Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.14 - 07:33PM
36: Chapter 36

The difference between Jack and Josh; Jack thinks traumatic events ought to be forgotten, while Joshua uses it an opportunity to learn and grow.
I hope this story isn't going to turn into another UNIT bloodbath.
Josh can be stand in for the Doctor and do the scientific advisory from his bed, while the Doctor is so out of commission.

Author's Response: How do you define bloodbath? :)

There are a few bloodbaths to come for UNIT in Ten's time with the Sontarans and then the daleks.

Josh can fill in to some extent. He likes animals and stuff, but he's not got the underlying study - he can say it's a genetic anomaly if that is what the TARDIS tells him it is, but he doesn't have the knowledge to actually say what a transcription error is or what coding DNA is or things like that so he may begin to struggle if people do think about relying on him for data.

2020.09.14 - 06:11PM
37: Chapter 37

I would dearly love to see a 14 y/o kid do a stellar brief just to show off. I've tried teaching dozens of people of people, three or four times his age, how to write briefs, sitreps, and risk assessments over the years. Even with templates, few get them right.

Josh's analysis of the situation with the creatures is quite good. He admits when he doesn't know the answer, but he's not lacking in confidence in himself. But they're mixed with shrew?!? That's pretty interesting. I wonder what shrew brings to the mix.

Author's Response: We don't tend to do science briefs, but the new job that has kept me away from writing for a while is performance and compliance manager which means I'm responsible for the compliance with respect to incident reports, security intelligence reports, risk assessments, SSOW, accident reports, use of force reports... and so on... when you've got a template that says 'date' and 'time of incident' at the top of it - why is it so hard to get people to write the date and the time of the incident on the top of the report???

When you're thinking of a shrew are you thinking of a cute little mouse type creature? Ounce for ounce they are probably one of the most voracious and aggressive animals on the planet, if you scaled them up to lion size then a lion wouldn't have a chance! Plus - little known fact (yeah, I'm indulging in one of my passions through Josh as well - not the genetic modifications, but the natural history) the Eurasion Watershrew and the Short tailed shrew are actually one of a very few species of toxic mammal. Maybe the creatures are more shrew than anyone realises, because the majority will think of cute little furry mice type animals.

2020.09.14 - 04:59PM
36: Chapter 36

Yep, their Chief Scientific Advisor is out of commission for the moment. They need to find Malcolm Taylor! Haha. He would drive the Doctor spare, of course.

Author's Response: By the time they get to 2026 I'm not sure that Malcolm Taylor would still be around within UNIT - he'd probably have been skinned by someone driven to distraction, but while the Chief Scientific Advisor is out of action there is a Chief Scientist for UNIT and perhaps she went back to UNIT after their hiatus along with Martha and Mickey.

2020.09.14 - 02:06PM
36: Chapter 36

Keen observations by Joshua. I guess he got all that from Donna. I think Jack and Joshua are going to be good friends (nothing more, Jack, he's only 14!)

Author's Response: He really likes nature documentaries and has the intellectual capacity not only to remember everything he reads and sees but to apply it and think about in relation to others so he can form theories, he just doesn't have much in the way of experience in following through with that so maybe that will be something he can get with the Doctor and will change him from being a smart kid to being a brilliant kid.

2020.09.14 - 08:55AM
1: Chapter 1

I hope you had a good break from writing and that you are doing okay in this crazy world of 2020.
They went into a stormdrain! I would never ever go in there! Don't kids read Stephen King or at least watch his movies!

Author's Response: Hope you're doing well too x

2020.09.14 - 08:55AM
1: Chapter 1

I hope you had a good break from writing and that you are doing okay in this crazy world of 2020.
They went into a stormdrain! I would never ever go in there! Don't kids read Stephen King or at least watch his movies!

Author's Response: The World does seem to be a bit crazy at the moment! I didn't really have a break from writing, just a break from 'Who', but it's nice to be back on here 'seeing' familiar faces! I certainly wouldn't be heading down into a dark and dank storm drain - but at least Pennywise is definitely not down this one!

