Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.07 - 03:02PM
26: Chapter 26

It's so suspenseful! I love a good cliffhanger. I'm wondering if maybe the Doctor's got some kind of infection from being bit by those creatures. He's in really bad shape. I like how close he and Josh are getting. They're becoming great friends. I hate to think that at some point they're going to have to say goodbye. That's going to be hard for both of them. I'm also loving Martha in this so far. She's one of my favourite companions.

Author's Response: An infection seems the most likely cause for his ill health, but it's taken hold quickly and he's been taking the antibiotics that Martha gave him, so whatever it is it's either got a bit of a helping hand or it's particularly nasty.

Josh and the Doctor are definitely settling into friendship. I think it's good for the Doctor to have someone to care about (even though he's the one who is sick at the moment), and, for Josh the Doctor is full of intrigue and excitement and is showing him that he actually cares even though he's got no obligation to, but even if they become inseparable - there will come a time when the Doctor has to return back to his own time line and pick things up again, because if he doesn't, the whole of history will change and it's unlikely Joshua would be born in the first place.

Martha is going to have to develop her own relationship with this Doctor. I think she is smart enough and sensitive enough to realise that he's a very different man to the one she met at the Royal Hope - he's still got Rose waiting for him to go and pick her back up when he's done.

2020.09.07 - 09:59AM
25: Chapter 25

Oh dear. Surely if the Doctor gave up the ghost now that would cause some kind of time paradox? I'm concerned the Doctor is feverish, but Josh may not realise due to the lower time lord body temperature. Martha knows what his body temp should be. Wasn't Martha meant to check him over by the way? She hasn't even checked his obs or anything has she? Just stitched up? Even after seeing how much blood he lost. That seems really negligent for a medical director. Josh may need to phone in another code 9. Hopefully he can remember how. If the Doctor's breathing is that bad he may not last long without urgent immediate care. I'm hlding out for the next installments with anticipation!

Author's Response: I wonder what Rose would do if Ten left her for a week and returned as Eleven, and how that would impact on the rest of the DT series. It would definitely be a paradox if he snuffed it now, so Josh better get hold of Martha.

Martha was dealing with the Doctor the day before and he was on one of the TARDIS beds so she had sight of his obs. If anything was wrong then she'd have known and dealt with it, but I think she's learned that if she starts prodding and poking him for no reason then she loses his patience in being a patient, but his obs. are constantly recorded by the TARDIS and would be displayed on the bed so she wasn't remiss, it just wasn't an issue so she didn't have to remark on it. Same as Josh's obs, they're on permanent display on the bed so as long as they're green they're okay. The Doctor is definitely going to need some urgent intervention - if's become infected despite the antibiotics Martha gave him to reduce the risk then it sounds like he might have something nasty festering in his wounds - or - there is something else contributing to it.

2020.09.07 - 09:40AM
24: Chapter 24

Those two already care a lot for and look out for one another, but won't look after themselves properly it seems.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's not taken long for them to become close. They'll definitely look after each other, but the Doctor may well learn the hard way that to look after Josh properly he should be looking after himself better as well.

2020.09.06 - 08:53PM
23: Chapter 23

The Doctor is taking everything on the chin at the moment.

Author's Response: He's rolling with the punches right now, but sooner or later he's going to be floored.

2020.09.06 - 08:26PM
23: Chapter 23

I can see the Doctor getting curious as to how Rose ended up in that other universe.

Author's Response: Yeah, hopefully he's wise enough just to accept that it's going to happen and go digging, because what he doesn't know and no one is going to tell him - unless they accidentally let it slip - that when Rose ends up in the other universe with the other Doctor it's at the same time as he's reunited with her after she'd already been stuck there for a couple of years.

