Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.25 - 05:34PM
60: Chapter 60

Wow. The more we learn about the creatures, the more questions I have. :-D

I have to wonder if the genetic lottery with these creatures mean that each individual has a different set of characteristics. It's not like they're a stable natural species, right? I'm not even sure they were ever meant to breed, hence the unviable eggs. It's more like they're a sort of chimera than hybrids. Curiouser and curiouser...

Author's Response: The creatures are an enigma. They're not a stable natural species at all, and although they have a genome which is made up of different bits of different animals they still have an active genome and if they weren't supposed to breed that there are juveniles say that the genome is successful enough to work, but because they have such diverse sections of DNA it's entirely possible that every individual is more significantly different to every individual in a naturally evolved creature - instead of the vast varieties of hair or fur colour in other species it could a variety of toxins.

2020.09.25 - 12:18AM
59: Chapter 59

And to think when Martha met the Doctor she refused to call him by that title.

Author's Response: Lol, and even though she's just witness him do this to help her husband, she still will when he gets to meet her in his timeline. I think it goes a long way to show the trust that she places in him now, even if he's still not 100% sure about her.

2020.09.25 - 12:17AM
59: Chapter 59

Ah, poor Mickey! *shudder*

Author's Response: At least it's back in without surgical intervention.

2020.09.24 - 11:57PM
58: Chapter 58

You've created an interesting dynamic between the characters, for sure. Jack is effecting the Doctor more than she originally thought. No one can really empathize with the Doctor either as they can't comprehend time sensitivity the same way.

Author's Response: Martha has seen now that there is a physical response to Jack being present rather than the Doctor not trying hard enough or avoiding it, so maybe there will be more understanding from her now rather than the 'you've got to deal with it' aspect where it is almost assumed that the Doctor is being difficult.

2020.09.24 - 11:50PM
57: Chapter 57

Martha can be tough on the Doctor. Sometimes he needs that.

Author's Response: She can be tough on him and he does need that, I'm not sure that she's being entirely fair on him in this one, asking him to help with Mickey and then threatening to staple him to the bed.

2020.09.24 - 09:18PM
59: Chapter 59

Soooo! this is a whump Mickey story?
also a tease Mickey story.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's going to be a bit of both.

2020.09.24 - 02:24PM
58: Chapter 58

Tension in the TARDIS!

The Doctor needs to do as Martha advises or the timelines are going to be screwed up when the Doctor returns to his own timeline. also rfor the sake of their future relationship.

Author's Response: There is a little bit of tension, but there may be more later. As for the Doctor just 'doing' what Martha says when it concerns Jack how does he just so it? That would be like asking one of the others not to hear some one screaming at them or not to see someone doing a naked dance directly in front of them, he can't just turn it off.

2020.09.24 - 01:00PM
56: Chapter 56

Does the Doctor know who Kate is yet? Better listen to her anyways.

Author's Response: He had better listen to her too, regardless of who dad is lol

2020.09.24 - 10:40AM
56: Chapter 56

Does the Doctor know who Kate is yet? Better listen to her anyways.

Author's Response: He doesn't know who she is yet, just thinks she's a bit bolshy and a bit over familiar. He still better listen to her, but it's good that he's getting to see a bit of who she is before he learns who her father is.

2020.09.24 - 03:19AM
56: Chapter 56

If Martha or Kate can't make the Doctor stay in bed, it would seem Jack can.

Author's Response: Yeah, a rather reluctant time lord is sitting on his bed like a naughty child at the moment lol.

2020.09.24 - 03:13AM
55: Chapter 55

A lot of this chapter was just repetition of what we know. Could have just said 'Jack gave a brief of what happened' and left it at that.

Author's Response: You got 6 chaotic chapters condensed into 5 paragraphs for the brief which included new information on Jack's take of what happened. I could have just said 'he briefed her', and I did contemplate on doing that as writing it and then as I was typing it, but I also wanted to show Jack was taking his adopted responsibility seriously before he declined into shower talk which is why I included it.

2020.09.23 - 08:07PM
56: Chapter 56

Poor Doctor and poor Jack!

Author's Response: Yeah, things between them are going to be difficult for a while.

2020.09.23 - 03:24PM
55: Chapter 55

Poor Mickey! trying so hard to show the Doctor that he's no idiot when it's so early in the Doctor's timeline.

Author's Response: Mickey is just going to have to go with it. I don't think the Doctor is going to be blind to the way that Mickey has changed and grown - the thing is that no matter what Mickey does to show the Doctor that, as soon as the Doctor goes back to Rose he's going to forget that and he's still heading for 'School Reunion' and 'Girl in the Fireplace' and Mickey being the tin dog, the pet, and very much the spare part with both the Doctor and with Rose.

2020.09.23 - 12:14AM
54: Chapter 54

I'm really feeling for Mickey and Martha more than the Doctor and Joshua.

Author's Response: There are going to be a lot of mixed emotions surrounding Mickey's injury now - he's not going to like being side-lined and he's going to be worried about his career. Martha is going to be relieved that he's side lined when everything is going on outside but is going to be worried about the chronic nature of the injury and his career. It's going to be tough.

2020.09.22 - 10:34PM
54: Chapter 54

How many medics has UNIT got on board? Even though her husband is injured, Martha might find she has to spread herself quite thinly if there's many more casualties. Mickey's injury isn't alien or GMO related. He could be treated anywhere. He ought not to be picked on though. I think most people would cry if a 300lb pig fell on top of them.

Author's Response: There are currently six medics on site in addition to Martha. It's quite a high number for what would be considered a normal field operation, but in reality this has the potential to turn into them needing a full field hospital. There are complicating factors to Mickey's injury that makes Martha more reluctant in sending him off somewhere else. Jack teasing Mickey is his way of distracting him and showing he cares and it will go some way to keeping Mickey's spirits up. He's worried what the Doctor is going to think and say though, but the Time Lord might surprise him yet.