Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.29 - 11:15PM
197: Chapter 197

Major Brenton appears to be relaxing a bit as he learns to trust Martha and Jack. He's not quite the stick-up-the-bum that he appeared to be at first. It seems to retreat to rules and regulations when feeling insecure or out of control, which is quite common.

Author's Response: Yeah, he was kind of thrown into the deep end when he suddenly became the most senior on site during a live operation. He was only there to manage the human remains being brought out, so I think he's happier one two fronts, he's settled more into being in charge of a live operation - he's probably had to 'flex muscles' to do that which were dormant for some time, but also because he's now also starting to bring the remains out so he's doing what he was supposed to be there doing and what he's good at.

2020.11.29 - 10:07PM
1: Chapter 1

I’m a bit late to the party here, but at least that means I won’t have to wait for updates on this! ;) I’m always happy to read another one of your stories.

Author's Response: Welcome, party is still going, hope you enjoy as you catch up :)

2020.11.29 - 04:39PM
195: Chapter 195

Oh, of course the Doctor likes the Free Willy movies! I bet he cries while watching those. 😉

Author's Response: Lol, everyone likes the Free Willy movies don't they? I put the Free Willy bit in because of the name Jesse, but I will admit I've indulged in a guilty pleasure and I've watched Free Willy this afternoon - and yes, I cried lol.

2020.11.28 - 10:59PM
192: Chapter 192

Nice to see Mickey and Martha spending more time together and have a little romantic lovemaking. It really adds to the story.

Author's Response: It's important that they both get some time away and together. I think Mickey is concerned about just how close to breaking point Martha is with everything going on. She was already tired and in need of a holiday before they arrived in the woods and at the TARDIS. Mickey is no good at the medical stuff, he doesn't understand it and it turns his stomach, but at least he can look after Martha in other ways.

2020.11.28 - 02:37PM
192: Chapter 192

Martha may be too worn out and too sore to tend to her patients the next morning! LOL! Not bad for a one-handed man. ;-)

Author's Response: She may well be walking funny :) Mickey has had plenty of time with only one hand available so although he doesn't like he he's learned how to do the most important things and at least this time he moved before he got kneed in the shoulder.

2020.11.27 - 05:57PM
192: Chapter 192

Driving Martha over the edge. Bet she's loving it!

Author's Response: Mickey certainly knows how to satisfy his wife and although they're only over the hall from the sickbay he can take her a long way from her medical responsibilities for a while at least.

2020.11.27 - 02:21PM
191: Chapter 191

hmmm!? Jack aiding and abetting? Mickey and Martha are going to have extended "playtime" ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, at least Jack only offered up supplies and not a helping hand! It's important for Martha to be able to have some downtime when possible.

2020.11.27 - 07:15AM
185: Chapter 185

I'm really glad that Martha had everyone there to help her out during the surgery. At least that way it wasn't as much stress for her. I can't believe how much they got done all in one go. It's really interesting to read how they did everything. I'm always amazed at how much medical stuff you know.

Author's Response: Having a team around is making it easier to carry out all the procedures and not something Martha would necessarily normally have when dealing with the Doctor. I think she's still feeling quite a lot of the stress because of the responsibility she's taking for it and the fears that all of this is happening with the Doctor out of his time. They spent longer than they would have liked getting the surgical plan together so they could start work and they went a little over the six hours, but it went well and they got it done.

2020.11.26 - 06:33PM
188: Chapter 188

Whew!! Glad to see the Doctor and Josh on the mend.

I am completely in awe of your detailed descriptions. In my earlier life, I tried very hard to avoid orthopedics. The only time I ever got sick was during clinical training while watching a spinal fusion (thankfully making it out of theatre first -lol). Your explanations of what they are doing are incredible.

Author's Response: Certainly for Josh he just has to rest now and they've made good headway on the Doctor's injuries so that they can both just relax and rest a bit.

Glad you made it out of theatre first!

