Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.11 - 09:49PM
161: Chapter 161

Interesting. Is that even if he has the sedative as well?

Author's Response: Yeah, the sedative would make it all less coordinated, but it's still a significant risk and something they want to avoid, if it was just the case that he'd hurt himself they might risk it, but the risk to his hip and to the artery in his knee are more serious.

2020.11.11 - 06:32PM
161: Chapter 161

It's good Jack can have a calming effect for Ten at the moment. It would be bad if it were the opposite. At least Jack now knows there's something he can do for Ten.

I imagine Martha will be more careful next time so as to not poke another hole in the Doctor like that again and maybe conduct a live scan first. Ouch.

If they had to give Ten the other drug, could they restrain him just in case he thrashed in his sleep? Or would that still be too dangerous?

Author's Response: Jack's got to be pleased that he can help in a way that is going to make a difference to the Doctor.

She'll have catheterised him before and never had that issue so conducting a live scan beforehand wouldn't have crossed her mind. She'll probably be more careful going forward but it shouldn't bother him.

Restraining him if he was trying to move around would be worse. Whatever muscles are still attached are going to be attached to bones that are broken and they could stop him moving but they couldn't stop his muscles trying to move, and he could potentially pull his joints apart. That's why you don't try to restrain someone who is having a seizure, you can hold a leg still but you can't stop the leg muscles trying to move it so it could end up ripping muscles, dislocating joints, and actually breaking bones, so when he's already in pieces it really wouldn't be a good idea.

2020.11.11 - 06:16PM
160: Chapter 160

Mickey putting Jack in time out has calmed the immortal down it would seem haha.

Author's Response: He's had time to think and to calm down.

2020.11.11 - 03:46PM
161: Chapter 161

Oh, now I'm going to have to whip up a curry. You've made me desperately hungry. And you've made the poor Doctor is too poorly to have his share. 😂

Author's Response: Hopefully the TARDIS ventilation system will get rid of the smell of curry from the sickbay before the Doctor next wakes so he doesn't realise he's missed out!

2020.11.10 - 08:02PM
159: Chapter 159

Oh I forgot to add. Someone should warn the catering truck to stock up on bananas

Author's Response: Bananas, peanut butter, and UNIT sausages! Hopefully not on the same plate!

2020.11.10 - 08:01PM
159: Chapter 159

Thank you for the image in my head of Mickey trying to physically pick up the Captain & getting squashed...

Author's Response: Lol, with a messed up shoulder too!

2020.11.10 - 07:20PM
159: Chapter 159

Damn autocorrect haha. Hopefully Jack is alright and doesn't need a carry, just a curry.
Its good that at least one additional medic is enthusiastic to work in the TARDIS and on the Doctor alongside Martha. Martha's going to need the extra assistance. Especially if she's feeling out of her depth. It could be helpful for her to try focus on one little thing at a time. Once the treatment plans are worked out she may feel less overwhelmed too. And after getting some rest. It's a good choice to delay treatment while she can and until she's feeling sharp enough to tackle the situation head on again. By the end of this I imagine she would have done enough time lord surgeries in the short space of time to last her a lifetime.

Author's Response: Lol, that was actually a typo when I was typing it up, but then when I was reading through again I spotted it and decided to leave it in and add the response from Jack. I hate autocorrect, but could imagine Jack reading that and having a little chuckle to himself no matter how things seemed.

Jesse is going to be an asset over the coming few days or so, and, he's a young medic, Martha isn't going to be working forever, she's not going to be around for ever, maybe there could be some sort of succession planning there - if the Doctor was to like and accept him. Either way Martha is definitely going to need the help.

They will come up with a step by step plan for the Doctor and for the Major, so once that is done and each bit of the plan has a specific aim and a specific goal then it will be easier. When she's looking at him as a 'whole person' rather than the stages of each injury and the treatments it must seem overwhelming. They all need to make sure they take breaks as and when is needed or the potential is that if something did go wrong with any of them that they'd be too tired to think straight and make a mistake.

2020.11.10 - 05:13PM
159: Chapter 159

Josh is very intelligent and intuitive. but never forget he's a 14 year old boy with all the worries a young teenager will have.

Author's Response: Yeah, he must be really worried right now. He's also seeing this from the perspective that his immediate family were wiped out in a plane crash, and then his great grandfather passed away, so he was put in foster care and then ran away to the woods. He's got that little bit of hope that comes with the Doctor finding him and liking him and their growing relationship and then this happens, he must be terrified he is going to lose him.

2020.11.10 - 12:23AM
158: Chapter 158

Heart-wrenching. There must be more they can do for the Doctor when he's suffering so much. Would having Jack there make him feel worse after all I wonder, if he's already having trouble with timelines?
Also, it may seem insignificant at the moment in comparison, but has anyone checked the wounds on Ten's back after that fall?