2020.09.14 - 04:24AM
35: Chapter 35

Jack and Alonso might make good foster parents too :)

Author's Response: I am sure they would in principle, but they share their time between Earth and Sto and I'm not sure how that would sit with a 14 year old kid who is going to have to do mundane things like sit school exams etc.

2020.09.13 - 11:13PM
35: Chapter 35

It's occurred to me that when the Doctor goes back into his earlier timeline, he'll forget Josh, too. As usual, he has to tragically cut ties with loved ones to preserve timelines. In this case, Josh will never be born if the Doctor doesn't return to Rose. He doesn't really have a choice but to return. I'm wondering if Mickey and Martha wouldn't make good "foster parents" until the Doctor catches back up to their timeline. Of course, he wouldn't be Pinstripes Doctor.

Author's Response: It might have occurred to you, but with all the talk of Davros and stuff it's not really occurred to the Doctor or to Josh yet. There is no choice about the Doctor going back to his own timeline, but as long as they can minimise the impact then it doesn't have to be straight away does it?

2020.09.13 - 08:35PM
35: Chapter 35

I tend to agree with Martha's point of view, that Ten won't want Josh to go, rather than what Jack thought. But then again, Jack was abandoned by the Doctor himself.

Author's Response: I think the hard part will be when it comes to go their separate ways rather than Josh being dumped.

2020.09.13 - 08:27PM
34: Chapter 34

Hm, I still think there was something else important about the rucksack. They should check under the bed.
The Doctor is still too drowsy and poorly to deal with much of anything yet. I imagine he'll be less compliant before long.

Author's Response: Yeah, Martha knows the path to recovery for the Doctor well! When he's compliant and content just to rest she knows he's really ill, when he starts grumbling and complaining he's starting to do better, and then when he starts to be an idiot that's when he's feeling better and at risk of going back to stage one or two again. Maybe with Josh being there and being injured the Doctor might be a bit better behaved than usual, and, he doesn't know Martha yet - just knows there is this whirlwind of a medic who knows how to treat him, maybe that will make him behave a bit more than usual as well - or of course make him push just to see how much she'll take.

2020.09.13 - 08:13PM
33: Chapter 33

Spinning on his head?

Author's Response: Lol, hopefully he won't do anything as daft!

2020.09.13 - 03:06AM
32: Chapter 32

Oh dear. Martha has butchered Ten. Hopefully Ten continues to trust Martha. He's been pretty good so far. At what point does a skin graft become necessary? Perhaps there is some more advanced technology that can help him heal. And what mistakes has Martha made treating the Doctor before I wonder.
I wish Mickeys friends wouldn't insult his intelligence. He's done enough not to deserve that.

Author's Response: A skin graft would only be necessary if they couldn't get the wound edges closed and Martha has done that. With the Doctor's capacity for regenerative healing as long as they can keep him sensible for a couple of days he'll be okay.

Mickey has definitely proven that he can stand his own ground and that he's not an idiot - but then again he did take a wrong turn on his way back into the woods.

2020.09.13 - 12:47AM
32: Chapter 32

Josh is obviously the son of the Doctor-Donna! He's quite brilliant, and even Martha seems to recognize his intelligence and trust him. It's truly a pity the Doctor has to return to his earlier timeline, as Joshua would make a fantastic companion for him.

Somehow I suspect the Doctor will be an idiot and make himself come unzipped.

Author's Response: Josh is a difficult mix of fourteen year old human boy and intelligent metacrisis. Joshua would definitely make a good full time companion for the Doctor, but would that be good for Josh in the long term? I think even the Doctor will recognise the benefit of Josh being in a stable family environment and going to school and being with other teenage humans.

It's fairly certain that the Doctor will be doing some unzipping at some point - hopefully it won't be in it's entirety or he'll be in real trouble with Martha.

2020.09.10 - 08:40AM
32: Chapter 32

Mickey has his pride in the kitchen, LOL!

Author's Response: I think he's got a lot of pride in a lot of things, but he can definitely work his way round bacon and egg butties - and it's not as easy as it looks to get the perfect crisp on the bacon and the yolks of the egg just right.

2020.09.10 - 08:10AM
30: Chapter 30

Poor Mickey!

Author's Response: He's not so good with the gory side of Martha's profession, but he'll do all he can to help.