Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.18 - 07:31PM
168: Chapter 168

Not Basil Brush!

Author's Response: "BOOM BOOM!!" [BANG!]

2020.11.18 - 05:17PM
168: Chapter 168

Poor fox!

Right, well, my opinion of Major Branton is changing. at least the fox got a proper burial and Jack had a good laugh.

Only casualty was a old fox.

Author's Response: Branton isn't as bad as everyone thinks, he's just out of his depth and out of his comfort zone as well. Operational command doesn't come easily to every one even though he carries that rank. I think Jack's laughter is more of relief than humour, but at least it's nothing more serious.

2020.11.16 - 11:17PM
166: Chapter 166

At least now everyone can finally get some rest for the night. They've definitely earned it.

Author's Response: Yeah, hopefully they can settle down without anything happening. They've got about six hours of down time until they need to start to get ready to face another day, they need to make the most of that time if they can.

2020.11.16 - 11:09PM
165: Chapter 165

Not only do I feel bad for the Doctor but for everyone in the room having to do that to him. It's got to be terrible hearing him screaming like that. I was worried for a few seconds there that it was going to all go wrong but thankfully it didn't.

Author's Response: I expect it will turn out to have been harder on the others than on the Doctor who was essentially out of it. It didn't go wrong, it was just an unexpected side effect. At least that is done now though and they've got one less thing to do to put him back together.

2020.11.14 - 06:49PM
167: Chapter 167

It's good to read that any investigation against the Doctor for the tragic turn of events can be put to rest. It was the last thing anyone needed.

Author's Response: It's definitely good that there is new irrefutable evidence. It only fills in some of the gaps, but expect that if and when the Doctor is spoken to it has the potential to change the tone. They are still going to need to know more about what happened.

2020.11.14 - 03:25PM
167: Chapter 167

How big was that creature if had the power of a dinosaur?

Author's Response: It was pretty big compared to some of the others, but power doesn't have to come from size, and not all dinosaurs are big. Pachycephalosaurus wasn't a big dinosaur but they reckon it could defend itself from things much bigger by giving it a good old headbutt. The creature charging with it's head down clearly had it's head about the same height as the Doctor's knee, but then it wouldn't have needed to be that large to do a lot of damage, just fast and with a focused power through its head, still, it was probably around the size of a large sturdy dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback or a bull mastiff, something along those lines, except scaly and charging head down with the power of a ram.

2020.11.13 - 10:44PM
166: Chapter 166

What would Martha do without the support of her team of friends?

Author's Response: Thank fully she won't have to find out. They're all going to be there to support each other as well as their patients at least during these critical first days, I'm not sure how happy the Doctor is going to be about having all these people in his TARDIS, but he's going to have to like it or lump it at least until all his initial treatment is done.

2020.11.13 - 10:00PM
166: Chapter 166

Good, Martha' getting her confidence back. thanks to the Tardis, Kate and Jack as well as the others.

Author's Response: They've all got to support each other and ensure that Martha doesn't take on all the responsibility of it onto herself. She is very keenly aware that there is more at stake than just the Doctor's health which would be the only concern if it they were in the same contemporary timeline, and that would be bad enough because he's so badly hurt, but now she has the added worry that if she doesn't get everything right and he doesn't fully recover then are the last 20 years of all their lives unravel?

2020.11.13 - 06:52PM
165: Chapter 165

I said to myself "Good call, Martha", when she decided to use anesthesia next time. I had come to same conclusion. But it is disappointing that the TARDIS is making things difficult. I don't blame Martha for needing a break. The procedure is blurring the lines of her hypocratic oath. Hopefully the knee drain goes a bit easier. I am sure it will, because it's not going into bone right, just soft tissue?

Author's Response: I'm not sure the TARDIS is being difficult, and the TARDIS is the last that would cause her Pilot and Thief pain, but there are more inherent risks in using an anaesthetic over sedation, and, it's a question of how three minutes of pain balances against the additional risk of anaesthesia and tubes down throats and all the other things that go with it, and the requirement to swap the drug systems he's on over and then back again. The drain should be a lot easier, he'll probably notice, but he is out of it, and he's unlikely to have any coherent memory at all of what has been done to him when he wakes up.

2020.11.13 - 01:36PM
165: Chapter 165

The wrist was easy but the reaction from Ten was what frightened Martha

Author's Response: Yeah, the procedure went easily and was straight forward, but none of them expected that reaction from him when it was completed. It might have been different if they'd known it was going to hurt him like that while it set, but not knowing meant that they all thought they'd done something horribly wrong!

2020.11.13 - 12:21PM
164: Chapter 164

Learning the basics of Time Lord anatomy? not too ambitious at all LOL!

