead but now there’s hope and I’m delighted!

2020.11.02 - 03:36AM
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Author's Response: So good to know you enjoyed this chapter Hon! Don’t you worry about the length of the review cuz I’m happy with ‘I liked it!’ Best regards to you and your family. Stay safe!

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11: Chapter 11

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Evelyn is really turning out to be a great help to Rose and the Doctor. I'm glad Rose got her to the TARDIS where she'll be safe. Speaking of the TARDIS, I love the pink and gold mini sonic she made for Rose.

Rose is so different from the Doctor in situations like this. She's managing to keep her head where he would charge in without thinking.

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I was wondering when Trenton was coming back. At least Rose was able to unshackle the Doctor. She sure took Trenton by surprise. And she was cool, calm and collected when confronted by him. The Doctor said he only takes the best and she is a prime example of that!

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Author's Response: Ahhh, thanks so much Sweetie. I always enjoy your comments especially that you’re enjoying this story. Yes, please stay safe. We’re obviously not out of the woods with this virus but we’ll adjust. Stay safe!

2020.10.28 - 02:52AM
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Author's Response: Good grief, it’s good to know you’re okay! And good on you both for voting and not taking a chance with the USPS! The whole world is watching the insanity of the US elections astonished at the cheating which seems so commonplace. I’m happy this story has intrigued you! Please take care and stay safe!

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11: Chapter 11

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Author's Response: Yes she is but she had little choice. Fingers crossed and stay tuned. Chuffed to get your comments. Much appreciated!

2020.10.24 - 01:03AM
11: Chapter 11

They are both playing a dangerous game.

Author's Response: You are so right...both of them in their own way are risking it all. Thank you very much for following and for commenting. I appreciate it!

2020.10.20 - 09:18AM
10: Chapter 10

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Author's Response: Thank you so much. I’m chuffed you’re enjoying this story. It’s very encouraging for me. Cheers

2020.10.18 - 11:41PM
10: Chapter 10

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Author's Response: Hopefully you’ll stay with my story to find out! Thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad you’re intrigued!

2020.10.16 - 03:50AM
9: Chapter 9

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The Doctor is really quick at thinking on his feet. He managed to semi-charm his way into helping Trenton and the other scientists. Although, I don't trust Trenton; I think he accepted the Doctor's offer of help a bit too easily. The lab sounds like a gruesome place. I'm amazed the Doctor was so calm and collected upon seeing it.

Rose is pretty good at thinking on her feet, too. Hiding in the booth enabled her to hear what the Doctor was up to and finding a way to slip him a note was pure genius.

I knew Trenton couldn't be trusted. Although, to play a bit of Devil's advocate, it's common procedure to check credentials. But, Trenton is evil, so I have a feeling things are going to get nasty when he finds out the Doctor isn't who he said he is.

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Author's Response: Thanks so much Sweetie. Lovely to hear your reactions. Our awesome duo are yet again in a pickle! But I’m delighted you’re finding this story capturing your interest! I’m with you. I love autumn too, especially after the heat of this summer! Glad to hear you and yours are okay. Stay safe!

2020.10.13 - 02:11PM
9: Chapter 9

this story is starting to get "Dalektable" ;0

Author's Response: Oh clever you! How right you are! Thanks for commenting ;-)