Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.04 - 03:48PM
19: Chapter 19

It's interesting reading the Doctor trying to take a moment to get all the facts straight in his head. He doesn't usually need to sit alone and do that. He's usually one to think quickly on his feet. He must be feeling a bit off. I liked though he admitted he made up the word metacrisis haha. I wonder if Josh has any regenerative abilities? I suppose how fast his ankle heals will be telling of that.

Author's Response: When all the facts and figures are coming at the Doctor and he's dealing with something tangible or present to him it's probably easier to think of his feet compared to trying to work out what might have happened in his own personal future and about things he shouldn't know about. He's bound to find it more difficult and more personal.

Author's Response: Since it was the Duplicate Doctor that coined the phrase timelord human metacrisis first, I wonder if it was the Doctor who made the word up or that bit of Donna that had him calling her an Earthgirl that made the word metacrisis up.

2020.09.04 - 03:35PM
18: Chapter 18

Now that Martha and Mickey are involved, maybe Josh would be best placed with them. I'm sure he can't stay with the Doctor forever.

Author's Response: The Doctor can't stay in this time line for too long, and Josh couldn't go back to his with him, so they will have to part ways, but, the deal is that he stays with him until his ankle heals, and then they will have to look at where he goes.

2020.09.04 - 10:23AM
18: Chapter 18

Difficulties? uh oh!

Author's Response: The Doctor isn't very happy with UNIT

2020.09.04 - 08:21AM
17: Chapter 17

But he was running out of T-shirts.

Was wondering if Martha was going to be involved in this story.

Author's Response: Yeah, Martha is going to be quite heavily involved now that she's there with UNIT. The Doctor was definitely going to run out of T-shirts - especially since he was binning them rather than washing them!

2020.09.03 - 09:15PM
17: Chapter 17

Good ol' Martha Jones, or Martha Jones-Smith I should say. She didn't react all that much to seeing Ten. Ever the professional, but I wonder what's going through her head and how much she's been briefed. I'm surprised she didn't immediately beam a smile to see him, but maybe she was too concerned about him for that. Does she know how much running around in slimy caves the Doctor has already done in his condition? Is she aware of exactly where Ten is in his timeline a d how much to let on or interact with him? I imagine she and Josh will get along quite well as they each can look out for the Doctor. I imagine she has a thing or two to share with Josh about Donna as well. I am glad Ten is finally getting some medical care. It was about time he'd had some stitches and proper wound dressing. Someone should tell him a t-shirt does not equate to a bandage!

Author's Response: She knows it's too early for him to know her, having been informed that by Major Magumbo, but that is about all she knows for now. It will develop further. As for T-shirts and bandages - if you can't see it then it doesn't count.

2020.09.03 - 03:09PM
16: Chapter 16

If all the Doctor does is stand in the doorway to talk to UNIT, how long until they realise his back is lacerated? When it's too late I presume.

Author's Response: I'm sure if he was left to his own devices then it would be when it was too late - it may already be too late.

2020.09.03 - 03:05PM
15: Chapter 15

Silly me accidentally read chapter 16 first and then realised I was missing something and came back here. I can't help the feeling that the Doctor is downplaying the extent of injury. I loved how Donna's mannerisms came out a little as Joshua panicked about the Doctor bleeding. I imagine the Doctor will have to somehow forget everything he is learning about Donna . I am sure you'll have a whump-filled resolution to that. What was it that rolled under the bed anyway? Something important I wonder?

Author's Response: If you're confused after reading chapters in the wrong order just imagine how Ten is feeling!!

As far as the Doctor not remembering the things that are going on, I'm kind of working on the same premise that was in play in Day of the Doctor when neither Ten nor the War Doctor were going to be able to retain the memories when they returned to their own timelines - no plans to whack him on the head or anything - not yet anyway :D

2020.09.02 - 11:55PM
14: Chapter 14

I gotta also say, nice touch with Joshua also being the name of Donna's son in Forest of the Dead!

Author's Response: The cosmic influences of the DoctorDonna just seeping through again.

2020.09.02 - 11:53PM
14: Chapter 14

I've had a bit of a hunch all along but I wasn't sure about Josh until now. The second he said 'Gramps' it clicked- it's Wilf. Donna's son, it's perfect and a bit unexpected in a good way. It's very tragic to think that she and Shaun died. It's too bad that the Doctor can't find a way to save her but we know what he's like. Maybe all of this timey-wimeyness is causing the Doctor's headache. It's too bad to think that after this is all done and he goes back to his own timeline that he won't remember any of this. I'm really curious what other changes you have in store later on. It's very interesting that from the Doctor's point of view there's so much that he hasn't done yet. What a great idea. I wonder what's going to happen when he meets up with Jack and sees Martha for the first time. That's going to be so weird. I can't wait!

Author's Response: Yeah, he's Donna's son. I know that I kind of kill people off every now and then :) but I did toy with the idea of them just being MIA rather than confirmed dead - and then decided on dead - sorry.

