Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.16 - 08:15PM
41: Chapter 41

Josh is a brain box and Jack can't keep up! Also, I know the longer the Doctor sleeps, the more he'll heal. But I am still hanging out for him to wake up again.

Author's Response: It won't be long until the Doctor wakes up again - they're only little chapters which is why it seems like he's been asleep for longer.

2020.09.16 - 07:53PM
40: Chapter 40

Is Josh a special project? That's good what Jack did wish Josh's clicker. He is definitely looking out for Josh. I didn't follow Martha's conversation with Kate well enough to know it was her that she was talking to and had to reread that passage. Maybe it was the jellyfish sting that did Blag in?

Author's Response: I'm not sure Josh would qualify as a special project yet but he has the potential to. It's a mystery as to what happened to Blag hopefully they will figure it out before it happens to anyone else!

2020.09.16 - 07:39PM
39: Chapter 39

How would the Doctor manage to find tiny things with the TARDIS for months, without them turning in massive things? Trouble follows him after all. And good luck to Josh, keeping Ten in line!

Author's Response: I'm sure that the Doctor will find plenty of little things to take pleasure in. Trouble is only the bits in between :)

2020.09.16 - 06:43PM
41: Chapter 41

Antivenin is a good guess, but the only real candidate for a test is...the Doctor. Oops.

Josh using Jack as a sounding board was pretty funny. He might as well have used the wall. LOL.

Author's Response: Hopefully there will something useful coming out of the work that Josh is doing, but I doubt anyone would sanction giving it to the Doctor - especially since he's now recovering - I mean that is just cruel and unnecessary :)

Josh pretty much went over Jack's head, but at least he's getting Martha to listen to what he was rambling on about.

2020.09.16 - 05:05PM
39: Chapter 39

I suspect bluntness wouldn't faze Josh, considering that his mother was Donna Noble. Haha.

Author's Response: No, I think he's going to be perfectly used to being told things how they are, and, that he's picked that trait up from his mother as well. There is going to be no beating around the bush with him.

2020.09.16 - 05:04PM
40: Chapter 40

Did Kate ever meet 13? I'm in the States and don't get BBC America so I've not seen much of Jodi Whitaker's episodes.

As for Major Magomba (spelling?) being in a foul mood. I sense trouble for Jack

Author's Response: Not yet. 13 tried to contact UNIT for some assistance during the last series but found that UNIT had been mothballed and wasn't available due to budget cuts. I've taken a bit of a liberty and decided that the people with the purse strings will come to their senses and bring UNIT back after a period of time which is how they're running now.

2020.09.16 - 04:59PM
40: Chapter 40

Ah, I love Kate Stewart! Glad to see her here.

Now the Doctor's symptoms are starting to make sense. Yes, I was originally thinking about the tiny mouse-like shrew, and I remembered that they are extremely aggressive, along with a few other interesting traits. But I forgot all about the fact that some are venomous! The creatures may well have more traits from shrews than I'd thought.

Author's Response: I like Kate too. She's no nonsense and isn't going to stand for any time lord silliness.

Not saying the shrew is DNA is responsible for this, just that it shouldn't be overlooked. They are far from cute and fluffy lol.

2020.09.16 - 04:50PM
39: Chapter 39

Keeping the Doctor in line? Good Luck Josh!

Author's Response: I am sure that Josh will have the Doctor wrapped around his little finger before long and it might be easier than anyone thinks to get him to behave - when he's in Josh's presence anyway.

2020.09.16 - 04:07PM
5: Chapter 5

Are you using this story to perfect your cliffhanger skills? No need for that, your game is strong!

Author's Response: You need a good cliffhanger every now and then :)

2020.09.16 - 03:50PM
4: Chapter 4

Scary and intriguing, the perfect mix.

Author's Response: They need to figure out what they are and what to do about them.

2020.09.16 - 03:50PM
4: Chapter 4

Scary and intriguing, the perfect mix.

Author's Response: They're not what you expect to be living in the caves under the woods in North Yorkshire that is for sure.

2020.09.15 - 07:52PM
38: Chapter 38

Timelords still age throughout each regeneration. It just takes them longer. Just look at Eleven at the end of his life. And even Jack who's immortal notices the odd grey hair.

Author's Response: There wouldn't be an expectation for Ten to look older between the beginning of 2006 and the end of 2007 which is the time period that Jack is referencing.

Eleven is an odd one isn't he, because technically at the end of his life he isn't Eleven he's thirteen (because of the War Doctor and Ten's part regeneration) and isn't able to regenerate and so does decay albeit over an extended period of time. He would have decayed until he died if Clara hadn't gotten the Time Lords to intervene - what is it that Twelve said to River? 'A thing happened?' when she was sure she had seen all his faces.

As for Jack being immortal he isn't really is he? An immortal is a being that doesn't die. Jack dies all too quickly and all too easily, he is reset and brought back to life, but he's still human and he still dies the same way as a human does - and the odd grey hair shouldn't be his worry when potentially he's the Face of Boe! - Reckon that must be something to do with all the radiation involved in his repeated resurrections with the Artron energy from the TARDIS gradually damaging his cells more than they can be reset - and, the Face of Boe dies on New Earth - so all of that is going to end too.

2020.09.15 - 01:16PM
38: Chapter 38

The son of the fastest typist in Chiswick better not forget!

Author's Response: I think Josh, all being well, will have a fantastic time with the Doctor but will still remain grounded.

2020.09.15 - 05:00AM
37: Chapter 37

Well if Josh isn't supposed to be getting out of bed for a while at least he has something to do. I think it's true that some of the metacrisis smartness wore off on him. I love how much he knows about animals. I wonder if maybe he could work for UNIT in the future when he's older or become some kind of animal biologist. I think he'd be great at that.

Author's Response: He's keeping himself busy while he's stuck in bed, but he already knows what he wants to do when he grows up.

2020.09.14 - 08:01PM
37: Chapter 37

[He’s been given an anaesthetic and loads of other drugs that Martha has warned are going to make him feel well.]

I think you meant unwell.

[“If the Doctor told UNIT that they shouldn’t come here without stab proof vests then why did he go back down there in just a T-shirt even after he’d been slashed and was bleeding?”]

...Why indeed?
Imagine if the Doctor carried out risk assesment every time he left the TARDIS.

Author's Response: I did and I've changed it thank you.

He'd never leave the TARDIS just so he didn't have to do one. I guess he's doing 'dynamic risk assessments' all the time, but Josh has a valid point. He's made sure UNIT know they need that protection, but not done anything for himself.