2020.11.24 - 12:43AM
179: Chapter 179

In some families there is no discipline and 'that's what big brothers are for' is used to excuse and dismiss behaviour so it exacerbates the problem out of control so that a younger sibling feels helpless. They are subject to situations such as strangulation and knifepoint and having their self worth degraded day by day living in fear but that is their norm as grown ups don't do anything. And people don't believe them because they don't empathize because that isn't the norm in their household. If it's not acceptable in any other relationship it shouldn't be between siblings and things should be nipped in the bud with discipline early so that they do learn that the behaviour does not fly in the home or the world beyond. You took my words out of context. When people use sayings like that it shows little sympathy for people who have been abused by their sibling and let down by adults. And if you can't accept that sibling relationships are limited to petty squabbles in all families then who is the delicate snowflake. I accept Josh loved his sister, but not Jack's comment. If a husband is battering and demeaning their wife, you wouldn't say 'that's what husbands do', neither between a parent to a child So why is it different for kids between kids? We have to model good behaviour and lessons for them. Not make excuses and turn a blind eye. Jack didn't even give Josh any time or patience to provide any context as to what he meant by mean, just dismissed it immediately. If you want to give context, put it in the story not in a review reply. How is a reader just supposed to assume what the writer knows? And think back to those teenagers at the beginning. They were bullying Josh. Where did that behaviour stem from? Lack of discipline and stable loving home life. And what knowledge or power did Josh have to prevent or diffuse outside world situation, despite his family relationships? Nothing. They all got attacked by monsters instead. If you want to write about real conflict resolution then show it. I know you've done it before. So there's no need for excusive statements or getting defensive instead of taking constructive criticism with a pinch of salt and perhaps taking it on board. I'm sorry if you've misunderstood my review. I am talking about the opposite of harmonious sibling relationships and that it's a problem often not addressed. Kids aren't well prepared for the world without a stable foundation of safety and knowing the difference between right and wrong and what their role means in a family structure. It seems Josh has had that at least. I hope by Jack's time, people would be more open and empathetic to the issue and actually let kids talk about it than simply dismiss them. As a writer you should at least understand a bit of what I am saying about the power of words and how we phrase them. Especially toward young developing minds. Thanks for your patience in reading what I have to say. I do hope to continue reading your story and see the Doctor get well and how the time lines will be maintained.

Author's Response: I'm not defending my writing, I'm defending Jack because one statement made in the context of the story when he's talking to a kid who is coming out of the tail end of an anaesthetic and feeling bad about his dead sister does not mean that Jack condones or would tolerate domestic violence or toxic sibling relationships.

To make the leap that because he told Josh is what big brothers are for - in the context of their situation and their conversation doesn't mean that Jack is oblivious or condoning relationships that aren't healthy. If Jack was to delve into it with Josh at that point would that have been fair on Josh? All Jack was trying to do was to make Josh feel better when he could see that Josh was harbouring an unnecessary guilt. And he's not talking to someone who is in a stable family - he's talking to a kid who has no family and has spent the last 8 months hiding away in the woods, so would it be appropriate for him to go into it with Josh when he was already emotional and probably not thinking entirely clearly given his 'eating plastic' and nightmare about the creatures while coming round from surgery and in pain with his ankle, and he's talking as someone who has spent his life living with that guilt and looking for Gray in every crowd after letting go of his little brother's hand. He doesn't want any of that kind of guilt to poison Josh.

There has to be a time and a place for conflict resolution type aspects of life to happen whether that's in the real world or in a story.

To make the leap that Jack and Alonso wouldn't be good foster parents for him because of one statement is unfair on Jack. I don't think they would be good foster parents and neither does Jack, he's not under any illusion that he would be, but one statement when he's not trying to be dismissive but is trying to make him feel better isn't a fair reflection on Jack's character or his ability to parent. Neither is what happened to Steven.

Jack sacrificed his grandson in order to save the 10% of children who were being gathered up to be handed over to them. Did he have a realistic choice within the timeframe that he had? There were plenty of other children in custody at that point, he could have picked a different one, one he didn't know and didn't have a personal connection to. He probably could have found someone like Josh who was in the care system and didn't have a family. Instead he used Steven - I often wonder if he elected to use his grandson in order to save the others when any kid would have done or to destroy himself entirely because he couldn't deal with what he was doing.

It's curious that no questions have been raised about Josh spending time with the Doctor (apart from by Jack). The Doctor hasn't just killed his own grandson has he? He's killed the whole of Gallifrey and every child on the planet at the time that he did it. Somehow a planet full of men, women, and children being killed by the Moment and anonymously doesn't seem as bad as what Jack did when he looked into the face of his grandson dying at his hand, but in real terms which is worse? One child or millions of children?

