Reviews For Joshua

2020.10.05 - 07:42PM
82: Chapter 82

It was interesting what Mickey noted about the Doctor looking like he'd been face to face with an Enemy. That's what the last few chapters have read like. Mickey was the one who suggested Jack came to help. It seems like he may be regretting that decision now.

Author's Response: The Doctor is finding the whole thing exhausting. Jack certainly isn't helping matters and is making the way the Doctor is physically feeling worse. No one considered that it was going to be this hard when Mickey suggested bringing Jack on board to help, but they do need to resolve it somehow because they do have to work together at the Silo.

2020.10.05 - 07:31PM
81: Chapter 81

Jack is really taking advantage of the Doctor in such a vulnerable state. At least Jack didn't attempt anything more after the Doctor was passed out on the bed. But Jack forced himself on the Doctor when he didn't want it. I can't sail with this ship if this is how things are gonna go.

Author's Response: I don't think Jack fully realises what he's just done.

2020.10.05 - 07:24PM
80: Chapter 80

Why would the TARDIS allow Jack in the Doctor's room, but go all the way to the end of the universe to try shake Jack off the outside of her?
Also Jack is being quite manipulative rather than romantic. If Jack wants a relationship with the Doctor, this isn't a healthy way to enter it. That being said, if they do form such a relationship, how does that work for the way the Doctor envisions their time lines? He said Martha and Mickey were entwined together. Surely it would be different for Jack and the Doctor.

Author's Response: That's a question isn't it? Fairly sure that the TARDIS wouldn't have let Jack in that manner. Jack's timeline is unique with everything bouncing off it and twisting around it so I doubt that there is much that the Doctor can see with respect to him and their future. He is just there, bold as brass right slam bang in the middle of time.

2020.10.05 - 06:31PM
86: Chapter 86

I think you are doing just great with your reveal concerning the cause of the Doctor's discomfort. I'm sure everyone has theories concerning certain aspects of the series, and I don't think it even has to be something that the show runner intended for it to be good.

For instance, I had a theory that it was the TARDIS who actually locked Donna in and triggered 10.5's birth. I contacted RTD on Twitter to ask about it during the Lockdown Who event, and he heartily agreed with me. Which was such a relief that I almost cried, since I'd already incorporated the idea in one of my stories. LOL! Granted, I wouldn't have changed my story one bit had he disagreed and called me a numpty, but I also am not convinced he actually envisioned it when he wrote it. 😄

Author's Response: The chapter where the Doctor starts to realise has just been released by admin so I'll soon find out if it works or if you all think it's a washout lol.

Glad that RTD responded to you and confirmed you're theory. When 'The Doctor's Daughter' first aired I had an argument with a friend about whether Jenny regenerated at the end of it or not. Their argument was that yes it was a regeneration and it was just delayed. I argued that it wasn't a regeneration and she was impacted by the terraforming process. Argument went on for weeks until I wrote to Stephen Greenhorne and asked him lol it took about four months to get the answer from him but I was right :D

2020.10.05 - 04:34PM
86: Chapter 86

I love it when an author catches something within the series that almost everyone else misses. Now I have to go back to watch a few episodes to see what I overlooked. 😂

The whole Timeless Child concept has messed with my mind so much that it's stunted my writing. I need to be able to block it off when writing the characters, because it isn't like the idea of Time Lords changing genders or being pansexual (which makes absolute sense if they can change genders from a regeneration). That is something that all the Doctor's incarnations know about, and even viewers/readers have had a chance to absorb. Josh's easy acceptance of the Doctor's nature is rather interesting here. Donna was not so readily accepting when she first met the Doctor.

Nevertheless, Josh has quite a bit of Donna's bluntness and the inability to read the room, so to speak. LOL. I think that is one of the reasons she became besties with the Doctor. It bodes well for a strong relationship between the two.

Author's Response: Now I'm worried that the reason for it all being amplified doesn't make sense lol because maybe if it did then you'd all have figured it out, so either I'm totally off about it in which case I apologise in advance. It makes sense to me lol, but nothing missed or hidden in the TSOD or LOTL or anything. Hope the big reveal in a couple of chapters isn't a big flop ha ha!

Timeless Child???? Think I've managed to erase that completely from my mind as a possibility. It's the new Master's way of messing up with the Doctor's head, because that is just - I don't know what it is to be honest, but it's certainly not something I'm particularly happy to buy into.

Josh is coming from this from an entirely different place than his mother did when Donna first met the Doctor after basically being sucked into the TARDIS while walking down the aisle. Although Josh thought it was a story before he met the Doctor he knew about him and the TARDIS and about travelling through time and space from Wilf - and Wilf was always very pro the Doctor so I'm sure that came through the stories that he told Josh. Josh knows the Doctor saved him from the start and Donna thought the Doctor had kidnapped her. I think their starting points are very different.

Josh is brilliant with facts and stuff, but it's becoming noticeable (probably not to the Doctor because he's just as inept sometimes) that his social skills can be a bit off - asking for samples from the dead teenager, not knowing when to shut up, not quite understanding different concepts, getting so upset about not knowing the answer. He needs guidance in all of that as well.

2020.10.05 - 03:49PM
85: Chapter 85

Well, I've always thought of 12 as "Eyebrows," as they appear, to me, as his most distinguishing trait. ;)

Author's Response: Maybe Skinny, Chinny, and Eyebrows would have been better lol.

