Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.27 - 09:41PM
66: Chapter 66

The Doctor just wants to help, but he has a habit of forming psychic connections to people without their expressed permission doesn't he? Josh did ram the bond into the Doctor's head, but that was an accident and he didn't know any better. I'm not sure if Josh would be happy or not with what the Doctor just did.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if Josh is going to be fully aware of what the Doctor did - in terms of him taking the pain on himself through their link. Josh was probably just glad of the relief at that point and doesn't really understand the implications of it all. If things continue to develop in terms of their link he might have something more to say about it.

2020.09.27 - 07:55PM
68: Chapter 68

I have just awarded you the "FanFiction Writer of the Year" award, not only for your writing but the speed at which you update. Thank you. Oh, and you've left us with a really, really big cliffhanger. Is that fair?

Author's Response: Lol, thank you. It's not a massive cliff hanger is it? Just a little one? Might be a few bigger ones to come. I never quite know where to cut the chapters off.

2020.09.27 - 12:35AM
65: Chapter 65

It's a good idea to leave the ⏰🍝 spaghetti mess for Jack to look at too. And to show the Doctor photographic proof of why those staples ought to be left alone. I hope he cleaned the spaghetti sauce off his fingers before swiping them on Martha's phone! Hopefully there's no underlying reason that the severely effected region of his wounds hasn't been healing as fast, other than having been so sick, so he heals up quickly. Are you going to be able to write a story without breaking any more of the Doctor's bones? Or is this conversation foreshadowing of more whump to come? And oh dear, Mickeys really dropped the ball on unslinky's favourite pairing! If he's not careful Martha might get the sutures out again and stitch his big mouth shut. 🤐 He doesn't mind staples right?

Author's Response: I think if Martha goes through the spaghetti painting with Jack then he might understand more fully, and, the Doctor had to see his back and Martha allowed him to make his own decision about the staples which at least gives him some responsibility. I'm fairly sure if the wound was somewhere he could see himself then he'd not have been so adamant he had them out in the first place.

There is definitely going to be more whump to come and in the original story there are some breakages too - not saying who or what though. All of that is changing now anyway as rewrite of missing notebook has changed the flow of the rest of the story now anyway so will have to figure out how to bring it back into line!

Mickey's mouth is going to end time if he's not careful lol.

2020.09.26 - 08:26PM
64: Chapter 64

From this analogy, it's got me thinking about the end of 'Fear Her'. When the Doctor says "a storm is coming", he must know his time with Rose is about to be cut short. Their timelines were twisted together like Martha's and Mickey's are. Except his and Rose's were about to change and he could sense that.

I appreciate your take on how the Doctor feels time. It's can be glossed over in the show a bit, so it's always interesting when it's mentioned.
I suppose the Doctor hasn't always got the energy to explain something that isn't really going to be understood by the time blind. He is definitely full of energy now, finger painting in the spaghetti. It is a credit to Martha that he's feeling so much better. And he'll be in an even better mood when those last staples are finally out too.

Martha knows the Doctor is going to get more comfortable with Jack. But I can sense the Doctor's frustration over this. How can he know whether he can do it or not, when the only confirmation of this is her word? He hasn't experienced it yet, so it all must feel so impossible to him now and he's struggling to see around it. She keeps saying he has to figure it out, but he hasn't got a clue how and nobody around is of any help. Except when Jack decides to stay out of the way. Unless its exposure that will do it, despite the stress that causes the Doctor. What a challenge.

I do wonder how the neural implosion mentioned at the start of this fic is impacting on things, in combination with Josh's bond, being out of his personal timeline, paradoxes forming, having been so ill, medicated and the additional pain Jack is causing. Is it all going to become too much for the Doctor?

Author's Response: Yeah, I think the Doctor knew something was coming at the end of Fear Her - I don't think the Beast helped much with the foreboding either.

The things that separate the Doctor from his human companions always interest me and seeing time is one of them. It is so completely alien. Sometimes I think it's easy to forget that he's not human, so his biology and his senses are fun to explore.

The Doctor is definitely being more gracious to Martha this time than when he first met her in his real life, and hopefully Martha can take something from that - though in my head her relationship with him and Jack post Journey's End is much better than in the time when she was travelling with him - when he was an arse. Although I didn't go into it, I kind of like to think that Martha is a bit shocked that the Doctor feels like he has to hide his tinned spaghetti because Rose won't eat it and doesn't let him eat it cold out of the tin, at the same time as the Doctor is surprised and grateful Martha has specifically bought him little pots of spaghetti so that he can have them when he wants them - as long as he doesn't use his fingers - which I can imagine is pretty messy.

The Doctor is frustrated about his issues with Jack and his inability to explain it. He's also pretty upset about it. He's not a monster and Jack is a friend and he probably feels like he needs some friends at the moment with everything that is going on.

There are a lot of things impacting on the time lord at the moment, but even with that long list you've reported back - all of which are relevant, there is one other factor that no one (including the Doctor) has even thought about yet.

2020.09.26 - 07:56PM
63: Chapter 63

["This early in your timeline do we need to explore the benefits of using a plate?" Martha asked him and watched as the Doctor spread the spaghetti out on the table with his fingers.]

I loved this line! 😂 Thanks for the laugh.

The Doctor is being a lot kinder to Martha in his explanation than when he just told her not to step on any butterflies. I am actually quite enjoying their interactions before the loss of Rose puts him in a mood. Martha can experience a Doctor that is smitten rather than grief stricken. This is before Martha receives the brunt of his rudeness and pining, or afterward. Anyway, I am sure the Doctor is about to explain things as best as he possibly can.

Author's Response: That line was one of my little 'amuse myself' moments so I'm glad you appreciated it. Realised that I've kind of half responded to this review in your next review as I'm working backward for some reason today.