On a side I'm happy to take criticism and like I said I'm not defending my writing - I am defending Jack though, and that is what goes on in a writer's head. I'm not always going to follow everything through to a moral and ethical outcome in a story, but that isn't a reflection on my own morality. When I feel that there is value to the story in following something through then I'll do it within the prose, but I don't think it would have been appropriate at the time for Jack to have a moral debate with Josh about the transgressions of a big brother against his dead little sister. It would have been unfair on Josh and out of character for Jack, but that doesn't follow that Jack is condoning domestic violence or toxic relationships or mean that if Jack thought for a minute that is what Josh was talking about with the unicorn that he'd have let it go, but to force some kind of morality conversation into it with Josh and Jack wouldn't have worked or seemed 'real'.

I'll always read what you have to say and I do get the power of words but sometimes words are also just words. I'm always happy to discuss and debate outside of a story and the only way to do that is through reviews. I'm not offended or pissed and I genuinely hope that you're not either.

2020.11.22 - 09:43PM
180: Chapter 180

Even though Martha is busy Mickey should know that he can ask for help from her when he needs it. He shouldn't think that everyone else is a priority. Hopefully now he'll be feeling better. I love how you write Mickey and Martha as a couple. They really are great together.

Author's Response: Mickey does know that, and, the assumption is that Mickey doesn't want to bother Martha because he thinks everyone else is a priority. It's kind of the opposite. He lives with a trauma medic and even if he can't cope with the blood and guts of medicine he sits and listens to Martha talk about things and they share their days. He knows that medical emergencies and medical procedures get prioritised based on clinical need, and, he knows that medically and clinically he probably isn't the priority at the moment. The Doctor is the clinical priority and Martha is working with Kate on sorting out a surgical plan for him, so it is medically more important that Martha does that than stops because he's got a sore shoulder and cramp in his arm. He also knows that emotionally that he is Martha's priority so by telling her that he's hurting he's going to be putting her in a position where she has to choose between a medical priority and an emotional one and he doesn't want to put her in that position and him taking that into account is part of what makes them great together.

2020.11.22 - 08:15PM
180: Chapter 180

Oh Mickey. He's going to cause more problems if he tries to hide away in pain. At least Martha was able to take care of him quickly. He can be there for Martha better if he's honest. He's got to know that his wellbeing is priority and comes first in Martha's eyes. He took enough mistreatment by Rose and the Doctor. Jackie accused him of murder. And even his Nan used to whack him. I guess his self esteem is low. Martha will help him to know better. I have a soft spot for Mickey and I'm glad Martha is kind to him. He needs that. Because he's not always to himself either.

Author's Response: If Mickey thought that he needed scans and medical treatment he'd go to Martha or potentially to Jack to get the scans and check, but he's been through shoulder injuries long enough to know that it is going to hurt, and when his wife is down in the library trying to figure out how to put the Doctor back together he genuinely doesn't think it's a medical priority.

Mickey is in a good place in his life barring the recurring shoulder. He's got a loving wife and two great kids and a good job. He's confident and he's strong, and that is why he's taking a moment in the galley and if Jack hadn't come in when he did the chances are that it would have gone off eventually and he'd have just carried on.

It's not because his self esteem is low and he doesn't think he's worth his wife's attention. He's taken his medication and it's still hurting but he knows he's strong enough just to sit it out and save her from having to do something else and the emotional aspect of it being him and he's taken himself away into the galley to do it because he doesn't want to worry Josh.

Of course he's got that a bit backward because he doesn't need to sit it out and there is more Martha can do to assist him, but Martha isn't the one who normally treats him because of the emotional aspect of them being husband and wife. They don't want to have a doctor/patient relationship so if he can sit it out and save his wife the additional work then he will.

There is no way that the older, wiser, more confident, and more self assured Mickey would take the rubbish he took from Rose and the Doctor back in the Doctor's current time line. More than once he's proven that he will tell the Doctor how it is and he's also done that to Jack. He's perfectly capable of standing up for himself when he needs to, he just didn't feel like he needed to on this occasion and he doesn't want to interrupt Martha from what she is doing, because, he knows that Martha loves him and will spend the time with him getting him drugs, giving him additional pain relief, and settling him into bed herself and worry more than she would if he was just another patient. If he was someone else then she'd be telling Jesse or Jack to grab him a couple of tablets and get him to lie down as she normally would if a patient when presented with muscle pain. Especially when she is working on surgical plans for someone else who remains in pieces and in so much pain that it becomes dangerous to allow them to wake up.

