Reviews For Joshua

2020.10.03 - 12:00AM
81: Chapter 81

this is going to take time (no pun inTENdid)

Author's Response: Yeah, it's going to take something more than persistence and pressure to fix it.

2020.10.02 - 05:35PM
80: Chapter 80

This is a powerful chapter in its own right. I love it!

What Jack says about time seeming to shatter around him due to the Master and Davros sounds right. It could be that it appears to center around Jack because of him being a key part of saving the timeline, but the Doctor only *thinks* Jack is the cause.

Also, mentioning Jack's age at this point is brilliant. By 2026, Jack is well over twice the Doctor's age in the 10th Doctor's timeline. A lot of people forget that.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. There is still another element to the 'Jack issue' that everyone is missing but they're definitely getting closer to why it feels so big and so impossible for the Doctor. Although I'm not entirely sure that the 900 years the nineth quoted the year before wasn't just a comment because if you ever attempt to track the Doctor's age throughout the series I think there have been times when previous Doctors have put themselves as being older, but if we take it that the Doctor is currently 901 years old then Jack is probably three or four times older than him. My personal belief is the Doctor is older than 901 in Earth years and that he gave the 900 to Rose as a rough estimate in Gallifreyan years and then we've just added a year one to that in Earth years each year since and the Doctor has just gone along with that because it's too complicated to argue and to explain. If it's 900 Gallifreyan years from the date the Doctor was born and the current Earth date when he's talking to Rose on the rooftops then that might be considered an age, but with him zooming all over the place then I expect he's lived a lot longer than his linear age - but because that's complicated and he doesn't age that he's just making it up as he goes along to suit the circumstances.

2020.10.02 - 03:37PM
80: Chapter 80

Jack is making sense. it's the Doctor that seems to have a one-track mind.

Author's Response: I'm not sure it's fair to think the Doctor has a one tracked mind when he's just been presented with two facts from his future that Jack is pressing on him and they are that the Master is going to return and they're going to regularly bed each other all at the same time as the Doctor is trying to morph into an armchair just to get away from the Captain who knows exactly what he's saying and exactly what he's doing to the time lord. He might be making some kind of sense but is the way he's doing it very fair?

2020.10.02 - 02:22AM
79: Chapter 79

Of course that would be Jack's solution 🙄. Maybe the two need to connect telepathically rather than physically?

Author's Response: He's got to try hasn't he?? It's definitely not going down very well though.

2020.10.01 - 10:29PM
79: Chapter 79

things are getting to be ugly at the moment

Author's Response: Yeah, things are going to get worse before they start to get better.

2020.10.01 - 06:28PM
78: Chapter 78

The Doctor is feeling uncomfortable on many levels with feeling crook, injured and then the people around him getting a bit too familiar by forgetting professional and personal boundaries that also disregard his timeline. It's like when he met River in the Library before regenerating, knowing her and who she was to him.

Author's Response: I think he must be feeling a little like he's being trampled on by all these people around him that know him and by Jack who he is making him unwell. He's got Martha who knows his way around his sickbay like it's her own and Jack who has now just strolled into his private areas of the TARDIS. If they're not careful he's going to kick them out of the TARDIS and head off somewhere else with Josh.

2020.10.01 - 06:14PM
78: Chapter 78

Yaaaahh...wouldn't want Jack going through my unmentionables, either. LOL

Author's Response: Lol, me neither, but Jack has probably crossed a line in going down there in the first place.

2020.10.01 - 01:00PM
78: Chapter 78

there is the matter of privacy here.
or the lack of respect for it.
even a Time Lord needs his own private space without uninvited intrusions. even if the TARDIS allowed it.

Author's Response: The Doctor is certainly feeling like his boundaries are being pushed with respect to Jack entering his rooms uninvited.

2020.09.30 - 09:17PM
77: Chapter 77

Glad there were no serious injuries. but the Major should have gotten that brief so she and the others would be warned about the collapsing tunnels.

Maine is so in trouble when Magumbo gets hold of him!

Author's Response: Maine is definitely in trouble.

2020.09.30 - 09:16PM
77: Chapter 77

Glad there were no serious injuries. but the Major should have gotten that brief so she and the others would be warned about the collapsing tunnels.

Maine is so in trouble when Magumbo gets hold of him!

Author's Response: Yeah, Maine needs to be in spoken to and figure out why the briefs weren't given over. It seems that although there is a nice smart operation built up in the woods that there are some technical and communication issues within the UNIT ranks. Lucky that it wasn't that serious, but as far as the Doctor is concerned he did do his part because he told the Major it might happen and that is why Kate went and wrote the brief - I guess with everything going on all at once and it all being so new and being hampered by being in the woods and under ground and that most of the people there are either privates or from Leeds and not that experienced that things are going to go a bit wrong from time to time.

2020.09.30 - 06:55PM
77: Chapter 77

So the explosives haven't triggered yet? It was the water expanding during freezing that caused cave collapse? And why didn't the Major get the brief? No wonder she was cross when the Doctor went offsite.

Author's Response: Major Magumbo was present and it was her the Doctor was talking to when he said that rapid freezing could cause some instability in the caves so she was aware she probably just didn't pick up on it as significant with the Doctor's 'oh yeah you need to watch out for that' kind of attitude toward it.

No, the explosives are still all primed and waiting to be dismantled or set off.

Limestone is very porous so has a lot of water in it and round it, normal environmental freezing when it is gradual and slowly builds up so water can move through the rocks until the point where the ground is frozen and there is less water coming through over winter can cause it to break and splinter, so the rapid freezing of all the water in the cave system at the time would have a more significant impact.

Kate wrote the brief so why it didn't get to the Major is a question that the Major is going to have to get to the bottom of.

2020.09.30 - 06:42PM
76: Chapter 76

Its good the Doctor's friends came to his defence.

Author's Response: Yeah, nice that he's got back up.

2020.09.30 - 06:36PM
75: Chapter 75

The Doctor's excitement was contagious. He can't get too reckless while he's still healing though. Are they really better off for knowing the creatures social behaviour if they have to kill them anyway? The Doctor seems miserable now.

Author's Response: It does seem wasted to learn about them when they are going to have to kill them anyway, but, there is no way of knowing if there are other populations of them somewhere else and learning about these ones could help save lives if they come across other populations of them. Understanding how they interact with each other and what their basic family structures and group relationships are could make it easier to control them if they come across another population. If someone is unscrupulous enough to create the creatures and then either use them or sell them on to a defunct slaughterhouse then they could have done it for other slaughterhouses or for other purposes. For all UNIT know there could be thousands of them across the globe so if there is an opportunity to know something about them beyond the fact that they're big, fast, toxic, and deadly might make it easier to deal with other populations in the future rather than have the almost clumsy last minute plans to deal with them here.

2020.09.30 - 06:34PM
74: Chapter 74

It would seem the creatures have a high degree of parental care and pro social behaviour, including altruism. Their kin selections means their instinct is to protect and preserve their own genes even in offspring, to ensure persistence into new generations. Yet they are doomed anyway.

Author's Response: Unfortunately they are doomed.

2020.09.30 - 04:06PM
76: Chapter 76

Loved the way Martha and Kate defending the Doctor's actions on returning to the TARDIS.

After all he's done in spite of being injured and out of his timeline, not the mention his problem dealing with Jack's condition.

The Doctor does deserve a break.

Author's Response: The Doctor definitely deserves a bit of a break and if he doesn't want to stand by and watch all the animals die on the big screen from base command then I think he should be afforded that luxury. He's got a lot going on at the moment and maybe he realises that playing games with Josh is what he needs for a while.