2020.09.06 - 04:37PM
22: Chapter 22

I suppose it might be less emotional turmoil for the Doctor to hear the end of Rose's story before how he loses her in the first place? Martha has handled enough grief over Rose from the Doctor and dealt with his self-destructiveness following that on top of his grief from the Time War. I'm sure Martha is trying to handle this as delicately as possible. At least Ten knows he's got Josh to live for at the moment. Hopefully he won't be hugging any lightning rods straight away. Also it's really fun the companions knowing more than the Doctor for once haha!

Re your other review, I disagree. While you 11th Doctor had some differences, I put that down the nature of your story and its flow, but I still believe the character was distinctly Eleven. He was injured and unwell for large parts of the story, so that impacted on the character. Your Ten wasn't exactly always Ten-like for the same reasons. That is part of what makes the reader worried for a character in hurt/comfort writing. When something's a bit off from their bright and shiny self. However in the parts where their true character shines through I believe you get it pretty on point. I also think that the circumstances in which each Doctor reincarnation regenerates has an impact on their character. Your Eleven is different for all the events leading up to regeneration including the Doctor's degeneration, plus everything afterward, including the characters he's surrounded by and the fact he's in relationship with Jack. Key aspects of his character that make him Eleven though I would say are his ability to be silly and childish, yet wise beyond his years and sometimes a bit sinister. I liked when he had to use a syringe on John and was too lazy to get one the correct size. I thought that was very Eleven. His bedside manner can be a bit absent. Giving John the nanogenes for Christmas was also quite an Eleven thing yo do. A bit childishly excited, a bit socially inappropriate. I also like the way he explains things to young Jack in a way the kid understands, that I'm not sure even Ten would grasp quite as well. John certainly doesn't.

However the lesson in all this is, it doesn't matter which Doctor you write, if you whump them enough, mess with their timeline and keep a few key elements in, you can pretty much do what you like with them haha.

I hope you enjoy the Tenth Doctor audios!

Author's Response: Martha and the Doctor's relationship was angsty to say the least. The Doctor does has Josh to live for and he's still got Rose waiting for him back in his own time at the moment. The Doctor doesn't know the full circumstances of losing Rose, and he just knows that she goes off with her family and another version of him - even he will be able to see some benefit of her being able to choose that life - he doesn't know that he loses her a couple of years before hand and then basically forces her to stay in the other universe with the Duplicate Doctor. He may well be able to convince himself that it's the perfect happy ending.

I'm relieved that Eleven came across as Eleven, but I still don't like him - lol, not as a character because I did enjoy Matt Smith's Doctor, but when writing him which is probably why he kind of disappeared into the background a little in LGM. He'll be back in the TD Universe I'm sure.

Always plenty of whump to be had, and, no lightning rods, who needs lightning rods when there are caves to fall down, genetically modified creatures to eat you, and an a whole UNIT field operation with young soldiers armed to the teeth? Ha Ha!!

2020.09.05 - 07:03PM
17: Chapter 17

It's got to be weird for Martha because she's had all these adventures with the Doctor. To not be able to tell him anything about anything would be hard. It's weird for the Doctor too because he can tell that he's met her later on. Very interesting.

Author's Response: I think it's weird for all of them. They're going to have to dance around potential paradoxes if they're going to interact safely, but Martha is good enough to do that and to treat him as a professional medic and the Doctor is just going to have to accept it on face value she knows time lords and well... it's going to be just as well she does!

2020.09.05 - 03:09PM
21: Chapter 21

Bless Wilf's storytelling

Author's Response: He's not one for the details lol. If the Doctor thought that was going to help him figure things out I think he's sorely mistaken!

2020.09.05 - 11:06AM
21: Chapter 21

I think the TARDIS will forgive Joshua, he didn't know.

Author's Response: I'm sure she will.

2020.09.04 - 07:39PM
20: Chapter 20

Why buy them from Amazon? You can make an account on the Big Finish website and download them from there onto the Big Finish app. I recommend the first volume of the Tenth Doctor Adventures for good whump. Plus Catherine Tate is brilliant with David Tennant in them too.