And, in a way Mickey is right because that is what happened isn't it? Clinically the Doctor, Eryssa, and potentially Josh while he recovers from the anaesthetic should be Martha's priorities. In a normal hospital setting she'd not have been called away from a surgical meeting to deal with someone with a reduced shoulder who is hurting, but this isn't a hospital setting and Mickey knows just how much Martha is taking on and when they're growing to love Josh, Eryssa is their friend, and the Doctor is the Doctor and their friend - but also out of his time so there are potential consequences for all of them if it doesn't go to plan, Mickey doesn't also want his wife to be worrying that his shoulder is hurting and add that as well because he knows Martha won't treat him just like another patient who needs to be told to take a couple of tablets and to lie down she will worry about him beyond the medical and she will be kind to him and want to be with him, and it will tear her apart that she can't just stay with him when he's hurting she has to carry on with the other stuff as well, because clinically it's more of a priority and Mickey knows that when the Doctor is more comfortable and able to heal and Eryssa has been looked at again and perhaps been allowed to wake up, then he and Martha can share more quality alone time and be there for each other.

2020.11.22 - 08:05PM
179: Chapter 179

I guess Josh may have dreamt about the monsters in the tunnels after all. Poor kid. At least he is safe now. For a moment I thought he'd woken up with amnesia lol.

I didn't like Jack's line about big brothers. That isn't a good message to be teaching. Joshua may have some new younger siblings soon in the Jones-Smith family. Enough people will behave mean in this world without it being acceptable from family members. Saying that's what big brothers are for is toxic. And Jack needs to keep anything between him and his own brother out of this. I'm sure Mickey will make sure his kids are kind to eachother and apologise to one another when appropriate. Sorry but this struck a nerve with me. Surely Jack is old enough not to let generational cycles of abuse continue by saying something as careless as that. Some big brothers will believe they can do anything they want to their sibling without consequence and that can become dangerous behind closed doors. It can also set children up for abusive relationships later in life with confused ideas about love and how they should be treated and treat others. Maybe you grew up in a different family dynamic where bullying is acceptable. I should hope the Temple-Noble family had rules and discipline and wasn't marred by the way Sylvia could treat Donna. At least Josh recognized some of the ways he acted toward his sister were not okay. Hopefully he will behave nicer to those younger and smaller than him in future. Jack was off the mark on that one. I guess it is best Josh is raised by Mickey and Martha than Jack and Alonso after all. Jack clearly isn't that great with kids. He did lead several to their unsuspecting death, including his own grandson. Older siblings should be rolemodels to look up to who can guide, protect and be fun and loving. And this is what they should be taught. Not that they exist to bully and torment family members. That's no way to live. Rant over.

Family clearly meant a lot to Josh that he carries their pictures and personal possessions with him. Even in the future where you might think everything is stored on his phone haha.

I liked what Mickey said about everyone being a team together. That is a good message to send.

Author's Response: Yeah, he did end up dreaming about the creatures and not about the fish so it that was tough.

