Reviews For Joshua

2020.09.30 - 11:37AM
73: Chapter 73

"[That stuff isn't toxic or corrosive is it?" the Doctor checked with Martha. He wasn't exactly sure what the composition of it was. He didn't want it to hurt the Captain, or anyone else who might have been stupid enough to put their hand in it before it was dried.

"No, it's inert," Martha commented. "Just very sticky."]

Was this not something to ask before using it if they are concerned about the environment and ecosystem?

'Operation foam party!' 🤣 Is Jack going to receive a dressing down for that one?

Seems like things didn't go as planned. Are they about to be attacked again?

Author's Response: The stuff is only wet and a potential risk for 23 seconds and Jack had to go and put his hand in it. I'm not sure the Doctor is responsible for asking every question at the time - he sorted out the issue with them all using sonic beams - any kind of expanding foam would be fine once solid - it's just Jack put his hand in it when wet - because he's an idiot.

I had planned on Jack getting a right dressing down from Major Magumbo about making light of an operation by turning the name into a joke and Jack arguing back that there had to be some humour in life even when it was serious, but I've cut it and it's going to be left at that so everyone can wonder whether Jack is being called back to get a dressing down or if he's just going to be further briefed.

2020.09.30 - 11:24AM
72: Chapter 72

Josh is very concerned for the Doctor and has clearly come to care for him a lot. I suppose Josh doesn't have much anyone else in the world at the moment.

Author's Response: Josh doesn't want to see anything happen to the Doctor. His life since his parents died has been filled with stories about him from Wilf. It's going to be difficult when they have to go their separate ways, but the Doctor has come to him and saved him and is looking after him without any of the obligation through UNIT that he sees Martha and Mickey have toward him - even if they do genuinely care.

2020.09.29 - 06:12PM
73: Chapter 73

Ah shit! That was a little bit stupid.

Author's Response: It seems they may have just put all that effort into sealing empty caves.

2020.09.29 - 06:09PM
73: Chapter 73

Operation Foam Party! LOL!

Well, that's pretty ominous that the creatures are nowhere to be seen. I'm not sure if I should hide behind the sofa or not.

Author's Response: Jack had his bit of fun with the operation name.

Hopefully they haven't gone too far - but it's a bit of a surprise to expect to find them all in there and see they've moved. If they'd left the caves they'd have heard the screaming by now.

2020.09.29 - 06:07PM
72: Chapter 72

Glad to see the Doctor answer Josh honestly. He deserves that.

Author's Response: Yeah, it would have been easier for the Doctor just to 'promise' but he already feels a certain amount of responsibility for the teenager and that means being honest with him.

2020.09.29 - 03:11PM
73: Chapter 73

you get that eerie feeling there was a hitch in their plan?

Author's Response: Yeah, you might have thought that someone who was monitoring the feed might have said something about them moving - at least their plan covers the whole cave system.

2020.09.29 - 11:20AM
71: Chapter 71

Somehow I think they're going to regret not having a plan B. They should learn by now nothing ever goes so smoothly.

Author's Response: They should probably have plans B through E ready.

2020.09.29 - 11:16AM
70: Chapter 70

[The Doctor returned to his seat. He slouched down in it slightly so he could lean back on his shoulders rather than have the back rest dig into his middle back where it was still sore and the staples were. He crossed his ankles and it gave him the appearance of being entirely too relaxed for the Major's liking.]
I could picture this clearly, as Ten and Eleven both sat like that together in Day of the Doctor!

It's good Jack and the Doctor have found a way to communicate. But the Doctor isn't going to live down the fact that he's got a 🍝🧠! Haha.

Author's Response: The Doctor definitely isn't going to live down that he's got a spaghetti brain any time soon.

Ten and Eleven did sit like that in Day of the Doctor, but the scene that kind of sticks in my mind with Ten sitting like that is the 'pull up a seat Rose' [Jackie] when he was talking Yvonne Hartman into stopping the ghost shift in 'Army of Ghosts'.

Author's Response: He was genuinely sitting like this here though because it was more comfortable and the staples would be digging in otherwise not because he wasn't paying attention or trying to make a point.

2020.09.29 - 11:04AM
69: Chapter 69

["...UNIT are going to have to do something I'm not sure you've ever done before," he informed her gravely.

"And what is that?"

"Be quiet."

"Excuse me?"

"Not you, that is what you're going to have to do, Major..."]

I enjoyed this exchange. You're pretty good at comedy in your writing!

Author's Response: Every now and then I add something that makes me in my own little private world smile so I'm glad that you've enjoyed it too.

