Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.20 - 06:47PM
49: Chapter 49

Done and dusted without any gunfire. Too easy.

Author's Response: It went smoothly and as things are supposed to. I expect that is a well practised and well drilled scenario. Everyone knows what their role is everyone knows what is expected of them and the element of surprise plus their numbers works to their advantage. What comes when something isn't drilled and practised is another matter.

2020.09.20 - 03:21PM
50: Chapter 50

thought the operation went too smoothly!
My guess is they were expecting dead animals.
But instead it was a herd of live and frightened and possibly sick pigs!

Author's Response: Yeah, the expectation was that anything that arrived was going to be dead animals or partially butchered carcasses. That there was live pigs in the truck was a shock to everyone - especially Mickey!

2020.09.19 - 08:39PM
48: Chapter 48

Hm, so Jack is causing a worse reaction for the Doctor than back in 2006? I suppose Jack is like a near infinite amount of paradoxes all wrapped up into one man. And, to think, just rummikub gave Ten a headache. Perhaps Martha is right and the Doctor needs to get used to it. Maybe when he's not feeling quite as peaky though. Did the cooling mattress get switched back on, now that Ten is sleeping? Or did Jack forget in his moment of self pitying? It's probably best Martha is at Ten's side for now. He never had his cup of tea. With all that bed swapping, has the Doctor still got a drip attached?

I've been thinking about the creatures in the caves too. Maybe they were designed as a genetically engineered weapon, for use in the European War. But by the time they were succesfully created, the war was over. So now the animals are hidden away, without a use - except for livestock waste disposal. Which will only make their population boom beyond control, due to excess resources. In which case, Jack is the best person to have on the front line. The members of UNIT remain vulnerable without an antidote directly on hand.

Author's Response: It's unclear at this point whether the Doctor is experiencing Jack more strongly because it is technically the first time he's come across him since the Gamestation and by the time he next meets him at the end of the universe that he's had this opportunity to get used to the physical effects of it even if he won't remember meeting the Captain, or, if he's experiencing it more because he's more temporally vulnerable because he's out of time, sick, and has had the link with Josh basically rammed into his head unexpectedly, or, it could be because Jack is thousands of years older than the 20 years that have passed, or it could be a totally different influence.

Martha is with the Doctor now so she will make sure that he has everything he needs to keep on recovering.

Jack is probably better off on the front line at the moment rather than in the TARDIS. If they had some way of controlling the creatures then they would have been a good weapon. Maybe they are Putin's doing :)

2020.09.19 - 06:30PM
47: Chapter 47

Future companions and metacrises, fine. But board games cause a paradox headache. Love it! And Jack the Fact is troubling Ten. Maybe Jack and Mickey should swap places, while the Doctor recovers some? I hope Martha is back to check on Ten again soon.

Author's Response: Lol, I'm not sure the board games did it in isolation, but is a build up of different things all mounting up for him, but being taught a game by Jack and Martha so he can play a game that he is then going to teach Jack and Martha is probably more tangible than the bigger things and though not as significant they're much easier to stack on top of each other.

2020.09.19 - 05:09PM
47: Chapter 47

Aww. I think we're all feeling more sorry for Jack right now than for the Doctor. LOL!

The bond between Josh, the Doctor and the TARDIS seems remarkably strong already. But the TARDIS knows their timelines better than any of them. If she's allowing things to play out, it would indicate that all should be as it should in the short term, wouldn't it?

Author's Response: The TARDIS is definitely looking after Josh and she'll always look after her Doctor, but as far as timelines are concerned everyone the Doctor is too sick to realise and no one else is considering that she might not be too comfortable with it all, but know that it's got to be so that the Doctor can get the help he needs.

2020.09.19 - 05:03PM
47: Chapter 47

Poor Jack

Author's Response: Yeah.

2020.09.19 - 02:22PM
47: Chapter 47

Poor Jack, back to beeing wrong again.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's going to be a strange for both of them.

2020.09.18 - 07:29PM
46: Chapter 46

The Doctor is right. Josh should not be getting down on himself for all that he doesn't know yet, but instead think of all the things he's achieved so far, against all odds. He's certainly helped save the Doctor from regenerating out of his timeline for a start. Now if only the Doctor would behave himself so he continues to recover and doesn't blow all Martha's handiwork!

Author's Response: There must be so much going on in poor Josh's head at the moment that everything seems like it's impossible. The Doctor will guide him, and, hopefully as he's expecting Josh to behave and fully comply with his treatment with his ankle that the Doctor will set him a good example!!! HA - as if!!!

2020.09.18 - 07:14PM
45: Chapter 45

The Doctor ought to be careful, or else he'll pop the sutures. Josh may be spinning on his head, but the Doctor should stay in bed! It is sweet how caring he's being though.

Author's Response: He's going to be in a world of trouble with Martha if he splits himself open, but to be honest I think he still feels too rough with everything to be really adventurous.

2020.09.18 - 06:37PM
46: Chapter 46

what's this? the Doctor being sensible?

Author's Response: It seems like he can talk sense when it comes to Josh being upset, whether he can act sensibly when it comes to himself remains to be seen as of yet.

2020.09.18 - 05:58PM
44: Chapter 44

I'm a bit worried about Josh. What if the more he uses his abilities the more he "burns up".

Author's Response: We still don't know how much of a metacrisis he is. Maybe the only affect is that he was able to contact the Doctor when he was scared for his life. He might just be an extra smart kid.

2020.09.18 - 05:58PM
44: Chapter 44

I'm a bit worried about Josh. What if the more he uses his abilities the more he "burns up".

Author's Response: I think he's just confused and tired.

2020.09.18 - 04:17PM
45: Chapter 45

You write the best Doctor. Nothing else to say. This is Doctor Who for grown-ups. Totally brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for all your reviews. I've had to check back which chapter you were reviewing a couple of times to see where you were at in the story, lol. I hope you continue to enjoy.

2020.09.18 - 03:42PM
38: Chapter 38

That thing about the two Lukes is very good. Russel T Davies, was really good I'd never noticed that.

Author's Response: Two Lukes, two lots of Smiths, and two lots of Joneses.

2020.09.18 - 11:24AM
28: Chapter 28

Oh goodie, this is getting better and better!

Author's Response: Captain Jack to the rescue :)