Author's Response: Course not, starting small :)

2020.11.13 - 02:55AM
164: Chapter 164

Hm, something tells me it was a bad idea to send this kid to bed in a library of all places. There's far too much temptation in there to be learning instead of sleeping haha. Martha said not to watch films all night, but she never said anything about not researching all night. Josh might be about to fall down the rabbit hole again. He could probably do with someone that's still awake to check on him and remind him to go to sleep at some point.

Author's Response: The TARDIS library is going to be like a sweet shop would be to a 'normal' kid lol. Good luck in getting him out of there now he's gotten in there. Hopefully he learned the lesson about the toxins about trying to go too advanced too quickly, but yeah, they'd going to have to get him to sleep at some point, and between them Jack and the TARDIS will make sure that he does once everything is done with the Doctor.

2020.11.12 - 07:02PM
163: Chapter 163

It's vital that the Doctor has a well-oiled and collaborative medical team looking after him. It seems like they've got a sound plan in place for now, barring further complications. I am glad they discussed the wounds on Ten's back and how his condition so far may impact on his healing rate going forward.

I don't know if they've included his headaches into the plan yet at all. I suppose they're dealing with one thing at a time and the most outwardly serious concerns first. But if his leg can't distract from the pain in his wrist, any headache will only add to his pain as well. Not to mention his head did get knocked in the fall as well. He is very bumped and bruised and will be feeling all of it depending on how good his drugs are. Will the drugs be sufficient to manage his headaches? They've not had a chance to investigate them yet and now the condition is taking a back seat while they piece him back together again.

Will it be better if Magumbo if transferred elsewhere, so they can focus their care more on Ten? Seeing as Martha said he currently requires the most medical intervention. I suppose the futuristic drugs need to be out of the Major's system first, to avoid difficult questions ...the same drugs they've just topped her up with.

Author's Response: It's good that Martha is able to bounce ideas of the other medics when it comes to the Doctor and that she's not trying to deal with it all herself. Martha is probably more concerned about how his health leading into this is going to impact on his ability to heal and to recover than she's letting on at the moment, but until there is anything substantial to suggest that it's going to be harder for him she can't start to think about what they're going to do about it, but by taking regular checks on what is in his pee and his blood she should will be able to determine what is going on with him and what they need to give him to support him in terms of drugs, minerals, and vitamins etc.

They've not incorporated the headaches as of yet, but it is something they're going to have to get a grip on as well and it's not forgotten, but they need to prioritise putting him back together first, and, Martha is in a bit of a difficult situation with his headaches and the time lines and needs to have a conversation with the Doctor and Jack about how they tackle them and how far they go with it. They were planning on working together on Josh's ankle and having that conversation that day, but the creature attack has kind of put both of them on hold. The Doctor is in no fit state to have that kind of conversation and probably won't be for a while, and the TARDIS hasn't flagged up his head as a priority at the moment, so it's going to have to take a back seat for a bit.

They definitely have to wait until the drug complex is out of Major Magumbo's system completely before they think about transferring her somewhere else. If she has any neurological symptoms when she is woken then she will need to be transferred somewhere else because they are not equipped or trained to provide the kind of rehabilitation and occupational therapies that she might need over the long term to promote the best possible recovery. If the drug complex has done it's job like it looks like it should have there aren't any obvious neurological impacts on her then they will be able to manage the pain from her chest injury and assist her breathing better in the TARDIS than they would be able to do in a contemporary setting - so then the question would be whether it is fair to transfer her out somewhere else - especially during the initial acute stage and before her ribs start to heal - based on the Doctor's condition and treatment requirements rather than her own?

2020.11.11 - 11:28PM
162: Chapter 162

Pretty sure Josh is set on working in zoology and conservation when he's older, isn't he? I am sure he'll follow his passions and do his family proud. Maybe this experience will get him more interested in the physiological and medical side of looking after different species too. I am interested to find out what questions he comes up with for Martha.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is, he's interested in everything and he definitely wants to help the Doctor, but his heart is in conservation and protecting animals and the environment and in trying to save the world like his mum and his dad did. I am sure he's going to come up with loads of questions, and, maybe he will come up with some answers as well that are not within the realms of conventional medical techniques which is where the medic's heads are focused.

2020.11.11 - 10:31PM
162: Chapter 162

I get the sense that when Josh gets older and has enough education in him. Kate is going to employ him as her assistant. but that's just a thought I had based on how well they worked together now.

Author's Response: Kate and Martha have already been arguing about whether he is going to come and work with Kate in sciences or Martha in medical, but Josh put them both straight and informed them he was definitely going to be a conservationist, so not sure they are going to be able to sway him away from that.