Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.22 - 01:43AM
178: Chapter 178

Its nice to read some explanation as to how Ten could survive being frozen so dramatically in 42 and other times the Doctor has survived extreme cold temperatures. I don't believe the show has bothered to go into that. I wonder if that trait evolved to allow for the body temperature drop during a time lord healing coma? If he's not in a coma or experiencing extreme cold, would the polyester breakdown process cause him discomfort over the coming few weeks? Kate and Martha have two different ideas about investigating a time lord reaction as a scientist vs medic haha. I think Martha's is more sensible. But I suppose there's always a chance that the compounds will behave differently in his body as a whole than in just blood or tissue samples. If they had to go with metal fixation it wouldn't be so bad would it? I mean you're not planning on regenerating him before they can be removed again anyway right? That would surely be too timey wimey to handle.

Author's Response: The show is very good at deciding that the Doctor can survive things but then doesn't give us any clue as to how which in some ways means a lot of research into things but also gives free rein to make it up :) There is a chance that the chemicals would behave differently within tissues as to the Doctor's body, but there is also a chance that it's not going to work at all. Until they've done some tests they won't know if it's the presence of the time lord antifreeze chemical in his systems which prompts the production of the secondary compound, or if it's triggered by the cold. It might work perfectly well but only when his body temperature has dropped to a dangerous level so it's going to need some tests because they don't want to have to freeze him to keep him safe!

They may well resort to some surface metal work rather than anything that is drilled into the core of the bone. In a human they'd potentially be looking at putting a metal rod down the centre of the tibia with those injuries, but that would be too destructive for the Doctor on removal. There are never any plans to regenerate him - the Doctor never plans to be in a position where he's going to regenerate, but there is always the risk there. He might step out of the TARDIS and get hit by a car and end up regenerating so doing something to him at any point whether there are plans or not which might hinder or make regeneration more difficult is a risk.

2020.11.21 - 08:02PM
177: Chapter 177

There is a lot to work out for going down this line of treatment and potential complications to consider. It would probably help if they could read what Josh had written. It may be a DoctorDonna idea, but I'm sure the best temp in Chiswick could write more legibley. I wonder also what the Doctor would also think about what they're potentially planning. Would he think its brilliant? Or would he be horrified? Is there any way they can get his consent in his current condition?

Author's Response: I'm fairly sure Donna had decent handwriting. There is going to be a gap between the Doctor being sedated and receiving the anaesthetic so hopefully they will be able to speak to him, but it depends on what kind of state he is in. If they work out that it's safe for him and it can be done then they should probably think about doing it so he can recover. Hopefully the Doctor will be relieved and happy that they've worked out how to help him safely (if that is the case), but considering he currently thinks Martha has lied to him about him only breaking a finger I'm not sure how he is going to feel about anything and anyone when he's well enough to start thinking.

2020.11.21 - 07:50PM
176: Chapter 176

[Jack watched Mickey with Josh and smiled. He had a feeling that everything was going to work out for all of them.]

Now I worry when you write a line like that, that you aren't about to cause something else tragic to happen. It will work out if Josh is to be safe within Mickey and Martha's family and the Doctor all healed up can return to Rose with the timelines intact. When do you ever write things without complications though? Especially since it seems like they're going to have to do an experimental treatment for Ten. Just don't go throwing anyone else else off cliffs again, alright? And no more monster attacks.

Author's Response: Hopefully that is the way things will go with some fun safe adventures for the Doctor and Josh as they both recover in the meantime :)

2020.11.20 - 09:52PM
175: Chapter 175

Haha I too was wondering what on earth Josh was on about! I thought maybe he was trying to say potassium, as in bananas. But I guess synthetic ligaments make sense. Whether they can make it work or not is another question. The thought of micro plastics floating around his body is a bit unsettling though. It sounds dangerous. What if it did him damage before his body can break it down properly?

