Reviews For Joshua

2020.10.24 - 07:38PM
119: Chapter 119

The Doctor's right. If the console was made into a circle with one pilot in the middle, it would drastically change it from what a TARDIS ought to be. It was a good question by Josh though. I never thought of it that way.
I don't think Josh sitting on the seat is going to help much during turbulence. It's not like the TARDIS has a seatbelts is there?
What I want to know is how does the Doctor ensure his chess game with Abraham Lincoln isn't knocked over when they are in flight? Also, I love the fact there's places the Doctor can't visit when the laundry is on haha. Martha could probably tell Josh a thing or two about Shakespeare as well.

Author's Response: The Doctor likes the TARDIS the way it is, and, I do think Nine and Ten have the best TARDIS, but just like fixing the Chameleon Circuit there are things that could be done to make it easier for a solo pilot, the Doctor just chooses not to.

At least he'd be able to hold onto something on the seats, but yeah, not sure they're much good in terms of ensuring safety.

Magnetic pieces :D Martha could definitely tell Josh about Shakespeare and Carrionites and a whole load of other stuff, but is the Doctor going to be able to get Josh to finish reading The Tempest? Are they going to butt heads about it, is Josh going to relent and accept that even with the Doctor he's going to have to do some homework he doesn't like to keep up / catch up with schooling that he's missed, and, is the Doctor going to accept that he has to follow some kind of curriculum to ensure Josh is able to slot back into school or is the time lord going to relent and only show him the things that Josh is going to think are brilliant?? Does the time lord even know what he's let himself in for?

2020.10.24 - 02:55AM
100: Chapter 100

As a curiosity, would you ever upload the previous version from the old note books as an AU to this story as well? It would be interesting to read the differences between the two.

Author's Response: I'm not sure it's be worth it. The two stories are going to link back together again at the point when they leave the Earth. In the original it's almost straight away - the Doctor doesn't really struggle with the wound, he doesn't struggle as much with the Captain and there is no dating, and he doesn't really do much with UNIT. Mickey does hurt his shoulder in the same way but it's kind of 'off screen'.

2020.10.23 - 08:41PM
117: Chapter 117

I love the description of the Medusa Cascade. It sounds so beautiful. If they're there anyway they might as well enjoy the view. I want to go in the TARDIS and see it too. Ha ha.

Author's Response: I reckoned it'd have to be something spectacular. The Fifteenth Broken Moon of the Medusa Cascade was one of the places the Doctor told Donna that he wanted to take her when he thought she was going to leave him rather than just visit Wilfred. He never got a chance to take Donna there, so thought it would be nice if Josh got to see it, and, maybe, there is that hint of a memory there after this that makes it come into his head when he's talking to his mother in his future.

2020.10.23 - 07:35PM
118: Chapter 118

Sounds like the Doctor has a new "old" role to fulfill. "Dad"

Author's Response: I think guardian and guide rather than Dad. Josh had a dad. He doesn't want a new one.

2020.10.23 - 07:16PM
118: Chapter 118

The Doctor would wonder how he wound up with extra staples. His wound might be able to finally heal if the Doctor would just continue to rest and not to do anything strenuous that will pull at his sutures again.
I thought Josh must have been helped to the loo when Ten was sleeping at some point. The grown ups have been a bit negligent not to ask him over 5 days or not think a 14 year old might be a touch embarrassed to ask.
I am sure Josh is much better at eating vegetables than the Doctor you write. Josh is a good boy who has been homeless and would appreciate what foods put in front of him. Even if it's a bit unusual like PB and banana sandwiches.

Author's Response: He must have thought the staples had been multiplying in him. At least it's starting to heal a bit more, so hopefully it won't be too long, though it's the bit that ripped that is healing the best so maybe there is something to that.

They have been a bit negligent, but the Doctor did have the conversation with Josh about making sure he asked and wasn't embarrassed about it so he thought it was covered and I guess they just all thought someone else had assisted. Things clearly fall apart when Martha isn't around.

Josh might be a good boy who has been homeless but I think it was probably wise to remind the Doctor so that there is some variety in it, because I think Josh would quite happily join the time lord in eating unhealthy trash just as he'd welcome healthy food as well, it's about making sure the Doctor gives him the right kind of options.

With the peanut butter and banana sandwiches? I imagined it would be something the Doctor would eat, and, it got me thinking, and yeah, I have tried one, and, they're actually really good, though, I think it's better on toast. (if you really to be disgusting, two slices of bread, peanut butter on one, chocolate spread on the other, and sliced banana in the middle). I've also tried the peanut butter, banana, and ice cream milkshakes Donna was making the Doctor in TD too - they're not bad either lol.

2020.10.23 - 06:54PM
117: Chapter 117

Josh will keep the Doctor behaving sensibly for now.

Author's Response: Yeah, he will, hopefully Josh will influence the Doctor more than the Doctor influences Josh lol

2020.10.23 - 02:49PM
117: Chapter 117

Aha! Now Josh is the 'secret weapon" to make the Doctor behave ;) good one Jack!

Author's Response: I doubt it's going to be long before Josh has the Doctor well and truly wrapped around his little finger. They're going to have to be careful that the Doctor knows there has to be a bit of discipline involved as well because as sensible as he is and as well behaved as he's been Josh is still a 14yr old kid.