I think you've taken Jack's comment completely out of context. He's saying it to Josh who is sharing a moment about the clearly loving relationship he had with his little sister - she would not have presented him with her favourite unicorn to look after and care for while she was on holiday if she didn't love him entirely and trust him to look after it, and, Josh wouldn't have chased down into the sewers to get it back if he didn't hold it in such high regard. Jack is pretty intuitive when it comes to things like that. What is he going to do? When Josh has lost his family and has been upset and is sharing a moment with Jack - is he going to sit there and tell him that he shouldn't have ever been mean to his little sister? Anyone who thinks a relationship between siblings with a few years between them when their young is entirely harmonious, love, and light is delusional. It can't be like that. Josh is a kindhearted and loving boy who maybe doesn't quite get some of the things that go on around him at the moment in a very adult world, but that doesn't mean that he's always going to be amenable to his little sister playing with his stuff if she doesn't understand them because she's too young or drawing in his books or doing the things that little sisters do and within a safe and secure family environment not letting her do that is natural and doesn't damage relationships it strengthens them and yes Josh would when looking back at the things he might have done to his sister and considered some of them mean, but we're not talking about him beating the crap out of her or abusing her, we're talking about him not letting her play with some of his games or draw in his books or shutting her out of his bedroom when he was doing his homework and she wanted to play. For a 14 year old looking back he probably wished he never did that now, but it doesn't mean that he's creating a generation of abusive behaviour, it means that brothers and sisters don't always live harmoniously and there are going to be rows and disagreements and permanently protecting kids from that as they grow up denies them the opportunity to develop the skills needed to deal with them as adults because not everyone always agrees with each other, and, rather than Jack telling Josh that it's not okay to have those disagreements and having Josh feel more guilty about it and he's telling him that it is okay, because it is okay, and it's important and it's not bullying or abusive it is normal family dynamics and Josh shouldn't be in a position where he is feeling like he was out or order or wrong to his little sister when actually they had a strong and loving bond and sometimes they had a row and sometimes he didn't let her play with his things because she was little and she'd break them. That's not bullying and that's not abusive and Josh shouldn't be feeling bad about normal loving family dynamics.

Jack isn't bringing his family dynamics into it, but if any of them really knows what it would be like to lose a brother it's Jack isn't it? We know he had a loving relationship with Gray, we saw some of that in flashbacks, but it didn't stop him spending his life feeling guilty about what he did and didn't do, and how any adult could think it's okay to put the life of a child into the hands of another child is unreal. Jack doesn't want Josh to spend the rest of his life carrying around that unicorn and thinking he was mean to his little sister. He wants him to carry it round knowing that his sister gave him it to look after him and the relationship he had was normal, because children need to develop social skills.

The problem isn't that Josh is recognising that some of the ways he behaved toward his sister weren't okay, the problem is that he's thinking that it wasn't okay and that it's I'm not entirely sure how any reference to the family background I may or may not have had is relevant to a piece of fiction.

Author's Response: It is okay for brothers and sisters to argue and disagree and to have ups and downs. Jack knows that. He's also not got any illusions that he would provide a good and stable home for Josh. He spends half his time on Sto and half his time on Earth for a start. The fact that he is the one who has raised concerns about how Josh might emulate the Doctor in being 'above the paperwork' etc if he spends much time with the Doctor on their own also shows that Jack has sensible concerns about how Josh is brought up. Jack knows what it's like to spend his life mourning a younger sibling and feeling guilty about it and he doesn't want that for Josh and he doesn't want him to feel guilty for being the best big brother who was occasionally mean - because being mean in a loving family relationship doesn't have to mean being a bully and it doesn't have to mean being abusive. What it does mean is that they had a normal family life where little sisters can be annoying and big brothers can be mean and learning that and how to deal with that as kids is better than being protected from all of it and growing up into snowflake adults that haven't got a clue how to interact in the real world and perhaps the worst thing for Josh would be to grow up feeling guilty about the odd time that rowed with his sister and thinking that he wasn't the best big brother who was given his sister's favourite unicorn to look after when he was unable to Brazil because he'd fallen out the tree house the week before and had to stay home with his great grandfather.

2020.11.22 - 05:26PM
177: Chapter 177

And here i thought you'd go for the Azathioprine side effect making the Doctor temporarily ginger. I know it's never that big a change but time lord weirdness.. lol

Author's Response: No, unfortunately no temporary gingerness planned. Time lords are definitely weird. They'd have ended up putting him isolation if they used azathioprine on him because it would totally wipe out his immune system so that's not a road they would be comfortable going down. I know he wants to be ginger but DT did do something a few years back where he was dyed a gingery colour and it just looked totally wrong lol. Ten would probably be appalled if he did end up ginger and disappointed that it wasn't as cool as he hoped. Brown eyes and ginger hair just don't go.

2020.11.22 - 05:40AM
178: Chapter 178

I love medical talk. Don't understand it, of course. But, I still love it.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed. Anything you need to know about esterification, polymerisation, or esterases - I'm now you're gal! Well, not quite, but it's amazing what kind of things you end up researching - unfortunately nothing comes up when you type 'what happens to polyester when it's put inside a timelord' in Google!