There are a few things going on that are likely to cause the Doctor a headache aren't there? It's not long since his neural implosion, he's basically been psychically assaulted while minding his own business in the vortex, he's been dragged 20 years out of his own personal time line and he must be aware of all that being in flux around him, and now he's got to deal with Josh, tunnels full of genetically modified creatures - that have already slashed his back to ribbons, as well as the human elements that may or may not be linked who are creating the creatures in the first place and those that are using them to get rid of waste animal products. I expect he's going to require Martha's assistance sooner or later, but how is he going to be able to trust she knows about time lords? If he says he's got a headache whose to say she'll not just give him an aspririn - though since his back is torn to shreds and bleeding aspirin probably wouldn't be the best idea whether he's allergic or not.

2020.09.02 - 04:29PM
14: Chapter 14

Ah Donna and Shaun's son then. I am mad you've killed off Donna! I'm with Josh, if there's a way to save her, she should be saved. But then I'm also with the Doctor on what that would do to the timeline and meeting Josh in the first place to know to save Donna at all. And then there's the fact the Doctor can't see Donna or her mind will implode, but the Doctor doesn't even know that yet! Wow! Things are really in a twist. I am looking forward to read how everything plays out. I am intrigued about Josh's psychic ability and aspirin allergy considering he is not after all the Doctor's secret son. I supposed he is kind of related to the Doctor via metacrisis? But again the Doctor can't fathom such a thing yet as he hasn't experienced it, so the Doctor must be quite confused and possibly worried he might somehow be the father! And then there's everything with monsters in the tunnel and UNIT etc, deflecting us from conversation between them. I love the way you're teasing information between action and keeping the reader on their toes!

Author's Response: Yeah, I've kind of wiped out the whole of the Noble / Mott line to leave Josh out on his own, but it was the only way the story would work - sorry. We know that wiping Donna's memories only 'hid' the effects of the metacrisis or the Doctor would have been able to see her and she'd not have been able to draw back those memories in the End of Time, or flatten the versions of the Master that came after her in the lane. Since the Tenth Doctor duplicate was definitely a merger of time lord and human DNA - with the one heart and everything, then it stands to reason that along with the Doctor's mind there was some time lord DNA in the mix as well, and, as she's had children there is the possibility that some of that is going to have passed on as well. But you're right, the Doctor knows nothing of Donna Noble, nothing of the DoctorDonna, nothing of the metacrisis - he's 20 years in the future and pretty soon he's going to be surrounded by people he does not know but who know him and some he knows but who have got 20 years older and wiser - he's going to have a lot to think about!

2020.09.01 - 05:04PM
13: Chapter 13

I sense things are going to get wibbly wobbly. Will Martha be part of the medical response team, or is she freelance with Mickey at this point?

Author's Response: The time lines are all going to be messed up for the Doctor. He's potentially going to be working with a UNIT team some of whom have been through ATMOS, survived Davros, were involved with the Number 200 bus, the invasion of the cubes, cleared up after wi-fi started stealing people, a couple of Zygon invasion attempts and know the Brigadier turned into a Cyberman and saved his daughter Kate (who the Doctor hasn't met yet either - as an adult anyway - I think 3 met her as a child in an audio book - but 11 was the first to really meet her as an adult working at UNIT) UNIT officials have met 11 and 12 and know that 13 is a girl! And poor old (young) 10 has only really just got over his regeneration - he's done New Earth and Tooth and Claw - but that is it.

2020.09.01 - 04:31PM
12: Chapter 12

Curiouser and curiouser

Author's Response: Every time it looks like there might be an answer it just raises more questions.

2020.09.01 - 02:00AM
11: Chapter 11

Sounds like a band-aid over a gaping wound. Where's Martha when you need her? Also I'm real curious about where Josh thinks he is and who he reckons the Doctor is. And I'm not sure Josh is curious enough about either of those things.

Author's Response: The Doctor hasn't met Martha yet either. He doesn't know he's got a friend who is a medic who would be perfectly able to assist him. Jack and Martha are both on the character list though - along with UNIT - so there is the clue that they're going to be involved - but how are they all going to be able to safely interact with a recently regenerated Ten when they are 20 years ahead of him? Josh is in a bit of a weird place where he hasn't really got a clue where he is or what is going on, but instead of feeling scared he feels safe.

2020.09.01 - 01:56AM
10: Chapter 10

I thought that might be a UNIT vehicle for a moment. The Doctor could really do with some back-up. This story is gruesome enough to be a Torchwood story than just Doctor Who. Might as well bring Captain Jack on the case to help.

Author's Response: Not a UNIT vehicle, just another element to this the Doctor is going to have to figure out. In the Doctor's time line it's only 2006 - he's not met Captain Jack since the Gamestation yet - he's probably the last person he'd think about getting in touch with or who he'd want around.

2020.09.01 - 01:53AM
9: Chapter 9

Can the Doctor really contain this situation on his own and while injured? He's just asking for an infection running about through there with open wounds.

Author's Response: The Doctor is going to have to accept some help on it eventually, but as for infections - he's a time lord - no Earthly little bacterium is going to take him down is it?