Author's Response: He's confused and in pain. The TARDIS hasn't raised it as a significant issue at the moment compared to the other injuries, and the danger is that if they did turn him to check his back then they'd lose the alignment in his knee and his hip would come back out, so for now, they're just going to have to monitor it through the TARDIS.

2020.11.09 - 11:16PM
157: Chapter 157

It was good of Mickey to remind Martha that Ten may do better without Jack in close proximity for now. Jack must be feeling pretty useless right about now though. Here's hoping he can calm down before doing anything stupid. The Doctor will need Jack later but right now will need calm to prevent his knee from bleeding out.

Author's Response: It must be hard to remember that the Doctor that they've got with them isn't yet the same Doctor that they've known for the last 19 years or so, and the emotional attachment he has at the moment is to Rose rather than to Jack, is that going to make it harder for the Doctor not having Rose there? He's tried not to dwell on that too much while he's been there to date and he's learned enough of his future to know that he doesn't get a happy ever after with Rose (at least not him but a human version potentially does). Are those with him at the moment largely Martha, Mickey, Jack, and Josh (Kate and Eryssa to a lesser extent) going to be enough to keep him going when heart lies with Rose back in 2006 or is this going to be the straw that means he just wants to leave 2026 and go back? And how could they even look at doing that when he's so badly injured?

2020.11.09 - 11:07PM
156: Chapter 156

So Privet Ling wasn't as young as he looked. But still too young to go out like that. At least Branton headed Martha's warning about letting protocol slide with respect for the deceased and the bereaved.
But was this iced over area the same bit of cave that drew Jack's attention earlier in the story?

Author's Response: Private Ling was 19/20 so yes, still too young and not a good way for anyone to go regardless of age. Not the same bit of cave.

2020.11.09 - 10:44PM
155: Chapter 155

Mickey knows how to handle Jack now. Hopefully Jack doesn't get in any more trouble. Are all the creatures taken care of then? How can they be sure no more didn't get loose? Emotions are running high at the moment.

Author's Response: I think they are working on the assumption that only one got loose because only one attacked, but they can't do that can they? Sending Jack off for a bit was the most sensible thing to do and hopefully he will come back calmer and thinking more straight.

2020.11.09 - 10:34PM
154: Chapter 154

Its sweet that Jodh wants to remain at Ten's side but Martha is probably right. It's not good for Josh to remain in sickbay and not get a reprieveif he doesn't need to be there. Hopefully they do get around to repairing Josh's leg too though with all the recent chaos.

Author's Response: When they work out the treatment plan for the Doctor and Major Magumbo they are also going to have to think about Josh's ankle and ensure that they find an appropriate time to do what is needed for him. He's ready now and the risk would be that if he's left too long he will start to heal in a bad position and need it rebreaking in order to reset it and the Doctor would never forgive himself if that happened. Mickey is staying pretty quiet about things at the moment, but his future within UNIT etc is reliant on the Doctor being able to repair his shoulder for him. There is a couple of weeks leeway for that because his clavicle has been cemented and needs to at least partially heal, but is the Doctor going to be fit and well to do that for him? He's got to be worried about how he fits into it all, and in the meantime he seems to be about the only one holding everything together and he's probably one of those with the most at risk at the moment.

2020.11.09 - 10:28PM
153: Chapter 153

Martha is good at telling it like it is. She's probably right about Jack's anger masking an array of other emotions right now too.

Author's Response: Martha has years more experience behind her compared to when we've 'seen' her interacting with command within UNIT etc, so she can be quite formidable and straight talking when she needs to be - I think some of that probably stems from the inordinately stupid order given to her in New York to use Project Indigo when it hadn't been tested and they knew they didn't have coordinates or stabilisation.

Jack is definitely going to be feeling all kinds of things at the moment, and he's not going to be get away from the fact that he was the one who signed the caves as safe and clear. He's got to be wondering if he missed something that has resulted in the incident that morning.

2020.11.09 - 10:14PM
152: Chapter 152

And to think, in Doomsday the Doctor describes the sonic as "Harmless... doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim". Yet now he's used it as a weapon. I guess it can't be described as harmless anymore, but he still will.
Branton probably has a point about the lack of accountability for the Doctor and companions. But I still think he's overstepping the mark in his suggestions that Ten may have done anything wrong in this case. There is a time and place for protocol. Surely there is room for grey area when the Doctor is involved. Branton has the wrong end of the stick but he has arrived right in the middle of everything.
I'd like to see Mickey Smith in charge!

Author's Response: He still will, because assuming he does go back to Rose and the time lines progress to Doomsday as they should he won't remember what he did with the screwdriver. Did he use it as a weapon or did he use it in self defence, he happened to have it in his hand and the animal was on him and about to head butt his knee into smithereens, not sure that counts as deliberately using it as a 'weapon' or him having a reflex defensive reaction to hit the animal he thought was about to kill him. If it's any consolation - which it probably isn't - it's that action that sliced his palm and broke his wrist - so he's going to be affected by that injury a lot more significantly and for longer than the animal was who more or less ignored it.