Author's Response: There is a lot to consider as to whether it will work or not. Josh might be disappointed when he comes round properly that he's not the one who is figuring it all out because he really wanted to finish it all. Martha and Kate will take it forward now and see whether it is possible or not and whether it will cause more problems than it will solve, but even if it doesn't work in the way that Josh is suggesting it's giving them ideas that they'd not thought about because who in their right mind would fix joints with synthetic ligaments that are just going to fail? That's a crazy idea, and probably one that the Doctor wouldn't have either - that's definitely a DoctorDonna idea.

Author's Response: There is a lot to consider as to whether it will work or not. Josh might be disappointed when he comes round properly that he's not the one who is figuring it all out because he really wanted to finish it all. Martha and Kate will take it forward now and see whether it is possible or not and whether it will cause more problems than it will solve, but even if it doesn't work in the way that Josh is suggesting it's giving them ideas that they'd not thought about because who in their right mind would fix joints with synthetic ligaments that are just going to fail? That's a crazy idea, and probably one that the Doctor wouldn't have either - that's definitely a DoctorDonna idea.

2020.11.20 - 08:18PM
174: Chapter 174

The morning has gone alright do far.

Author's Response: So far so good, hopefully they are turning a corner and things will start to go to plan.

2020.11.20 - 08:08PM
173: Chapter 173

Martha was really sweet the way she helped Josh to think of good things as he went to sleep. She will make a good foster or adoptive parent for him. Hopefully the operation goes without a hitch.

Author's Response: Hopefully Josh will dream of fantastic sealife adventures rather than the creatures underground. Martha and Mickey are both going to be great for Josh.

2020.11.20 - 07:56PM
175: Chapter 175

That kind of reminds me of the "Sleeping Profit".
Edgar Cayce was able to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries while in a trance-like sleep. Kind of what Joshua did while anesthetized. only he did it with an alien whose anatomy is somewhat different from a human's . Ha! Joshua is a teenage version of Edgar Cayce.

Author's Response: He dreamt about it as he was waking up, but he'd already figured it out and written it down in his notebook - which is just as well as they'd have all dismissed him as being drugged and batty as he rambled on about eating plastic which made no sense at all.

2020.11.20 - 01:07AM
172: Chapter 172

I wonder what the gravity is like at the mineral lakes of Kurhan. Ice skating isn't an activity that you would let go well for them is it? If the Doctor was going to have any chronic issues would they necessarily remember? It a bit timey wimey while he's crossing his own time line as to what effects his future/the past or not. At least no one has faded out of existence yet, that they know of

Author's Response: Of course I wouldn't let that go! Ice skating is a gift and it's canon so I didn't even have to make that bit up! :)

The timey wimey stuff is tricky. Martha and Jack might have dealt with the Doctor and a fair share of injuries over the past twenty years for Martha - past 2000 years for Jack, but up until now in their time lines they've had no reference to the significant injuries that the Doctor has received. In his time line it's prior to him receiving the others and they are assuming that there is a link to the injuries he has now, but, they've not had that reference before so is it just coincidence that it was that knee the Doctor hurt and is it simply because it's his dominant leg and that's the one he braced himself on when he was attacked by the creature and that is the one that took the force when he messed up a triple jump? Martha said that there was no evidence when she was treating him in 2007 that led her to believe that he'd previously injured that knee - so does that mean that he regenerates it enough that it doesn't matter or anything ongoing is minor and unnoticeable and they are making a link to past events that isn't there because they're so worried about how they are going to put him back together.

When the Doctor goes back to Rose he's not going to remember the specifics of this time period so if in 2007 Martha was to ask him if he's ever hurt that knee before as things stand now his answer would be no. If something changed so he did remember, then he wouldn't be able to tell Martha that he'd hurt his knee before because then he'd be potentially influencing her future because he'd somehow know that in 2026 in her time line she and Jack are going to be treating him for significant injuries.