2020.09.26 - 03:29PM
64: Chapter 64

The spaghetti analogy is a very good explanation of timelines, and Martha has most probably heard it all before. She's a good listener and letting the Doctor try to figure out why he's so disoriented. It seems that Jack is not the only reason, but he's definitely the Doctor's focus.

While the spaghetti analogy is good, I can't imagine it would be easy for a time-sensitive species to explain. It would probably be a lot like trying to explain colours to someone who was born without sight. Sure, the sighted could explain about photons and wavelengths, and how those correlate to specific colours, but does that really explain the colour *red* and how it makes us *feel* when we see it? Other creatures right here on Earth see different wavelengths, as well. Can we really understand what they are seeing in the ultraviolet or infrared range? We don't have the vocabulary or frame of reference to have a clue. So, nice try on the Doctor's part to explain to us time-blind folks, but it must be woefully inadequate to him! 🙂

Author's Response: Spaghetti, streams, giant boulders of fire in petrol - I don't think there is a way for the Doctor to successfully explain what it's like, but at least he's trying to pin it down.

Even in our own perceptions it's difficult to describe what we feel or know about colours to one another. I always wondered what would happen if you 'taught' the colours to a child wrong - i.e. instead of teaching him that a red ball was a red ball you taught them it was a blue ball - would the other aspects of colour then translate as well - or would red (their blue) still be a warm colour and would blue (their red) still be a cold colour.

Chromesthesia is one of those weird and wonderful ways the human brain can almost misfire in individuals as well - where they hear music and literally see them as colours - that must be quite incredible. I wonder what Murray Gold's themes would look like.

2020.09.26 - 05:32AM
59: Chapter 59

Poor Mickey! That's got to hurt! I always love the amount of description that you put into the medical stuff. It really adds to the story. I can just picture how that scene went. At least with the Doctor helping Mickey Martha was able to comfort her husband.

Author's Response: It's going to mean a lot that the Doctor is willing and able to help Mickey and let Martha be his wife rather than his doctor.

2020.09.26 - 05:23AM
58: Chapter 58

I've never seen the Doctor have such a strong reaction to Jack's presence before. I can see how it can bother him with his Time Lord senses but I feel sorry for both of them. Jack can't help how he is and the Doctor can't get used to him yet.

Author's Response: This is the first time the Doctor has been with Jack since the Gamestation and it's only a month to six weeks since it happened in the Doctor's timeline so very new and very fresh and Jack had a lot more time behind him than he will when they 'first' meet at the end of the Universe, so both of those factors make it stronger for him. He does have to get through it though because I'm working on the premise that he has a chance to get used to him and even if he doesn't remember that the physical changes will enable him to be near Jack at the end of the Universe, when he can't be now, so it needs to be easier before he goes back to Rose. Jack can't help what he is and he's going to end up getting a bit miffed about it all, but the Doctor can't just switch it off either and no one else can understand what it feels like and how to explain it??? Here comes the spaghetti head!

2020.09.26 - 01:16AM
62: Chapter 62

Hm, maybe the creatures are like lions, where it's just the females that do the hunting, while the males lounge around? It will be interesting to know what the animal behaviorist has to say.

Going to sleep in order to figure out a problem is literally the human brain equivalent of turning a computer or device off and on again to make it work.

The Doctor seems to act more sensible after knowing how touch and go things had been for his health. He needs to have a proper conversation with Martha though, rather than just hearing it from Josh. Then maybe he'd be more inclined to comply with her medical advice. It seems like he's over the infection now that his fever has dissipated at least.

Author's Response: The animals are living in a social environment so there has to be some kind or order and authority within their group or it would just go to Hell. It's a shame they're not going to have long enough to really study them and come to some real conclusions.

Sleep is definitely the best answer to an unsolved problem. With Josh it may be a way he accesses some of his metacrisis things which is why the Doctor is interested in it, but more likely it is just that he sorts his own thoughts out as he sleeps.

He is going to have a proper sit down with Martha. They're not really had that much of a chance for a heart to heart yet, but the next couple of chapters will be that opportunity.

2020.09.25 - 10:56PM
62: Chapter 62

so he stopped being crabby then?

Author's Response: Yep - crabbiness gone (for now - sure it will be back) and now he's just talking random nonsense as normal.

2020.09.25 - 09:59PM
62: Chapter 62

A babbling Doctor is a good sign he's recovering nicely.

Author's Response: He's definitely starting to feel more like himself. All he needs now is to get rid of the staples, get a decent shower, and get his suit back on then he'll be ready to face the day and all those creatures still underground.

2020.09.25 - 08:51PM
61: Chapter 61

You can tell the Doctor is getting better, he's being crabby.

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, he is a little bit, but not properly crabby.

2020.09.25 - 07:38PM
61: Chapter 61

Try getting that time lord to behave! Maybe Jack should go back in and sit on him. Though then the Doctor would definitely be unhappy. Its concerning how far out the Doctor's time sense has got. Is that going to become an issue?

Author's Response: Misbehaving Doctor is a sign he's starting to feel better. He definitely wouldn't be happy if Jack came and sat on him lol. As for the Doctor's time sense, he's in a bit of a mess with that. Is it going to become an issue? There may be more in play than just Jack and the Doctor that they're not realising yet.

2020.09.25 - 07:25PM
60: Chapter 60

That is one tuckered out time lord!

Author's Response: Yeah, he's knackered, but hopefully when he's had some good sleep he'll be feeling better.

2020.09.25 - 07:05PM
61: Chapter 61

Haha! I've had staples before, and I agree with the Doctor! Damned annoying, they are.

Author's Response: They are annoying - I hope you didn't ping yours out with your fingernails though!