Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.18 - 10:47AM
44: Chapter 44

either Josh is getting tired or he's starting to doubt himself.

Author's Response: I expect it is both. He's tired, he's worn out, and he's definitely doubting himself.

2020.09.18 - 01:25AM
44: Chapter 44

I wonder if more king cobra venom could be replicated somehow using the TARDIS? Or it might be quicker just to get Jack to pick some up using the vortex manipulator.
Is Josh's vision blurring because he's upset and crying, because he's been staring at a screen too long, or because he's beginning to panic? If he gets too freaked out he might give the Doctor another headache. Josh needs to have a break whether he wants to or not. Cleverness isn't all about knowing everything. It's also about working smarter not harder. That includes taking breaks. And learning from mistakes, rather than being too afraid to make them in the first place. Learning to give himself a break is one learning curve Josh needs right now.

Author's Response: If they need to fetch it from across the globe they will get Jack to go and get it. Josh is upset and starting to panic at the same time. He definitely needs to take a break. He's tying himself up in knots. He needs to recognise that the Doctor didn't try and deal with all the creatures himself - he called UNIT in to deal with them. Josh shouldn't be trying to do it himself either.

2020.09.18 - 01:14AM
43: Chapter 43

I don't think the Doctor would be to happy if bits of him were being used for such experimentation. Josh wanted to take tissue from the dead kid too. I think he needs to take a step back for a bit, so he can really think about things properly. It's like when he asked the Doctor to save Donna from the plane crash. Josh needs a moment to look at things a different way for a bit, in order to really understand and also check himself, rather than get too over enthused.

Author's Response: No, there are some questionable ethics in play there and Josh needs a couple of lessons in what is appropriate and what isn't. At the moment he just wants to help and needs some guidance. I'm not sure that he will get that guidance from the Doctor - his ethics can be a bit questionable as well at times - especially when considering the sanctity of the dead (thinking of the Gelth), Martha and Mickey would be good guides for him there though. They will help him to understand, but they've got to get through the current crisis first. Maybe as Josh steps back and has a think about Martha saying no to him that he might be able to work it out himself.

2020.09.18 - 01:07AM
42: Chapter 42

Josh is due a break. I love the fact UNIT have zygon antivenom but not from a creature of their own planet!

Author's Response: Josh definitely needs to take some time out. To be fair to UNIT they are more likely to come across a loose Zygon in the United Kingdom than they are a loose king cobra.

2020.09.17 - 10:43PM
44: Chapter 44

Oh dear. Poor Joshua is drinking from a fire hose and starting to drown. I think every student in Uni has had that feeling at least once during an advanced course. He's tired and needs to rest before he loses even more confidence.

Author's Response: He's got himself in a spot of bother trying to work something out that is so far removed from what he knows that he's getting turned around and about. I definitely remember that feeling from university. It's a big leap from A'levels to university work - Josh is 14 and hasn't been to school since he was 13, so he's trying to leap several levels at once, and as smart as he is and as clever as he is, he doesn't have the foundation in biochemisty that he needs to understand what is going on in the Doctor's cells.

2020.09.17 - 08:25PM
43: Chapter 43

Josh could ask the TARDIS where the board games are, but he's probably disinclined to ask her. It doesn't sound as if he's very interested in "fun" activities, at least at present. I'm guessing he's trying to distract himself from all the recent changes, injuries, trauma and fears by burying himself in work.

Author's Response: I'm not sure Josh is that keen on playing games at the moment. He is quickly developing a bad habit that he definitely shares with the Doctor and that he's finding somewhere to hide and at the moment it's in working in the creatures.

2020.09.17 - 05:34PM
1: Chapter 1

That's the clever bit. knowing the questions to ask and letting the TARDIS come up with the answers. I also think the TARDIS the Doctor's claim of being so brilliant because she knows and loves him.

Author's Response: You have to know what to ask in order to get the right answers. I think you're right. The TARDIS will let the Doctor get away with it, because he is brilliant and she does love him.

2020.09.17 - 01:48PM
42: Chapter 42

Martha and Jack sound like they have their work cut out for them in preventing Josh from becoming a workaholic

Author's Response: Yeah, he's doing a very doctory thing without even realising it and he's hiding in it because it's too scary.

2020.09.17 - 01:43PM
13: Chapter 13

Something good about 2026 : Phones have replaceable batteries again! Or its a fairphone, or an ancient Nokia. 😘

Author's Response: Batteries always come out of phones lol. Any of the phones I've got anyway, reckon he's got a normal phone lol

2020.09.17 - 01:40PM
17: Chapter 17

Donna would be so proud of her son!

Author's Response: Yeah, she would, he grassed the Doctor up good and proper - and did the right thing!

2020.09.17 - 11:03AM
14: Chapter 14

Poor Donna! But at least Wilf got to live to a good old age.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's tragic what happened to Donna and her family, but Wilf was the perfect great grandfather to Josh.

2020.09.17 - 10:46AM
12: Chapter 12

Strange things going on in 2026, but I really don't want to think about a war in 2021. Things ar bad enough already.

Author's Response: Yeah, following on from Brexit the entire European Union breaks down and war breaks out across the European state. That bit was all written pre-Covid too!

2020.09.17 - 09:48AM
9: Chapter 9

🤞Call Torchwood for help, this is too big and dangerous for just one Timelord.

Author's Response: Lol, you'd think that would be an easy answer would't you, but in 2006 the Doctor doesn't know that Torchwood exists so he won't know that he can call them,, and, by 2026 there isn't anything like Torchwood left so even if he did know about them he wouldn't be able to call them - welcome to nightmare world of smashing timelines together!!! He can call UNIT though so when he realises that it's too big for him he can ring them.

2020.09.17 - 04:00AM
6: Chapter 6

He's heard about the Doctor. Puzzling

Author's Response: Yeah, there is definitely a mystery there, but the kid thinks the Doctor is just a story.

2020.09.16 - 09:46PM
41: Chapter 41

Oh dear! Josh is sounding more like the Doctor in his explanation.

Author's Response: Josh is certainly finding his way round the TARDIS systems and trying to work things out.