2020.09.29 - 12:14AM
71: Chapter 71

Glad to know the bats should be ok. I hope the creatures don't have the means to handle anoxia longer than UNIT are thinking. If they have something similar to the Doctor's respiratory bypass, they could be a bit more mobile when the soldiers arrive.

Author's Response: The bats should be fine. There are some particular cold blooded animals - amphibians more than reptiles, that are able to really survive in harsh environments when you would think that they would surely die with adaptations that allow them to freeze or where their cells contain the equivalent of anti-freeze. I'm not sure they would survive exposure to liquid nitrogen themselves, but hopefully the plan would go well.

2020.09.28 - 03:46PM
70: Chapter 70

Love the pun on "sound." It's a "sound plan" that is anything but sound.

The Doctor never wants to clean up the messes he leaves behind, does he? He just swans off and leaves the clean up for others. LOL

Author's Response: It's definitely got to be an unsound plan any sound plan is going to drive the animals wild in the caves.

To be fair to the Doctor he did say he was going to clean it up, but it was Martha that said he should leave it for Jack to look at - he might have said that thinking there was a chance Martha would step in and offer to do it for him (fat chance of that), but he did originally plan to clean it up.

2020.09.28 - 01:42PM
69: Chapter 69

But ... but... what about the poor bats? Nitrogen would suffocate them, too. Josh will not be a happy camper.

Yeah, no one would ever accuse the Doctor of being mad, right? Haha!

Author's Response: If there are bats roosting in the caves then they should be okay. They're mammals so they're warm blooded so even if the temperature drops they will still be able to be active. If they're roosting in the caves they are going to be roosting on the ceilings of them and in the tops of the tunnels and probably have a hundred cracks and crevices up into the woods where they come in and out of the cave system rather than using the tunnels the same as the creatures. Because nitrogen gas is heavier than oxygen it will sink to the bottom of the caves where the creatures are and displace the oxygen to the upper layers of air in the caves, so, the bats should be okay - they'll just fly up out into the woods.

No way anyone would ever consider the Doctor mad lol that would just be wrong!

2020.09.28 - 06:21AM
33: Chapter 33

â Something has gone wrong with the formatting on this chapter. â

Author's Response: Ah, there is an issue with the editing function on the site from when they changed the servers over. If you edit something before it's been approved it kind of messes everything up. I'll have to reload that chapter when I get home later, sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know.

2020.09.27 - 10:52PM
68: Chapter 68

The sonic beacon messing with their equiptment was certainly a large missight on UNIT's part. Good thing they have the scientific advisor for a second opinion. Love his comment about the bats. The Doctor wouldn't have thought of that if it weren't for Josh. The Doctor knows something else UNIT are missing clearly. Has he got a better plan I wonder?

Author's Response: UNIT should have considered the sonic beacon when using sonar to scan the area, it's essentially the same thing. That they're reporting a change in behaviour with the creatures not long after a geological survey may or may not be linked as well. Who knows? Some of their plan is good, but the Doctor has foreseen an issue with their initial part - hopefully he will be able to explain the issue with it well enough that they understand.

2020.09.27 - 10:40PM
67: Chapter 67

The Doctor is very put out that everyone seems to feel more sorry for Jack in this whole situation. Figuring out what is going to help though is like stabbing in the dark until something sticks. This is new territory for him.

Good point about the neurotoxin affecting the Doctor differently, especially with his binary vascular system and respiratory bypass. There's every chance the Doctor could be attacked again too if he gets too close. He'd better not pass up protective gear if its offered to him. But if something did happen, at least UNIT would have more time to save him.

The Doctor hasn't clicked very well with Kate yet. That may change, the more they can bond over their mutual connection with the Brig and them working together.

Author's Response: The Doctor does seem to be getting the raw end of the deal in terms of empathy when it comes to his issues with Jack. I think it's probably because they all know how close he is with Jack in their time lines and most people tend to get on with Jack really well, and they kind of think the Doctor is 'reacting' to him rather than actually experiencing him if that can be a tangible difference that he's almost getting the blame for it.

It was only assumed that his respiration and heart rates were so bad that morning because of the infection, but it may have been a delayed reaction to another toxin in his blood stream. There is no way of knowing now so they've kind of missed the boat on that one. I don't think the Doctor would risk interacting with the creatures without more protection again.

Hopefully the Doctor will be able to bond more with Kate now, but Ten is new to Kate just as Kate is new to Ten, so they both need to get to know each other. Kate's relationship with the Doctor starts with Eleven in the series though there are some audios and novels where Three is aware of baby Kate.