Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.09 - 08:59PM
31: Chapter 31

It seems like a sore throat ought to be the least of the Doctor's concerns at the moment. I think he's still owed ice-cream afterward though. Martha seems to have a lot of expertise on his anatomy. It would be interesting to know in what other manner she has treated him before within the cannon of your story. I'd like to know what Jack is insinuating by pillow talk too. If Ten has a recollection of these times, perhaps that leads him to visit Martha, Mickey and Jack on his farewell tour before regeneration. And even help Donna win the lottery. Martha has a bit of a medical mystery to deal with. I am sure she'll figure it out.

Author's Response: I expect that there will be some ice cream had at some point. Hopefully in 2026 they do something as disgusting as banana ripple might be. I'm not planning on any kind of 'flashbacks' or anything in this one to explore the Martha/Doctor relationship over the last/next 20 years, but maybe some one shots? I am sure that between them all they'll work out what is going on with the Doctor and what the potential is for any of the UNIT teams that they are going to have to send into the tunnels to deal with the creatures. All Martha really knows at the moment is that if a non-fatal injury such as this has left the Doctor in such a state that a human would basically not stand a chance unless they have something specific and immediate in terms of an emergency treatment.

2020.09.09 - 08:43PM
30: Chapter 30

Its good Martha has some extra helping hands - even if the Major is none too pleased about it. I am glad Jack is there to help. It pains me that just Jack's touch seems to cause Ten distress though, when he's already in such dire condition. Hopefully it's not so bad when the Doctor starts to feel better.

Author's Response: Martha definitely needed some help and it is good that Jack is on board. The Jack / Doctor thing is going to be difficult for both of them.

2020.09.09 - 06:15PM
30: Chapter 30

I wouldn't be surprised if the Doctor vomited profusely once he's conscious and sets eyes on Jack.

Author's Response: Yeah, the Jack thing is going to be more difficult than they expected it to be. It was bad enough when they met again at the end of the Universe and the Doctor was able to come to terms with Jack over the period of the year and ended up inviting him back into the TARDIS - but, what if the end of the universe wasn't the first time he'd met Jack and what if the 'you're wrong Jack - just looking at you is hard' isn't his first interaction with him?

2020.09.09 - 01:40PM
20: Chapter 20

It would seem to me that the Doctor and Joshua are feeling a familial bond, more like an uncle-nephew family connection.

By the way, Big Finish audio dramas are excellent. I've met and talked with Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery (who own and produce BF) many, many times, and they are quite brilliant. I have difficulty listening to audioBOOKS because the droning of one narrator makes me fall asleep. But the audio dramas with multiple actors are far more entertaining. I try not to listen to them when I'm writing DW, however, because I like to stick to TV canon in my stories as much as possible.

Author's Response: There is definitely a connection there and the chances are that the more time they spend together and the better they get to know each other the stronger that bond will become.

I've listened to a couple before, but they were audio versions of the BBC books that were released in 2006/7. I know what you mean about not listening to things when you're writing though. I might watch a couple of Season 2 or 3 episodes, but basically that would be it.

For the first time in a long time I'm 'in the zone' where I know what is going to happen and how it's going to happen but it's not on paper yet and it needs to be on paper lol. I'm not sure people that don't write get it - got the 'what did you do at the weekend' question on Monday - my response 'I'm writing'. 'What did you do last night?' I'm writing'. Did you watch... I'm writing. Have you been playing... I'm writing lol. I've got 6 audio books, there is a new Borderlands DLC mission out tomorrow (I own a PlayStation and the Borderlands games are brilliant), someone just loaned me 2 other PS4 games to try and report back on, and I've got 6 audios to listen to... but I'M WRITING!

2020.09.09 - 01:25PM
18: Chapter 18

Well, Mickey is still the idiot in 2026, obviously. Mentioning the metacrisis was not wise, even if the Doctor may not actually know what that means.

Author's Response: Yeah - Mickey and his mouth lol.

2020.09.09 - 01:21PM
17: Chapter 17

Love how cheeky Joshua is here. And it's probably a testament to his growing bond with the Doctor that the Doctor didn't tell him off for being presumptuous.

I'm loving the entrance of Martha Jones, too. She doesn't get nearly enough attention. She's brilliant, and she handles the Doctor masterfully here.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor is probably relieved to have gotten some assistance with his injuries. Josh was cheeky but it needed to be done. Martha is cool - she's given the Doctor just enough to know he can trust her and just enough to let him know that she's in charge while remaining sensitive to his predicament.

2020.09.09 - 01:14PM
15: Chapter 15

Your Tenth Doctor has been spot on in this story. "Stevie" is no doubt as egregiously annoying to Steven as "sir" is to the Doctor.

