Reviews For Joshua

2020.10.22 - 12:29AM
113: Chapter 113

Sleeping with your feet sticking out just means that monsters under the bed can get you easier. Nothing can get you under the covers.

Author's Response: Ah, but if there are monsters under the bed and your feet are under the covers they could get tangled and it would be harder to run! I'm definitely a feet out sleeper and if I was the Doctor the socks would be off as well.

2020.10.21 - 08:40PM
113: Chapter 113

I'm really glad that Jack and the Doctor have patched things up and they can actually spend some time together. It's so nice to know that they're dating now. I'd love to see them go on that first date whenever they get back. It's nice that there's a bit of down time for everyone in the TARDIS to relax and catch up on some sleep and with Mickey's shoulder patched up he should be feeling better.

Author's Response: I think they all need to recharge and get some rest. With the Doctor and Jack it's good that they can find their own way a bit. I think the Doctor was concerned that Jack was just going to want to launch into something full on and physical, but he's happy to date and let it develop at a more comfortable pace, and he's happier to know that it's something Jack feels he's missed so there won't be any pressure on him.

2020.10.20 - 07:31PM
112: Chapter 112

The Doctor ought to have warned that Josh shouldn't come into contact with the ointment either.

Author's Response: It probably hasn't crossed their mind that Josh might not be biologically human. Hopefully they won't find out that he's got enough time lord in him for the ointment to cause him a problem the hard way.

Author's Response: But then short of an allergy to aspirin which has already been documented, Martha and the Doctor have both been treating him with the human versions of drugs the Doctor has in his pharmacy and they've not caused him a problem, so it can't be that significant an issue or any medication throughout his life - and considering we know he's broken his arm before and probably would have ended up having morphine and some strong analgesics etc when he was having that fixed up and prior to the surgery he had on it that he'd have been in big trouble if he'd been time lord enough, so hopefully he'd be okay as long as it doesn't contain any aspirin or other salicylic acid type compound - though if it would cause the Doctor to haemorrhage then it is possible it does contain that kind of compound.

2020.10.20 - 07:23PM
111: Chapter 111

Don't remind him Mickey, or else he'll try to cement you with his hands in his pockets! 😆

Author's Response: He's definitely not happy about that being in his future.

2020.10.19 - 07:31PM
110: Chapter 110

They have kissed and made up for now then. And there's dating and dancing to come.

During LotT, when Ten cradles and rocks screaming with the Master's dead body in his arms, why does Jack look up? He can't bare to watch the scene in front of him. Is this out of respect for the Doctor, or exasperation after the Doctor could still care for the Master after everything that happened? What do you think?

Author's Response: I don't think he can bare to see the Doctor in so much pain and he understands the colossal loss that the Doctor feels in losing the only other time lord. He does look up, but he looks back toward them again at the end of the scene. It was also while the Doctor was telling Jack that it was time to change that he had someone to look after that Lucy shot the Master and neither of them saw them do it, so while there had to be some relief there that it he was dead, I think his heart was breaking for the Doctor - if you watch the scene everyone else looks down and away. Instinctive body language is to look down when you want to avoid or you're feeling ashamed or guilty, but when you're upset and trying to hold it together the instinct is to look up.

I doubt that Jack would have ever forgiven the Master but I'm sure he could see how the Doctor might have / how the Doctor needed to so that he wasn't the only one left. Jack is pretty forgiving isn't he? At this point we know he's forgiven Ianto for keeping his cyber-girlfriend in the basement of Torchwood and almost getting Gwen killed and he's forgiven Owen for betraying them. If there is any remaining doubt in him as to how the Doctor could be so upset about it, he's going to learn the hard way when he goes back to his team at the end of the episode rather than stick with him full time because cue the return of Gray.

2020.10.18 - 11:42PM
106: Chapter 106

I meant type skinny slitheen Ten. Clearly autocorrect doesn't know what a slitheen is haha

Author's Response: Lol, every now and then I get a box come up from Microsoft wanting to 'improve' their dictionaries and it lists all the words that I've 'added' to the Microsoft dictionary on my system and suggests that it should be sent through to Microsoft to update their database. Autocorrect is a pain in the backside though. Writing Who must be driving it mad - one day it might start fighting back!

2020.10.18 - 07:32PM
109: Chapter 109

There are a few ways to look at their timeline I guess. But the first time Jack had alluded to could still be considered their first time. I think Mickey may have been wrong to push Ten to talk to Jack straight away. Jack seems to be exhausted from the recent events including the TARDIS connection. He is having trouble getting his thoughts together and is a bit more emotional and high strung. I know he's not one for sleep, but Jack probably does just need to sleep on it and then it may all come together for him.

Author's Response: Jack's first time is still going to be Jack's first time and he needs to just take a step back a bit and realise that. He probably could have done with some more time just to think about it. I don't think Mickey could have realised how upset Jack might be about it when he suggested the Doctor went to speak to him first, and Jack did tell the Doctor that he wasn't ready to talk about it, but the Doctor kind of ignored that. They'd have been better off continuing to talk about rug shopping. Hopefully they will come to some kind of way forward that they're both happy with.