When the Doctor is well enough to think straight they are going to have to have a serious conversation with him about memories and how it all works, because neither Jack nor Martha are really sure about it. If this is a life changing injury for the Doctor - which it has the potential to be, how can they have memories of him running around and saving the universe and landing double jumps on the mineral lakes? Are they going to lose their memories of that? Have they already changed? In the story I am tentatively linking this to in my head the mineral lakes of Kurhan feature and Martha breaks her wrist - but at the moment the Doctor doesn't hurt his knee first - is that an addition to their time line because of this now and do they only remember that because of this incident and because time is shifting and changing? Are they going to remember more instances as things change, and, are they ever going to know? Can they count on the fact that they remember him ice skating and running around and doing all the things we know that he has done and seen him do in canon which wouldn't lead you to believe that he's carrying permanent chronic injuries? Does that mean he's going to recover enough to do it while those memories remain intact, or are the memories only going to change when he goes back to his own timeline, or, is he going to go back into his own time line and into a slightly different reality with an alternate future for all of them? It's complicated :)

2020.11.19 - 11:42PM
172: Chapter 172

So Mickey was up during the night with his shoulder? Could it be partially because his wife was pressing on it during sexy times? ;-)

Author's Response: Quite possibly, lol.

2020.11.19 - 07:20PM
171: Chapter 171

Jack is certainly devoted. It's probably healthy for him to take breaks from Ten's bedside too though.

Author's Response: Yeah, Jack will have to be reminded of that from time to time, but while there remains a risk of complications I don't think you'd get him to move far, especially as he is now on TARDIS arrest.

2020.11.19 - 05:30PM
170: Chapter 170

Seems like Mickey thoroughly distracted her from work for a bit. At least Martha wasn't needed by her patients in the middle of that.

Looking forward to your Jack/Ten scenes 😉

Author's Response: Mickey knew just what Martha needed to help her relax into sleep. I did consider sending Jack in on them when I was writing it, but then decided just to let them having some time together and some rest. They both need it.

I'm sure Jack never imagined that Ten would first discover how sensitive his hips are in his current generation by breaking one of them!

2020.11.19 - 07:54AM
169: Chapter 169

Seeing as the Doctor's knee artery is showing improvement it seems any concerns about some underlying healing problem is less likely. It will be good when Martha can examine the Doctor's back again though.

I love that Martha sent Josh to bed, but Jack had to send Martha to bed first haha. They all look out for eachother. There's only one way Jack is going to go to bed though and I imagine that won't be happening until Ten is feeling much better 😉

Author's Response: There are definitely initial signs of healing happening so they can be assured that he's capable of healing at least to some level. What that means about the bit of wound that was stubbornly refusing to close and whether it was simply because he wasn't sitting still long enough to let it or because there is something else going on with it they won't know until they can turn him over.

They are all going to have to look after each other and ensure they can all have proper breaks and time away from everything that is going on. It's definitely going to be a while before Ten is going to be up to anything much at all and that all depends on them figuring out how to put him back together again.

2020.11.19 - 07:42AM
168: Chapter 168

The sooner UNIT can declare the operation is over and they move out of the area, the better. Everyone is on edge in those woods with the slightest of bush shuffles it seems!

Author's Response: It's just as well it was a fox and not another officer having a cheeky leak in the bushes! It will definitely be good when they've got those caves cleared out and can stand down, everyone is on tenterhooks not knowing when or where the next attack might come from. When they've been caught out with the sonic beacon being breached and then another creature that morning when they thought everything was safe to be stood down and enter the clean up phase there is no surprise that they're all a little jumpy!

2020.11.18 - 08:10PM
169: Chapter 169

not sleepy, eh, Josh? hope you don't snore like Mickey lol!

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure the TARDIS assisted him in getting to sleep so quickly, but at least he's going to get some decent rest.

2020.11.18 - 07:36PM
168: Chapter 168

Oh, poor fox. Mangy or not, its death would still upset Josh and the Doctor.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a shame that it was a fox and they would both be upset about it, but it just shows how on edge everyone is.