2020.10.05 - 01:44PM
86: Chapter 86

HMMM! A fourteen year old human boy giving a 901 year old Time Lord advice on romance?

Author's Response: Lol, I'm not sure you'd consider it as advice, but he's definitely being nosy and not afraid to ask questions that others might be.

2020.10.04 - 11:43PM
85: Chapter 85

Scotty?!? Bahaha!!! I love it!

Actually, Jack is lucky the Doctor didn't pitch him into the event horizon of a black hole. We know he does that. LOL

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I like Scotty or not. Harrison needs to have a way to differentiate between them when he's got all three Doctor's visiting him. Pinstripes and Bowtie are a given, but I wasn't sure about Twelve - that's been edited from Grumpy to sunglasses to Rocker and the last edit was Scotty so that's just stayed in - still not sure about it, but Grumpy Old Scottish Dude doesn't really work lol.

I do think Jack is getting away lightly and that is to do with the Doctor understanding and accepting that it's hard for the Captain as well and the hope of some kind of resolution. With the Family of Blood there would have been no resolution he just had to get them out the way, but do his 'punishments' of the 'family' sit quite right?

2020.10.04 - 11:41PM
84: Chapter 84

Jack crossed a line he shouldn't have. He does need to apologize to the Doctor.

Author's Response: There is definitely some talk to be had.

2020.10.04 - 09:30PM
83: Chapter 83

I love Mickey and the Doctor in this. It's just what the Doctor needs after what happened with Jack. It's nice that they can still talk and that the Doctor is with someone that he already knows from his timeline. That's got to be a big help.

Author's Response: Yeah, Mickey has become an unexpected ally for the Doctor and the Doctor is very quickly coming to realise how sensible and reliable he can be rather than him being considered an idiot. It's a shame that when he goes back to Rose he's going to forget all of this because he and Rose together are awful where Mickey is concerned back in 2006. At least for now there is a voice of reason that the Doctor can turn to even if that much be really strange for him as well.

2020.10.04 - 05:12PM
84: Chapter 84

Josh's description of eating KFC on the side of the road is as hilarious as the Doctor's story about blue green and archer chickens! Had a good chuckle over those.

Could it be the Master's paradox machine that is making the Doctor so ill? He seems very interested in that aspect. Or could it be something to do with Jack's intervention in keeping the timelines straight? Or could it actually have something to do with Josh himself? Inquiring minds want to know and are impatient. 😉

Jack has it coming to him if he forces himself on the Doctor again. It's not helping in developing a relationship with the Doctor, it's doubtful that it will help him tolerate Jack in the future, and it's just wrong. He's violated the Doctor and took away his right to body autonomy, regardless of their possible future intimacy. As the Doctor noted, that was a future Doctor, not him. It seems seamless to us, as it is for Martha and Jack, because we know his entire timeline across several incarnations, but to the Doctor, those are still people he doesn't know.

Author's Response: I'm fairly sure that while as the story progresses the Doctor will take Josh to some fantastic places I'm sure the Doctor will take equal pleasure in just sitting at the side of the road with Josh eating a bucket of chicken!

Getting close with the paradox machine ;) because there is still one factor in all of this that everyone readers and characters alike including the Doctor is missing - I actually thought you'd all be screaming it out in the reviews by now lol. Maybe the Doctor is going to figure it out and try to work out a way to fix it before anyone else does after all! Whether he fixes it or just makes everything ten times worse and more awkward and jeopardise everything with his actions remains to be seen *G*

Jack has definitely overstepped and I'm not even sure he's realised what he's done yet. The Captain is feeling pretty hard done by and in some respects it must be really difficult for him as well, to be thrown back to the time after the Gamestation with the man he's spent the next 2000 years loving, and for it to be worse than it was at the Silo and to actually be able to see how much he's hurting the Doctor, but it's got to be hurting him too. Knowing what he knows and having done what he's done to be back to being nothing but 'wrong' is hard. It's not fair on either of them, but Jack has got to take a step back or there really is no hope for him and the Doctor whether that is being able to work together to stop the Master or in having a relationship.

2020.10.04 - 03:28AM
82: Chapter 82

Well, to be fair to the Doctor, Jack *did* assault him and he has every reason to be put out. Yet, everyone keeps telling him how he *has* to get used to, and possibly develop an intimate relationship with Jack to save the multiverse and their lives as they know it. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think the Doctor is feeling a bit too much pressure to sort it all out at the moment and isn't being given much of a chance to think in order to sort it out. They need to give him a break and Jack definitely overstepped the mark.

2020.10.04 - 12:08AM
83: Chapter 83

love the banter between the Doctor and Mickey.

Author's Response: They've got to be able to lighten things somehow and the Doctor probably has an ally he didn't quite expect in Mickey.

2020.10.03 - 01:18PM
82: Chapter 82

I agree with all three, Jack, Mickey and the Doctor for different reasons.

Mickey for being honest and respecting the Doctor's privacy by knocking and asking permission to enter. Mickey's honesty.

Jack for trying to explain things to the Doctor even if he was questionable about his methods.

The Doctor for trying to believe.

Author's Response: They are trying to muddle through and all of them have valid points in what is a difficult situation, but they need to let the Doctor think in order to work it out but he probably needs more information than he's got at the moment.

2020.10.03 - 06:10AM
81: Chapter 81

Well, apparently touching the Doctor's erogenous zones isn't working...yet.

Author's Response: No, it's not, and if Jack crossed a line going into the Doctor's room uninvited then I'm not sure how far across that line he just hiked.