2020.10.18 - 05:02PM
109: Chapter 109

Jack rejection Ten? What! Alright, who abducted the real Jack Harkness and replaced him with this poor imitation? (Just Joking!) But they better get their act together.

Author's Response: Ten needs to explain himself better and Jack needs to sort his head out. I think it's because it matters so much to Jack compared to other encounters he may or may not have (except for Ianto and Alonso of course).

2020.10.18 - 05:02PM
109: Chapter 109

This chapter touches on something that would be integral to time travel. If you travel far enough into the future, everyone you know will be dead from your perspective (except Jack, which is what weirds out the TARDIS, I suppose). The Doctor breaks all the rules to maintain relationships that should fall to the wayside. Yes, Jack realises that intellectually, but emotionally he's having a hard time understanding the Doctor's perspective here. He's looking at it from a which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg viewpoint. What's funny here is that he saw it *clearly* when the Doctor initially rejected him and he tried to force the issue, but now he's lost sight of it and lost confidence in the Doctor's commitment to him. Apparently, these two need to slow down a bit.

Author's Response: If Ten, Eleven, and Twelve all maintain an active relationship with Jack and with Martha and Mickey the there are definitely some rules being broken and it does make me wonder what Eleven must think about sharing Jack with Ten etc and how Jack must juggle their different personalities and time lines, but they all share their lives at different times with him. Christmas at Mickey and Martha's must be crazy though!

Jack is having a crisis in confidence where the Doctor is concerned because how could he just change his mind like that? He was adamant he didn't want it before the link and now suddenly he does? It must seem unreal and manufactured to him. Ten of course hasn't got much of a clue as to why Jack is feeling so upset about it all.

2020.10.18 - 02:11AM
108: Chapter 108

Jack and the Doctor's relationship seems to be experiencing wobbly wobbles.

Author's Response: Lol, autocorrect doesn't like 'wibbly' either does it :)

Jack is starting to question why they've got together in the first place. If the only reason why he got aroused is because of their future relationship through the link and the only reason why they have a future relationship is because he got aroused now? Where is the 'falling in love' side of it. People don't generally go from touch me again and I'll defend myself to kiss me overnight.

2020.10.17 - 08:02PM
108: Chapter 108

The Doctor's confusion is quite real, I think. If he has trouble understanding Jack's hurt over ruining the memory of their "first" time together, he'd definitely have had a hard time figuring out how Rose would feel if they were in a relationship. We humans can be rather irrational when it comes to romantic feelings.

Author's Response: Rose would definitely struggle with the idea of him and Jack being in a relationship, especially back in 2006 with her expectations with respect to sexuality and gender. Whatever happens between Jack and the Doctor the saddest thing is that the Doctor isn't going to remember it when he goes back to Rose, so he's not going to suddenly bound into Jackie's and declare he's been shagging Captain Jack or anything like that, and, since the 'first time' Jack remembers and the 'first time' he will remember is after Rose is away in the other universe I think they're safe.

2020.10.17 - 06:44PM
108: Chapter 108

Now I'm confused!

Author's Response: So is the Doctor - that is definitely not the reaction he was expecting!

2020.10.17 - 10:03AM
107: Chapter 107

Who hurt the Doctor to give him such low self esteem? I want to give them a piece of my mind. Hopefully Martha can help get to the bottom of this headache issue. 5 weeks is far too long for a headache and to hide it from Rose like that.

Author's Response: If the Doctor has basically been feeling rubbish since he regenerated and he had such a bad regeneration and then until he got his 'fighting hand' he basically got done over by the Sycorax leader, he must be wondering if he's just not regenerated right. Rose's reaction and the leather jacket can't help matters that much either. At least with the headache he's admitted it to Jack and they can look at it together with Martha. Whether they come up with a solution to it in it's entirety or will remain to be seen.

2020.10.17 - 02:00AM
107: Chapter 107

This should be easy to solve if it WAS the rug shopping! Than Rose does have a lot to answer for ;)

Author's Response: It would be simple, but knowing the Doctor I doubt it's going to be that easy to figure out and resolve is it - though I wouldn't put it past him to use it as an excuse to avoid shopping lol.

2020.10.16 - 12:21PM
106: Chapter 106

I really enjoy the idea if Team TARDIS hanging out together in Rose's room. Wish we had more moments like that in the show. Nine's jacket hanging on Rose'd chair is a strong reminder of how fresh the regeneration still is. Ten is still settling into himself and his newness. He is bound to feel a little unsure of himself for a while. I am giggling yo myself about the thought of a skinny southern Ten farting up a storm haha. This was a great chapter on a lot of levels. I liked how calmly Jack and Ten were finally talking with each other like they're starting to see eye to eye. If feels like they starting to find a level on which they can reconnect.

Author's Response: I like the idea of them hanging out in their downtime as well. Just chilling, chatting, maybe with the odd pizza lol - doing normal things.

Ten hasn't had much of a chance to start to settle into things. He would definitely have been struggling with the gas exchange if he was a Siltheen squashed into a Ten sized body suit lol. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and yes, at least they are starting to have a more comfortable and more honest conversation.