2020.10.23 - 02:42PM
116: Chapter 116

Pizza in Space?! Joshua will love it!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think that's going to be a nice way to spend an evening.

2020.10.22 - 11:57PM
116: Chapter 116

If they've been AWOL for 30 hours it does beg the question; why hasn't Martha tried to call them on the TARDIS instead? I'm not quite sure how things work out in that regard. It's a while for them to be MIA and I'm sure she'd be worried about their whereabouts and wellbeing. Has she not called because they've already returned and that's a fixed point? Or are there separate timelines going on in parallel? One when they return on time, one when they return late when they don't? If they don't get back how will Jack and Ten have their date in the village and their subsequent next dates? Hopefully the TARDIS is in working enough order or will be soon. Martha would be relieved to know they're just having a pizza party amongst other things that could have gone wrong.

Author's Response: If they're back within a few minutes Martha won't have the time to call, so that she hasn't is evidence that they're going to be back in time or I'm sure she'd have been on the phone almost straight away on hearing the TARDIS dematerialise. I'd not say it's a fixed point, it's just that her time line and theirs has diverged slightly, and if you're looking at them like strings then hers is running straight from today into tomorrow, but theirs has run from today into tomorrow and then next day and then will curve back to today where they will meet back up with Martha. I think Martha might be a little jealous that they've been off having pizza at the Medusa Cascade while she's been doing autopsies, but she's going to be relieved to find that Jack and the Doctor have all but resolved their differences and that Mickey's shoulder has been cemented.

2020.10.22 - 06:16PM
115: Chapter 115

I imagine they haven't called Martha because they're planning to absorb time and return shortly after the TARDIS took off. Phoning her could upset the time line and things are timey wimey enough as it is without causing any more paradox headaches.

It's good to read the Doctor finally be able to overcome Jack's differences, especially when he's feeling so vulnerable and needs the comfort. Worrying about the unknowns of the headache right now must be making things ten times worse though. It will be good to get Martha's opinion.

Author's Response: I think they're trying to protect the Doctor a bit about finding out about them in advance of finding out about them together if that makes sense, but in doing so they are potentially making it harder than if they were just straight with him and told him, yes, you're going to get headaches right the way through the regeneration, and yes, they can get really bad and involve nausea and passing out, but no - they're not all the time, they don't impact on the life you lead, you can manage them with drug mixes that you've not mixed yet and we know how to do that so why don't we create another paradox and do that now so at least you feel better and can prevent a bad one coming if it feels like there is a bad one coming.

Of course they can have all of that discussion and when he goes back to his own time line he's going to be forgetting all of it and be back to Rose and be back to not telling her because he doesn't want her to think that he's defective while she's still got Nine's leather jacket in her bedroom.

2020.10.22 - 01:21PM
114: Chapter 114

You mentioned 11 & 12 a couple of times but do any of them know 13?

Author's Response: No, they've not met 13 yet. They know that 12 has regenerated again and they know that 13 is female. Jack has already briefly discussed it with Martha and Mickey, but obviously not with the Doctor yet, when they asked him if she'd turned up yet, but Jack is worried that she's not going to come to him because she didn't make contact with him, not even when she knew he was looking for her to talk to her about the lone cyberman.

2020.10.22 - 01:20PM
115: Chapter 115

Why doesn't Mickey or Jack call Martha?

Author's Response: They're hoping to get back at the same time as they leave so calling Martha would be difficult.

Jack and Mickey know more about the headaches than the Doctor does and although they're horrible for him they're not something that is going to kill him or make him really ill for a long time, so there isn't that much point calling Martha either. What is she going to do or say when she's back on Earth and they're in the TARDIS? Without checking him out I don't think she'd know whether it was safe to give him the drug mix either. All if would do is confuse the time lines, because they're a day in now and if they're back on Earth yesterday they'd be calling Martha tomorrow.

2020.10.22 - 11:12AM
113: Chapter 113

I'm one of those that have to have a foot out from under the covers. I call it "temperature regulation." LOL

Author's Response: Yep, definitely at least one foot out, and no socks either.

2020.10.22 - 05:28AM
114: Chapter 114

Jack probably needs to stop second guessing hi self. Although the Doctor may think he's defective, surely he'd prefer not to suffer and be debilitated by headaches.

Author's Response: I think Jack is more scared that he'd be giving him a mix of drugs that might not work or might make it worse if it's not exactly the same thing.

2020.10.22 - 12:35AM
114: Chapter 114

The Doctor will be disappointed to find out you've given him crippling headaches for his entire generation! Does that include after the metacrisis regeneration? At least he can be comforted by the fact his companions know how best to care for him.

Author's Response: This is kind of becoming a merger of two stories I've written now. One which is funnily enough called 'Migraine' follows from the series from the Pentallion onwards (not the episodes - the bits in between - don't really see the point of 'writing' the episodes - we've all seen them! But it kind of explains little things like why the Doctor and Martha were using a taxi when they were chasing after the lizard things about to hatch when the Doctor caught up with Sally Sparrow at the end of Blink. I've already got part of a sequel to this mapped out starting when he gets back to his own timeline which will merge well with migraine, so think this one is going to be going on for a while now!