Author's Response: The Doctor can be as annoying as anyone - probably - definitely - more so.

2020.09.09 - 12:46PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh my. I actually hadn't seen that coming, in spite of your masterful reveal. I love this story! It presents so many difficulties for the Doctor and his friends due to the potential paradoxes. It occurred to me that this story would present an equally difficult task for the author. 😂 I would need an extensive outline just to keep things straight in my head.

Author's Response: I'd by lying if I said there hadn't been some unintentional paradoxes scribbled out of the draft and rewritten - or, slips where Ten has referenced something that he shouldn't know about yet. It is quite fun to write something that's a bit more challenging. I'm using my work laptop to type up on at the moment (only out of hours lol) but I'd hate to think what would happen if the bosses checked my search history at the moment - it's full of toxins and explosives at the moment!

2020.09.09 - 12:01AM
28: Chapter 28

Yay! Jack's here! It's interesting that he's with Alonso. So those two hooked up for more than one night and are dating. I love all the little details you've added about the future. It ties in so nice and really adds to the story.

Author's Response: Who you going to call when the Doctor is sick and all of time is at risk? It's always going to be Jack isn't it?? He is still with Alonso - they have a good life split between Earth and Sto and as any partner of Jack's will have to accept if the Doctor comes calling then Jack is going to be away - the difference is that while Ianto accepted it with some resentment, Alonso is also from a time when he's a more open to relationships being open - and, rather than resent it if Jack goes running off with the Doctor / or as it will transpire the Doctor calls in on Jack - Alonso is pleased for Jack - and even more pleased when he gets to join in :) Shame they can't tell Ten that him, Eleven, and Twelve are all going to call into on them regularly - Jack's still waiting for thirteen though.

2020.09.08 - 04:26PM
29: Chapter 29

It sounds like Josh is used to being told he's talking rubbish. He is bright young lad though. It will be good for him to be around others who think so too. I wonder what he experienced in the foster home.
Ten had better be sent back to his personal timeline in one piece. Could the fact that he's so sick be making him feel more sick as his life and timeline both hangs in the balance?

Author's Response: I'm not sure that Josh has been with anyone who would truly understand how smart he is and the potential he has before - especially not in the foster home. No guarantees of Ten going back to his timeline in one piece. Being out of time is making things harder for him and exacerbating everything so will be making him feel worse and experience things more significantly.

2020.09.08 - 04:12PM
28: Chapter 28

I'm not sure Jack and discrete go very well in the same sentence. It's excited he's joining the story. And he's from the future and shacked up with Alonso! This will be interesting. The Doctor's really in trouble. Give Captain Jack a moment to get dressed and he'll be there.

Author's Response: I'm sure that Jack was a little tongue in cheek when he suggested that he was going to be discrete. With all of UNIT there he's not going to just sit in the TARDIS is he? Yes, it's a version of Jack who is firmly embedded into the 2026 timeline - though Jack pretty much has a timeline of his own - and he's shacked up with Alonso.

2020.09.08 - 03:59PM
27: Chapter 27

Wel done Martha and Josh. Hopefully the Doctor continues to stabilise.
Since Martha could tell the Doctor's hearts were out of sync without a stethoscope, I'm guessing the numbers in brackets are his individual heart rates and not his blood pressure. They add up to the total heartrate. I am curious about the percentage that follows it. Are you including regeneration energy in this story? Has his healing been disrupted? Is that why he's still bleeding?

Author's Response: Yeah, the numbers in the brackets are the individual heart rates and add up to overall heart rate. They're pretty out of synch at the moment. As he continues to stabilise they should come more back in line again. It's funny, because in three or four chapters when the Doctor is off the floor Josh is going to ask Martha exactly the same thing that you've just asked me about the percentage because he's figured out the heart rates. I could tell you now in the reviews or you could wait until Josh asks the same - it's not that exciting really.

2020.09.08 - 01:17PM
29: Chapter 29

Of course it matters to hose who know and love him. even those who knows him but he hasn't met them yet.

Author's Response: We all know it matters

2020.09.08 - 09:28AM
28: Chapter 28

It gets more complicated

Author's Response: Yeah, the more people are involved the better it is going to be, but the more complicated it is going to get with the Doctor and his timeline.

2020.09.07 - 04:18PM
26: Chapter 26

Josh did a good job of getting hold of Martha and looking after the Doctor over the phone. But now Martha needs to take care of the Doctor and get him all better. Then the Doctor can get Josh a banana.

Author's Response: Hopefully the Doctor will respond well to the correct treatment when they figure out exactly what is going on with him and then he'll amaze them all with his ability to bounce back and recover better than anyone else and then probably wind them all up and getting into big trouble by being blasť about the insignificance of it all.