I think you've probably thought a lot more about the time on the crucible than most. The TARDIS thing could have been an oversight by the writers. It happens. But then different writers seem to interpret the connection between the Doctor and the TARDIS differently, according to artistic license.

I'd like to think Martha has patched up multiple regenerations of the Doctor and is quite used to it haha.

Author's Response: I know I put stuff online here but if I'm reading a book I want a book and if it's an audio book I want a CD but I have taken your advice And got volume 1 arrived about an hour ago. Will let you know what I think.

There are a few things he bounces back from without any on screen consequences that I don't believe even a time Lord could do lol. Only half regenerating and basically dumping all that energy is the biggest one, but the Pentallion, Midnight, and hanging off the Empire States Building when it's struck by lightning is another - plenty of a whumpy gaps to fill in when I get round to them. 《p》It would be interesting to explore Martha's relationships with Doctors pre-ten, but if the TD Universe has taught me anything it's that I can't write other Doctors and Eleven just ended up being Ten in a bowtie lol.

2020.09.04 - 06:08PM
20: Chapter 20

Sorry I had a thought too. If the Doctor forgets anytime he crosses his timeline how many times in how many generations has Martha had to treat the Doctor when things go wrong? Haha. Side note; have you listened to the new Big Finish audio with David Tennant and Tom Baker? And any memory of crossed timelines is explained away the same way haha!

Author's Response: I've not listened to any of the Big Finish audios. I keep on looking at them on Amazon lol and then not getting them! Martha is going to be meeting him within a year of his actual time line, so while I definitely think that 10,11,12 and potentially 13 have turned up at her door needing assistance at some point, I've not really thought about whether any of the previous generations might have done the same and just not remembered doing it. I have got a theory that memories that have been forgotten are then remembered when the time lines catch up. I think 10 said that he'd just remembered watching 5 fix the TARDIS which is how he knew how to fix the TARDIS during Time Crash. I mean of everyone you'd think that 10 would be the most surprised when the metacrisis Doctor turned up in the TARDIS, but he didn't seem that surprised at all, maybe he remembered it was happening as it was happening because of what he's going to find out. Who knows. What I don't get though, and never have, the Doctor is connected to the TARDIS - yet he did seem surprised when the TARDIS turned up and hadn't been destroyed in the Crucible's core - surely he would have known that she hadn't been destroyed? But - that was the initial question behind TD so not going into that here lol.

2020.09.04 - 04:07PM
20: Chapter 20

Bernard Cribbins who plays Wilf is 91. So in 2026 it would put him at 97. Going well! I don't know if the show ever mentioned Wilf's true age

Author's Response: Yeah, that's what I've gone on. I had to make sure that the time lines fit for Wilf to be there with Josh after his mother had died to tell him the stories or the story wouldn't have worked, unless it had been his grandmother, but then I'm not entirely sure Sylvia would have been as generous about the Doctor as Wilf would be - even if she had come round by the end of the End of Time.

2020.09.04 - 04:01PM
20: Chapter 20

I had a thought, if Wilf was Joshua's great-grandfather and he was around 80 to 85 when he traveled with the Doctor for that short period of time and was at Donna's wedding. now Joshua is 14. so he was alive 3 years ago when Donna died. then that would have made Wilf over 100 years old when he died. If I did the math correctly.

Author's Response: I based it on Bernard Cribbins age because I couldn't find an age anywhere for Wilf mentioned in the series. Josh says that he stayed behind with Wilf when he broke his arm because Wilf said he was 94 and too old to go running around the jungle which matches the actor's age and would make him 97 in 2026 - if he was still alive.

2020.09.04 - 03:57PM
20: Chapter 20

As Donna would put it, he's experiencing 'Dad shock'. So powerful it swept him off his feet!

Author's Response: He's definitely feeling something and he's definitely feeling shocked by it all.

2020.09.04 - 03:53PM
20: Chapter 20

Just remember "wibbly-wobbly"

Author's Response: It's definitely going to be that! Poor Doctor is going to feel like his time line is wrapped around his throat choking the life out of him.